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Forgot the password or pattern on any android phone? Here is the fix

My break from posting smartphone related tweaks and hack is over. Hence my choice to give you this easy fix for password and pattern related problems on your android devices.

Funny enough, the number of persons using the tecno, infinix, itel, and gionee android phones seems to be going higher than the ones using other brands of high-end Android phones. This is proven also by the number of persons that has been on my box daily asking for one tip or the other, all using the MTK-powered Android devices.

getting into your android after forgetting passwords and patterns

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Today I want to personally give a guide to lift yourself from all those forgotten password, lost email details and/or pattern issues on all android phone brands irrespective of whether tecno, gionee, samsung, sony, itel, infinix, lg or whatsoever brand name.

Bonus Tip : Download some special “file managing” apps that will help you backup all apps and games to your external sd card or cloud servers to prevent data loss in case of likely future password related issues.

Syncing your android phone data with that of google server or dropbox will always give you an edge and painless advantages for when there’s the need to format your android phone, tab, phablets and other android devices.

Recover your Forgotten password or pattern by the use of gmail or your google account

This method works for all android phone‘s brand and does not require data or internet connection to work.

While few android users prefers locking their phone with a code, the majority of us uses security pattern which could be difficult playing around it when forgotten, this is when your gmail or google account comes into play.

After being greeted with this awful message “you have incorrectly drawn your unlock pattern 5 times ” or “too many wrong pattern attempts” or worst still you aren’t getting any prompt but knows that you have forgotten your pattern and even in most rare cases a pattern security access was set up by your younger ones without your consent.

Here is how to fix them up quickly!

  • tap the “Forgot Pattern” to bring up google account options.
  • enter your gmail or google account details in the provided boxes and hit the “Sign in” button to unlock your phone or tab.
  • setup a new security lock or pattern that you can easily remember.

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Recovering your Forgotten Password or Pattern on Tecno and Gionee Android Phones

The google account recovery option works for all android phone and devices at all irrespective of the brand, it is exactly the same for this hard reset option, just that tecno, gionee, infinix and other Chinese android  phones uses separate keys combination to get into the recovery menu. Here is what to do if you ever get stocked on the prompt screen on forgetting both your pattern and google accounts as a tecno  android user

==> Switch your phone  off

==>press and hold the volume up + the power button almost simultaneously for about 5 seconds (while still holding the two) until it boots to recovery mode (recovery menu)

Bonus tip: you can also release the power button while keep pressing the volume up button until that very reset menu appears.

==>select wipe data using the volume up and down buttons

==> select yes by pressing the menu button

==> press “reboot now” to get your android device back to its factory default

Bonus Tip : Use the steps outlined in the beginning of this tutorial to back up your games, apps, settings and sundry so as to get them back easily by simply logging into your google or gmail account after a full format, hard reset or factory default restore depending on what you address it as.

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Recovering your Forgotten Password or Pattern on Samsung and other android phones

Every other android phone brands like the huawei and zte will work just fine by following the two tips above, but in the case of slight differences in the keys combination for getting into the recovery menu, you can try this one to get your ass outta that ugly action screen prompt. Huh!

Now follow my tutorial below;

==> Power off the phone

==> Press and hold the Volume UP + Home (or center) button

==> while holding the two keys above press the Power button until the phone vibrates

==> Keep holding those keys till the Android logo appears —> now release your hands from the buttons

==> Select Wipe data or Factory reset with Volume down button

==> Press the power button to accept your selection and click yes to perform the action

==> press the power button again after the format action to restart your phone

 further reading : https://www.3ptechies.com/forum/mobile-phone-unlocking-inlcuding-blackberry-jail-breaking-rooting-etc/techno-t3/msg3322/

Bonus Tips for Recovering your Forgotten Password or Pattern on other android phones:

If the tips above didn’t work for you, it is certain that your brand uses other key combinations to bring up the recovery or reset menu .

Now if you are here, try these other combinations below to see if they work for your brand or drop your comments below for more troubleshooting options.

Here is the other key combinations to explore

==>  Volume Up + Camera button

==> Volume Up + Home + Power button.

==> Volume Down + Power button.

==>Volume Up + Power button.

==>Home + Camera button.

==>Home + Power button

==>Volume Down + Volume Up + Power button.

Software Option (Remove Android Pattern Lock without Losing Data)

There are both free and paid tools that lets you remove passwords/patterns on locked Android devices without losing your data. The most popular among the paid tool is Wondershare dr.fone screen password remover while Android Multi Tools is the100% free software option.

Android Multi Tools is a small windows utility software for removing Android pattern lock without losing your important document and files. It is free and comes with these features:-

  • Easily unlock pattern lock without deleting data.
  • Can remove screen lock from lots of rooted Android devices.
  • Can reset gmail login request after trying too many wrong details.
  • Directly enter to the fastboot mode of any Android device without those annoying key combinations.
  • Quickly wipe or reset your android device in just a few seconds.
  • Can also bypass Gmail account prompt from your Android device without knowing older details.

How to Remove Android Pattern Lock with Android Multi Tools

  1. Ensure that the correct ADB driver is installed for your device.
  2. Download Android Multi Tools tool from here or their official repository at d-h.st/rCh.
  3. Unpack it to a folder you can easily locate (or to a desktop folder in most cases).
  4. Connect your phone and press 1 (from the software option) to confirm it is connected correctly.
  5. From the options, press 2 for pin, password or face-lock and 3 for pattern lock.
  6. Allow the phone to reboot and complete the Android screen password removal. Remember to type window or anything else if the password prompt ever comes up again.

What More?

This is the much I have for today and believes that it would greatly help for all your forgotten pattern and lost password issues.

Is there anything else, you’d like to ask about gaining access to an Android device that you can’t remember the pattern/password?

Please do ask us below. We can also help with specific android questions and Android error fixing in general. Do use the comment form section below to talk to us about all your Android pattern lock challenges.


  1. I did factory reset to my pop4 because I couldn’t remember password after that still requesting for previous password what can I do?

  2. i followed your explanations above and managed to hard reset my tecno pop4 pro but it is requiring the old(previous) email which was signed in before.
    what solution can work for my phone, please assist me .
    How can i by pass the email?

    • Hi Madjia,

      You can enter the exact gmail details to access it again or use SP Flash Tool or Miracle box to programmatically remove the privacy password.

  3. Hey bro, I need little help from you. I forgot my tecno comon 11 password, I erase all the data, now starting the new setting I am still being asked for my old password to set up as new and the email that was used previously on the devise, I forgot all.
    Is there anyway out?

  4. Thanks bro, i have tried all the method on my techno pop 2f…
    When i used the button combination with d volume up it says NO COMMAND but with volume down FAST BOOST…

    Is there any more option

  5. I have tecno spark 2. Combination of volume up and power button show no command option. Volume down plus power button show fast boot option. What am I doing wrong pls.

  6. hi
    I am using a gionee m5 mini and it got locked God knows how, it displays on the screen “more than 10 attempts, try in 80900hours” so funny cos I have tried my password and it still isn’t working n it is asking for my childhood nickname, bro I don taya! I jst need my stuffs frm dt fone.

  7. My kids interfered with my phone,I have repeated the correct password and it says wrong password.Even aftet trying many times it keeps giving the same response to try again in 30 seconds. The option to enter my gmail account does not appear. I really can’t afford to lose my data. What other options can I try

  8. Hello, I’ve followed the steps and it’s working out but after rebooting , it still comes back to “GET STARTED”
    So please, what do I do next?
    My phone is a TECNO K7

  9. I have a problem in my ifinix hot4,I forgotten my pattern then I format but after it have finish formating it ask for wifi, how will I do with it?

    • Hi Fred,

      Try to hold down the POWER button for more than 15 seconds to allow the device to reboot. Another option is to connect it to a PC, ==>Download ADB fastboot tool, and use the Terminal window in ADB folder to correct it by typing in “fastboot devices” ==> and then fastboot reboot (if your device is shown in the list).

      Let me know if this helps or not.

  10. Hey bro. My tecno w2. Is misbehaving. When switch it on,it only displays the word welcome with an option to change language and a forward arrow and when l tap that arrow it goes straight to search for wifi. It can’t perform other functions accept those ones. I need help

      • Pls my phone is Tecno wpx3 my kids Tampered with it..now could not unlock it through pattern..am afraid if losing vital data,as that is my life..what can I do apart from formatting pls

  11. i have followed the process but my android is searching for wifi but am in a remote place with no wifi, is there any other way to complete my reset?

  12. Thanks for the information. My wife uses a tecno phone and I’ve been trying all possible best to have access to it based on suspicions of adultery. I already have access to her gmail she uses on the phone but I’ve not been able to unlock the phone. It doesn’t bring up the option of opening with email. Please what do I do? Thanks.

    • The option to use Gmail would normally come up when you’ve entered the wrong pattern several times in succession. While I do not key into your methods of trying to get in without her permission, there are ways to get in with the gmail access you have.

  13. Hey what’s up Miracle!! I have a Life’s Good phone, a LG Grace. My friend RR got put in jail earlier tonight. RR has the same phone as I do. He showed me what his pattern was on his lock screen, but I forgot what it is. I have not attempted any way to recover or restore said phone. Both his phone as well as mine is hooked up on my WiFi. I might need to have access to his contacts to get him out of lock up, so, I need to get his Grace unlocked without losing the contents. please help!

  14. I tried but when i press volume up + power button it says ‘no command’ also volume down + power button it gives me a factory menu and not a recovery menu. Tried a reboot option but still gives me a password option. I dont know what to do

    • In that case, tools like dr.fone lock screen remover can come come in handy. You can use their money back guarantee option if it fails to remove the lock successfully. We plan updating the post with free tools that really works, but would do that once there’s time in our hands.

  15. I have repeated the wrong pattern 30 times and keep getting the same response to try again in 30 seconds. The option to enter my gmail account does not appear. I really can’t afford to lose my data. What other options can I try

  16. Mr Obasi miracle
    Kindly post to my email box how I can unlock my TECNO phantom 6. I have forgotten my pattern. Each time I enter a wrong pattern my phone says please try in 20 seconds. And I repeat the same but still unsuccessful.
    Please help

  17. My phone is not bring out restore data instead is bring out fast boot and normal boot and recover boot i need to wipe d phone please me please

  18. I just got Phantom 8 tecno & it was Set up 2days ago with Wifi, no Sim Yet. I tried to open it now buh I’ve forgotten my password. It’s Such a Blank Screen no alternative of Resettling options given

    • Hi Rukundo,

      The easiest method for this is to make use of Wondershare Android Lock Screen Removal. It works for MTK devices. As soon as I lay my hands on this exact model, I’ll test for best free methods to reset forgotten password on Tecno K9 smartphones.

  19. Thanks, Mr. Obasy for your article. I have tried this trick with some android phones but the menu that comes out after I have pressed the volume Up and the Power button is written in Chinese which I do not understand.
    How do I go with that.

  20. Miracle, I’m using Lenovo A388t, the phone used to show me a message that the phone is overheating and it will automatically off.

    And no any option than ‘Ok’ and if I pressed the OK the phone will off, I need your help please.

  21. Hello Obasi,
    I use a techno L8plus and I can’t remember my password. I have tried the steps above but it’s still asking for password, I used the power button + volume up button when it , I then used d power button to select recovery mode it then shows hios with a caution sign saying no command. Please is there anything I am doing wrong ?

    • Try power button + volume down. One leads to recovery/downloading mode, while the other takes you to the troubleshooting window depending on your device type.

    • Hey! Please my brother phone tecno canon CX is asking for the older Google account after it was formated, how can he surpass this, we have tried to enter the older Google account but it is still resistance…how can we help him.

  22. hello friends i forgot my c5 samsung password and fingerprint or email i know but my phone still lock whats the procedure to unlock my mobile with out data lose by the help of fingerprint or registered email address any one helppppp me plzzzzzzzz

  23. Hello Sir,
    1. I tried with Gionee, after sellecting “reboot system now” it inqured pass word
    2. had it worked, what will happen to my file’s images videos e.t.c?
    Thanks for your devotion in assisting people globally.

  24. Hello Sir,
    1. I tried with Gionee, after sellecting “reboot system now” it inqured pass word
    2. had it worked, what will happen to my file’s images videos e.t.c?
    Thanks for your devotion in assisting people in the glove.

  25. I have used your formula for my tecno h6 but still it doesn’t work. Now it go off and show a green icon looks like doll writing aucune commande

    • Seems like you went into download mode instead. Try the opposite volume directional (up/down) buttons to get the required result

  26. i rest my tecno camon cx and resign in my gmail account but i was ask to wait 24 hours before i sign in my gmail because i reset the phone. Is This true or i have done it in a wrong way. Please tell me

  27. Sir I have a gionee f103 how would. I recover my lost data after having password boost by the following. Options..

  28. Obasi, i have try the pattern one but is not working, i cant do the factory one because the volume up button is not working, my phone is HTC please help me out

  29. A caution sign is displayed on the phone screen
    I don’t understand why it’s not working on my phone while when my friend tried the procedure it worked on her phone
    Apologies for a late response

    • I think you should try with the opposite volume combination button Maria. In most devices, the volume down combination brings up the download mode while volume does the stuff. Or is there any specific message with the warning sign?

  30. Hi Obasi,
    I’ve followed the whole procedure above but it’s not working on my infinix hot 4 mobile .It’s also not giving me the option of forgot password.Please help soonest coz my notes are in my phone and I have exams this coming Monday

  31. I did the reset but after rebooting the phone is asking to be connected to wifi and i dont have wifi anywhere near where I am now, What should I do

  32. please help me I forgot my privacy protection password and have tried the above method I managed to get to wipe all data/reset data ,I selected it hoping it will give me an option of yes but it didn’t all options were NO ,actually they were 4NOs now am out of options I don’t know what to do to save my tecno h3.. I really love it soooooo much pliz help me save it

    • Looks more like a battery issue Tosin. Remove your battery and boost it with a booster or multiple charger, clean the battery contact point on both ends and then power on the device again.

  33. No, it was just balnk…. It didn’t come up @ all… I didnt insert the SD Card peradventure it would start but its just the same

    • What I want to find out is – if the phone did start at all, even if it is a blank screen that’s displaying. Did it respond to power on operation at all? I want to know how to advice you on this issue. It could be a hardware failure or Corrupted OS challenge

  34. thanks for the info…. I have a Tecno Y4… I was playing music on it but i decided to select another song, but my phone told me…. Sorry, SD Card removed. So i decided to off the phone and restart it again, but my phone wouldn’t start… I have tried the combinations but it wouldn’t start….. Your quick response would be highly appreciated… Thanks

  35. my phone is good one z7 and I forgot my pattern and there is no option like forgot password. I have follow all steps given by you but to no avail. now please help me what to do

    • You can backup your files to an external storage media, format your device, scan the files on via a PC with a good anti-virus program and then copy the files and backup back to your phone.

  36. please Obasi, i have a problem i have a techno iPad, i tried to hard reset it and it completely behaved well but i can’t open the phone because it asks me the google email i used in installation that is google stores, i have inserted the email and password but it has failed to open. please help me Sir. thank you for your quick consideration.

  37. i tried all you trick but nothing i real do no how i can do for my tecno H6 i foggort a passord and when i press power on it need pasward plz help me bro

  38. I have techno c8 which I have forgotten the password. I tried all the keys but it does not work when ever I try the phone will boot normally all the time…. so please I need your help

    • You need to turn the phone off completely and then hold down the button combinations while pressing the power button. You need not remove your hands until the phone boots to the troubleshooting window

  39. Hi thanks a lot. You are a miracle! I thought my phone is forever locked but your simple method has helped me a lot. God bless u a lot from warrant officer OSBERT ALKALI

  40. Have tried all the above mentioned my phone is working with the up volume and the power button,What is confusing me and troubling is there is no option for factory reset

  41. hi obasi,thnks for the post.i av a geonee p2 n av try to reset it.though am able tu get tu the factory reset option using som key combination bt the factory reset is nt selecting when i pree enter.also might select at times and on gettin tu comfirm d factory reset by choosing yes/no,it never respond either.am fedup.pls wat else can i do as i dont wan tu spend my money unlocking dis again.

    • Maybe your power button is stiff, you can attempt a fix by opening the chasis and then cleaning those button area with clean materials before repeating the steps patiently

  42. pls my phone the volume control is not working and i dnt also know my google account ,pls can you help me with another means

  43. when i follow the above option for my tecno h3 it leads to the wipe data/factory reset,selecting that just brings no option…there isn’t a yes option

  44. I am very glad about this tutorial because I have been searching for such an opportunity for quite a long time but today you have make it to be easy for me to open my android and any smartphone; even when my password/lock pattern is forgotten. thanks alot for this offer.
    Also, can you please help me to know how to open computers even when passwords are forgotten? and how to use whatsapp application on computers?

    • Best password unlocking options is explained above, please do read the post slowly and get in touch with us if there be challenges of any kind

  45. I own huawei y300. I want to hard reset it but it still requires password for me to complete hard reset. what should i do?

    • Did you attempt using the recovery methods discussed in this page? You will need hold the volume down button and then press the power holding both still until it gets the recovery window that lets you hard reset the device without a password prompt.

  46. My brother why must it lead to data being wiped? Aren’t there other methods one could employ which would not amount to data being wiped?

  47. good eve, how could i know the old password of my gionee L206 color black, if there is an old password that exists on the phone and i cannot detect that password, please i need your very help to secure my phones privacy, here is my number if you can help me of my concerns 09482137051

  48. Hi, i have sony tipo dual phone. how to unlock my phone after too many pattern attempts and i forgot my google account. I’ve tried everything but nothing works. Can you please help me.

    • That means your device was set to Factory Reset Protection (FRP) by default when you set up the Phone. FPR is a feature that was recently introduced by Android to protect the latest Android phones from factory reset by unauthorized people such us thieves. In order to complete the Factory Reset , FPR feature asks you to draw your petterns or sign in using your google email and password which you used previously to set up the phone. If you have forgotten your google password, your phone becomes useless.However, there is a very complicated method to bypass google account and remove FPR. If you still need help, I can help

        • Then try it out this way – when pressing the power button don’t press along with the volume Up. Press power button first and then volume Up. An icon will appear on ya screen. Now you press volume Up again and u will see the various options. You can then choose clear data/ reset factory then press power button to validate. Each option u take make sure u validate with the power button. It should work this way

  49. Hi, i need your help urgently, gone through your outlined step for pattern recover and practiced it but could not reboot my H6 Tecno phone, what do i do

  50. i badly need help sir/madame ..im using a DTC brand smart phone and was unfortunately been locked for a week now ..i can no longer unlock it coz of too many wrong patterns attempted by my niece ..and i’ve already done tryin those procedures that you have posted to reboot phones but to bad its not working on my phone :( pls help me i’ll be waiting for ur response

      • have tried this but what’s funny with my tecno h3 is that when you try to wipe all data/reset there’s no option of yes all Options are No No No No so I don’t know what to do. please help me Miracle

        • The home button (for phones with physical home-button) or power button is normally used to accept a selection Loreta.

          • the problem is that when you click the wipe all data option there is no the”YES”choice there are 4″NOs”and when you click on any No it takes you back hence I can’t wipe the data

  51. Hi bro !
    I know this trick and am sure there are a lot of people unaware of this . This tutorial will surely help them out . Thanks for sharing the information .


  52. Hi Obasi,
    This is such an amazing post as I have android phone and it’s really helpful for us and I am going to share this technique with my friends and relatives.I think it’s helpful for all the people who are going to read this post.
    Thanks for such an informative and helpful post as in the current time android phones are in the market in a bulk amount.

  53. Hello Adesanmi,

    I am happy today seeing you once again in our blog, I also hope you do get a new Samsung Galaxy s4 at least to practice that amazing features that comes with it.
    I think sharing this post will help your friends too, have a great weekend buddy

  54. A fantastic post, I actually lost my first Android HTC phone because of this. I wish I could still remember where it, I would have tried these steps.

    These days, I use PIN instead of pattern. lol, I don’t forget my PINs, but Pattern locks can be scary at times.

    This will help alot of people, nice post buddy! :)

    • Hi bro Nosa,

      I am really sorry for your missing phone and like you wishes the phone was still with you. As for choice of security I usually go with pattern followed by finger thumb print lock.

      Yeah sure we do have a lot of users find this very helpful, do have a wonderful day bro

    • guys can you please help me to remove my huawei y520 screen password i forgot it and its been two weeks trying to unlock it,i even tried all option is not working still lock…im a student i need to use my phone before MONDAY…im begging you

  55. Hi Obasi,

    Informative post indeed :)

    Or perhaps I should call it a real tutorial for those who use such kind of phones. You have indeed given a fix for password and pattern related problems on any kind of android devices. Honestly speaking, I rarely use my own phone all that much but I know most of my friends and family use it, including my kids – so I’d be forwarding this piece of information to them. I know it’s going to help a lot of people :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend :)

    • Thanks Harleena,

      The android smartphone user-base is currently in it’s all time high and as such could give room for mistakes such as this one shared in this tutorial.

      Many new users are easily fascinated with the hand drawn pattern security feature and so could forget their chosen pattern easily.
      This is why we made this tutorial so simple so as to be able to carry everybody along, Your offering to share this is something I do really appreciate.
      I also do wish you a splendid Sunday Morning.


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