10 Pictures That People Who Use Fake Android Phone will Understand

Overview: If you are an Android user, there are so many things you must come across while using your phone and yes, i would be sharing some of them with you.10 Pictures People Who Use Android Phones will Understand

1.When You first get your Android Phone  After so many rumors and reviews you must have read online.

New Phone Happiness
Yea Yea!! I finally got it

2. And then you see something Different from What you Read Online

Kidding Me
Like seriously? Why not fear God?

3.When Your Friends Ask if You Bought the Phone

NO NO and NO
No! No! No! — The Phone is on Scholarship :D

4. And then you Know you f**ked up but just don’t want to cry

Crying but still strong

5. When Your Buy Data to see how cool the phone is while browsing


6. And Wheew!! Your data finishes within hours

Big Sean
Am not Angry, Am just being Me!
7. But you still recall Customer Care dial code
New Phone Happiness
8. But they Keep singing For you
Chest pain
Can you get me a chair please, this people have “broken” my chest
9. When your Friend Comes with the Android vs iPhone argument
oh lord
Alright, i agree!
10. But you still love your Android Phone even when they flop!
Happy Android User
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