Alcatel Makes A Major Rebranding in its 'OneTouch'

Following the announcement of the cool and stylish idol 4 Smartphones, Alcatel’s other big stuff out of the Mobile World Congress is..and yes, the company has removed the “OneTouch” from their Name, and would now be going with just the “Alcatel”. The Company has also  got a new logo to go with it.
(Now is as good a point to mention that it’s actually going from “ALCATEL ONETOUCH” to just “ALCATEL.” Keeping with our tradition of being inconsistent with putting up with companies’ capitalization idiosyncrasies, we’re going to just use “Alcatel” from here on out, which we’d been doing anyway.)
The Reason behind the branding as stated by Alcatel, is to keep the product name from sounding like a product name. Considering this, i think it is cool. Simplicity rocks!

Keeping It Simple: ALCATEL ONETOUCH Becomes ALCATEL”

  • ALCATEL ONETOUCH will operate under the name ALCATEL, with a new logo and new focus
  • The brand will increase its engagement with millennial customers
  • ALCATEL will continue to create curated, carefully considered, fun devices at the right price point

MWC, Barcelona, 20 February 2016 – ALCATEL ONETOUCH, a member of TCL Communication, announces that it will now be operating under the name ALCATEL.
With its business in key segments and markets increasing, ALCATEL felt it was the right time to launch the new branding. In tune with its target market of millennials, ALCATEL is simplifying: simplifying its name, simplifying their message and streamlining their devices.
Consumer focused devices and consumer focused marketing
With the launch of its new branding, ALCATEL is also increasing its engagement with millennials, who are uncompromising in what they expect from brands in their everyday lives. ALCATEL seeks to offer the features and technology their customers need, but keep surprising the users with great experiences.
Aimed at college students/young adults, young professionals and young parents, the brand’s new lineup, currently being launched at Mobile World Congress, offers an array of personalized choices particularly suited to these markets, including fun customizable covers, DJ mixing software, amped-up audio systems and the innovative virtual reality experience.

5 Best Tools You Should Have To Help You Manage College Life
  • IDOL 4 series: The ALCATEL flagship augments the user experience with a Boom Key that enhances taking photos, listening to music, gaming and more
  • POP 4 series: “Designed by you, inside and out,” with vast collection of colors and styles, and optional technology upgrades
  • PIXI 4 series: Offers a comprehensive and reliable user experience at an affordable price
  • PLUS 10: The brand’s first connected 2-in-1 Windows® device for unbeatable productivity on-the-move

Fun, But Thoughtful
“Millennials want to have fun, but they also want those experiences to be simple, meaningful and authentic,” said Dan Dery, Chief Marketing Officer at ALCATEL. “Because both quality and price are important to millennials, we feel that ALCATEL — with our DNA of making innovation accessible to everyone — is uniquely in tune with their needs.”

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