5 Most Important Skills for an Android Developer

Skills for an Android DeveloperNowadays, people can’t imagine their lives without smartphones. There are applications for everything we could ever imagine. From basic things like calculators and online translators to professional Android app development software. But, of course, not everyone on this planet uses the same operating system.

Most of the people in this world prefer Android OS over Apple’s iOS. The statistics are pretty stunning – more than 1.6 billion people use it. And the variety of applications on the Google Play Market is pretty wide too – almost 3 million apps are available for download. No wonder so many aspiring programmers choose Android software development as the primary focus in the IT-sphere.

Many of them create their own simple programs and even whole projects. But the most appealing occupation is working for professional Android development services that create custom apps. It’s a pretty hard job that requires a lot of skills and knowledge, but is also very rewarding money- and experience-wise.

So, to help out everyone who dreams about becoming an Android developer here’s a list of the most important skills one must obtain.

Programming Language

As everyone could probably guess, the first and foremost skill is the knowledge of a programming language. It’s the foundation that will pave the path to success in this sphere. One just can’t expect to become a developer without knowing at least one coding language. For Android, we recommend studying these ones:

  • Kotlin: Today, it’s the main programming language for this operating system. It replaced Java recently, as it’s much more flexible and easier to learn. A perfect starting point overall.
  • Java: The traditional and the most commonly used language on this platform. It offers a decent programming experience and isn’t that hard to learn. Most of the Android development services used it for creating countless applications. And even with Kotlin’s rapid gain of popularity, Java is still a very good option if you’re getting into mobile coding.
  • C/C++/C#: Even though C++ and C# are derivatives of the same language, they have pretty many differences. Still, they have a low entry point and present more opportunities compared to other languages. That’s because they’re used everywhere, not only in mobile software. Knowing at least one of the C languages will be a great universal skill.
  • Python: It’s by no means as easy to use on Android as it is on computers, but it’s still possible with the use of additional libraries and converters. And the flexibility and simplicity of Python make it appealing to those who want to try something new.

Interface Design

Why would a developer learn UI/UX design? The answer is simple, as an Android app developer, you’d need to be proficient in as many aspects of app creation as possible. That includes the creation of an interface too.

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Knowing how particular parts of it work, where they should be placed, and what common mistakes to omit is crucial. Otherwise, the program will turn out to be unusable at all. Remember, no matter how perfectly the back-end works and how unique the concept is, it has no chances for success if the users can’t navigate an awkwardly designed interface.

Critical Thinking

If you have programmed something at least once in your life, then you already know the importance of critical thinking. Basically, coding an application is just like solving a mathematical problem. The only difference is that you create the problem itself too. This example isn’t perfect, but it means that the developer is responsible for all the bugs, implemented (and not implemented) features, quality, stability, and uniqueness.

The first challenge is to come up with a unique concept. One needs something authentic to distinguish their app from millions of others. Because otherwise, huge marketing expenses are to be expected, as users will need a reason to prefer your software to already existing popular analogs.

And even if you have a brilliant idea, implementing it into a real program is by no means an easy task. The layout needs to be created, the code needs to be written, and all the upcoming issues need to be solved. And while doing all that, you need to keep in mind the general concept of your project, because losing the uniqueness and the quality during the process is a very common thing. It’s in your best interest to develop critical thinking as early as possible.

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Critical Thinking


Most of the time mobile application developers don’t work alone. They are usually hired by services or companies that create teams of such workers. The teams contain professionals with different sets of skills, to ensure that all the aspects are covered.

Working in a group means great efficiency. However, that works only if the communication in the group itself is on a decent level. And that’s the reason all the developers are required to have good communication skills. The basic inability to interact with other human beings can cost the company numerous extra days or even weeks of project development time.

And don’t forget about outsourcing services. Working for such businesses means that you’ll need to communicate with customers, acknowledge their requirements, analyze them and provide detailed answers, according to the abilities of your team.


Management skills are as essential as a decent communication level. As a senior developer, you may not use them that much. But once you’ll start making steps on that career ladder, the ability to manage workers will become your greatest asset.

Knowing how to allocate human resources according to their professional abilities, preferences, and ambitions is the key to the effective work of a team. Not to mention how important management is for your own sake. Especially when working on multiple projects at once, while trying to combine a job with personal life. Because trying to manage one’s own life is both the greatest challenge and the best training for this skill set.

Final Words

A good Android developer knows how the applications work and how to program them. But a professional is able to do much more than that. From coming up with creative and innovative ideas and turning them into code, to communicating with dozens of other experts and operating numerous teams. Because today, one needs to prove their value, and the best way to do this is to show proficiency in as many aspects as possible.

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