Android ADB (USB Support) Drivers Download Link for all Devices

android adb drivers downloadToday I bring to you the Official Android ADB (USB Support) Drivers Download Link for all android phone and Devices. I didn’t miss any popular brand or even the newest android phone manufacturer in this comprehensive list.

For some reasons you might need connect your android phone, tab and/or phablet to a computer. Without proper ADB drivers you can’t do any advance stuff on it from the PC other than normal file transfer.

ADB drivers is what enables you to root, recover data, backup files, sync and several other advance stuff on any android devices.

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Drivers could as well be regarded as USB support driver for android phone and devices. You must enable USB Debugging on your phone/device for it to be recognized on PC after installing proper ADB drivers.

How to Enable USB Debugging on Android

You can enable USB debugging on any android phone or devices by going to ==>Settings ==> Applications ==> Development ==> USB debugging (for older Operating systems (OS)).


Settings ==>Developer options ==> “USB debugging” (for newer operating Systems (OS)).

Official Link to Download ADB Drivers for any Android Device

In this section, I’ll be sharing with you, the official download link for ADB drivers and USB support suite for Android phones, phablets, tablets and android-powered PDA(s).

Once the correct driver is properly installed, you will able to use Android tools and utility software such as 1click root apps and Moborobo Android PC suit that lets you manage all types of android devices from your computer.

  • Samsung ==> or
  • Gionee ==>
  • Huawei ==>
  • HTC ==>
  • Motorola ==>
  •  Amazon ==>
  • ZTE ==> or
  •  Acer ==>
  • Asus ==>
  • Dell ==> Dell android ADB drivers download link
  • Infinix ==>
  •  Foxconn =
  • LG Android =
  • Fujitsu =
  • Tecno Android = (a universal android ADB drivers installer)
  • Google Android Nexus series =
  • Hisense =
  • Nokia Android = or
  •  Lenovo =
  • Meizu =
  • KT Tech =
  • CoolPad =
  • OPPO =
  • Pantech =
  • Pegatron =
  • Sharp =
  •  Sony =
  •  Xiaomi =
  • InnJoo =
  • Wiko =
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Universal ADB Drivers (USB Support) Solutions

If your device manufacturer isn’t listed above, it means that there isn’t any official resource repository for your current phone manufacture, hence a need for an all_in_one solution.

This universal solutions will enable you to install ADB and Fastboot drivers to have full USB support for any phone or device. Just follow any of the links below to download a universal android USB driver for your phone.


Installing ADB Drivers via Windows Driver Update Tool

This section would come in very handy for stubborn devices or phones with a highly modified system. Use this only when the other recommended solution fails to drive your android device.

adb drivers install

  • Enable USB debugging for your device (using the tips at the first page)
  • Connect it to the computer via the USB cable and
  • Launch the device manager by ==> pressing windows logo+R ==> type devmgmt.msc in the dialog box ==> hit enter or OK and wait for the next window to open fully
  • Locate your new device (usually marked with the warning yellow triangular sign or question mark close to it) from the drivers list and right click on it

adb driver update

  • Select the Update Driver Software option and pick the option to search automatically for updated driver.

windows driver updater

  • If after the automatic search, you aren’t still successful with the ADB interface install, leave your phone still connected to the PC and install the driver easy software (free edition).
  • Use the driver easy software to download an exact match driver for your device, extract it to a folder on the desktop and
  • return back to the Update Driver Software window and then select the Browse my computer for driver software option and complete by locating the folder where the ADB driver content is extracted to.
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Still looking for a driver?

Tell us about the device manufacture and model using the reply button below.


This post was updated to solve some concerns regarding automated solutions for driving hardware and devices. Some other useful software and app/tools for installing Android ADB drivers automatically were also highlighted.

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  1. epaphrase owusu sarpong epaphrase owusu sarpong

    I want to know more about how passwords set and reset

  2. I’m using an itel S11, currently regretting it now, I’ve tried all possible universal drivers still showing device not found(10) error, please help my life

    • What operating system is your PC running on?

  3. My device is vivo y53 and please help me root my device

    • Have you tried kingroot apk without success?


    • Have you tried the PC software version of Kingroot?

  5. hey i need to root coolpad note 5
    how can i root ????

  6. hi, ADB does not detect my Android. My Windows 8 detects my Android devices, no problem. When i plug in the device, a folder window opens in Windows 8, pointing to the device storage. Device manager shows the devices without any yellow exclamation. Device manager shows Microsoft drivers, with names like “WpdMtp”, “WUDFRd”, and “winusb”. Debugging is enabled on the android. Yet, ADB does not detect the device. What could the problem be? Do i still need to install an OEM driver? Some other issue? thx.

    • Hi Johny,

      What device is this? Does Android PC suits apps such as moborobo/wondershare mobilego et al recognize it? Did you enable USB debugging (from developer’s options) on the device before connecting it to the PC?

  7. can i root my oppo phone f1plus

    • What’s the firmware version?

  8. I need adb driver for Premio p700 manufactured by SMD Technologies

    • Have you tried any of the Universal ADB drivers installer without success?

  9. Hi All,
    can you provide the ADB driver for the beelink mini mxiii ii android tv box?


    • The universal driver app drives this model easily except you’re in need of the application support software Calli

  10. How can u root LG Stylo
    (lg ls770)?

  11. do you know anything about my call touch c239

  12. know how’s 4 sky platinum 5.0?

  13. u got the know how’s 4 sky platinum 5.0?

  14. Hi
    I have done all of the above and still can’t get my infinix zero 3, model X552 to be recognised on my PC, windows 7.

    kindly help out.

  15. please help me how to root my samsung galaxy j3 (J320F) i have tried to root with kingroot , kingo root and odin 3 but it can’t be rooted. please help me to solve the problems.

  16. My Kyocera hydro air prepaid at&t isn’t rooting, can you please help me

  17. my phone is lenovo a6000 plus and i am try to root the phone and continue the rooting process but the rooting process have been failed any other software are try and continue to root but not rooting the phone …..please help me…..

  18. I have Karbonn A6 Ics os .I tried all rooting apps but it doesnt work..I tried v root tool but it asks for drivers.I too tried using drivers but nt able to insall.wht can i do to root

    • What error message do you normally get while trying to load the device drivers?

  19. Hi I am using panasonic t41 model phone and now I want it to connect with android studio in my laptop.I heard i need some type of driver.I dint get anywhere.Any help for me ?

    • First you will need enable USB DEBUGGING on the device following the guide above, then install the universal ADB installer, connect your device to the computer and update the driver before launching the android studio app for use

  20. Usb drivers for Colorfly G 808 3g? Can’t find any customer support online. Help!

    • They use MTK processors, the universal ADB installers would work for them

  21. Hi there i am having problem on installing the drivers as i point as it is ‘You can unzip it (the driver package of your phone) into any blank folder in your c:/ directory. Then press Window logo + R buttons on your keyboard ==> enter devmgmt.msc and hit enter ==> Locate your device (usually marked with the yellow triangular warning sign) from there ==> right click on it and select Update ==> hit next and select the folder you’ve unzipped the drivers into as the source and continue.”

    But it says Windows is unable to install your USB devices pls help , i am using xiaomi usb drivers

    • That is a bit strange John,

      But then, the universal adb drivers referenced in this article works flawlessly with Xiaomi devices.

      You may also try this Xiaomi Universal adb drivers installer found at mediafire

  22. Aakash Adhikari Aakash Adhikari

    driver for MAXX AX51 msd7 3G

    • make use of the universal android adb drivers solutions mentioned in the post. Thanks for dropping by

  23. locate the option from the notification window and enable the storage option. else, install kies desktop to manage your Samsung devices

  24. auto-adb universal installers are the best for this type of devices

  25. hello i dont know the device driver the phone model is SM-N9006 please give me the link to this model driver.

  26. Hey do you have adb drivers for a verssed motion e1?

    • Have you tried of of the universal adb or android usb drivers auto-installers?

  27. Hi, I am new to this and don’t really know what to do. I have a STE ZMax modle running on a kitkat 4.4.4 what do I use?

    • iRoot should root this device model easily sir

  28. SriMaharshi Manchem SriMaharshi Manchem

    Hi , Thanks for your help. I’m using MiPad and the issue with adb drivers was solved by your post.
    Now i’m able to debug apps directly from android studio in my mi pad.

    Thank You!

    • Your are highly welcome Manchem

  29. I’m having great difficulties finding drivers for Vodafone 785. Win 8 seems not to be friendly with drivers….

    • You can disable “driver verification (signed drivers only option)” for a moment and try again with one of the Universal Android ADB (USB) support drivers referenced here.

      Do get back to me at once if this didn’t resolve the challenge

  30. Nokia X2 Nokia X platform Driver needed :) above link not working & tell me a safe way to root Nokia X platform Device :) thanks in advance

  31. My devais lava iris x1 need drivers for root

    • One of the Universal ADB drivers installer should be fine for driving this models sir

  32. Hello I have a nokia x2 and adb cant detect it any help?

  33. Shivashish Singh Shivashish Singh

    I have my dell venue 7 3730 I can’t download drivers please help me..

    • What specific issue are you having when trying to download the drivers?

  34. hello sir i have datawind tablet (ics) when i connect it to pc to ROOT it show device driver not found
    i use apps to root my device but no
    plz help me

    • use the device manager’s window to update driver automatically while connected to the internet or use driver easy and/or any other universal android adb drivers installer software

  35. Can’t seem to get to the uni adb

    • do you still need help with this?

  36. I have an Alcatel fierce, just the first one and my big problems is my laptop is a Google lab top and not widows so I’m having a lot of trouble be coming a superuser.. I keep geting stupid Trojans from bogus one click root crap… Anybody? My OT fierce is from T-Mobile.

  37. Alexandra Edwards Alexandra Edwards

    Hi, I’m new to this… I have a Samsung Young model and a Mac and am looking to root it in order to use it with a phone chip from different mobile companies since I travel a LOT and split my time between two different countries. Thank you for this page and all the help you have given to me so far and all the others.

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for dropping by and your kind words. Is there a thing you’ll like me to help you with?

      • Alexandra Edwards Alexandra Edwards

        Hi Obasi, thank you! Well, yes, I’m wondering what app I should download to safely root my Samsung Young via my mac in order to free it (use a chip from any company). I appreciate your help, and if you are too busy, I totally understand.

        • root genuis should be a great choice for doing this buddy

      • hi friend my samsung core2 mobile phone
        connected by usb cable to pc when
        chrging bt not connected to usb storage

  38. Alcatel one touch need drivers

    • The universal ADB driver works fine with Alcatel devices

      • But if the phone is locked you can’t use this method. Universal driver requires you to have access to the phone and its settings.

        Is there another way??

        • you can download official adb drivers package from their official website

  39. Hlw my device is panasonic t41 i tried 100’s of software for root plz help me root os very important for me plz plz plz…..u can email me at [email protected] thnx…helppp…

    • What’s your firmware version please?

  40. Hi Obasi, i used kingo,master,universal,king,root genius,z4 root,v root,i root all types of root but not working on my android 4.1.2 samsung galaxy note, kernal version 3.0.31-1133407,model number shv-e160k. I have no pc so please tell me how can i stall root without pc. Please sir help me.

  41. I want to root my Micromax A065 , OS is kitkat,,but i used framaroot, kingo root, etc, none of them worked,plzz help

    • Do you still need help with this?

  42. My Device is Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 – SM-T231
    I tried all methods from everywhere But unable to root my device. Any Suggestion?

    • Have you had success with this yet?

  43. I would like to root my sony xperia z1s model number C6916 android version 4.4.4 please help

  44. Hi Miracle, thanks for the support you are rendering.
    I downloaded ‘PdaNetA4170.exe’ from this site “” but while installing the ADB driver for my Tecno Phone D9 on my Laptop (with OS Windows 8.1, 64bit), the installer requested that I connect the phone thru USB cable, which I did but gave an error that ‘Handshake process with the phone failed’.
    Please how can I solve this.

    Please also note that the primary purpose for this is to be able to browse and download with my tecno phone using my Laptop internet connection or access.

    • Please also note that the primary purpose for this is to be able to
      browse and download with my tecno phone using my Laptop internet
      connection or access.

      Hmm bro, you need not do all that just to tether the internet connection of your PC. Just download the connectify software from or search for older versions from

      Do let me know if this was helpful.

  45. i want to root my sony xperia e and the driver stop working

    • What operating system is that?

  46. Wanna root my Mtech Phone and wanna do crazy things with rooted device…please help to root my phone. Thanks!

    • You can use iRoot or kingo software. They are all successful with Mtech android devices

  47. i need adb driver for Mtech android phone..plz

    • do you still need help with this?
      sorry for my late response

  48. Micromax a069 Adb drivers..

    • Refer to the other responses below

  49. are there any drivers for Allview P6 Life?

    • I think using any of the universal adb drivers will be a good idea

    • Use the universal android adb drivers installer

  50. Is any of these drivers applicable for Micromax canvas HD plus a190. ??

    • Check my response to James below

  51. Sir what about drivers for Verssed Platinum Vp1..plz help

    • Do you still need help with this or did any of the universal adb drivers installer work for you?

  52. i want to know how to root iball andi4.5k6.. plz help me

  53. ADB for Micromax elanza 2 A121

  54. driver for acer iconia b1-711???

  55. You haven’t mentioned what we’ll do once we downloaded the driver suited for our phone. Where do I put the Zip file?

    • Hi Rye,

      You can unzip it (the driver package of your phone) into any blank folder in your c:/ directory. Then press Window logo + R buttons on your keyboard ==> enter devmgmt.msc and hit enter ==> Locate your device (usually marked with the yellow triangular warning sign) from there ==> right click on it and select Update ==> hit next and select the folder you’ve unzipped the drivers into as the source and continue.

      Hurray! Your device drivers is now properly installed and ready to work with any PC suit or device manager of choice.

  56. Hi I have a Telecom t4010, is there anything I can do to root my phone?

    • Hi Isabella,

      You can try Vroot to see how successful it turns out to be.

      Thanks for dropping by

  57. nokia usb driver isn’t working with nokia xl rm-1030

    • Turn on “USB DEBUG” on your device ==> connect to the pc and press => windows logo+R ==> devmgmt.msc => hit enter and locate the device ==> try windows update and report back to us.

      Else try using one of the universal driver solutions

  58. What about drivers of intex phones


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