Top 10 Best Internet Browsers for iPhone

If you own an iPhone and is also a web surfer the same time, I think you already asked yourself, what is the best browser for you to use with your iPhone?

I know it sounds weird since there are a lot of browsers out there in the market, but that was the problem, too many browsers available making you confused what to choose. So to enlighten your mind, let give you the top 10 best iPhone browsers.

1. Chrome Browser

If you are familiar with this browser since its first appearance at computer platforms, then I am pretty sure you know why this app is the one of the best choices. Features like google sync, tabbed browsing, incognito mode, full screen mode and etc. make this beast the best.

2. Dolphin Browser

An overall browser that is a good fit for heavy down-loaders. Not only it has the same features like Opera mini, it also has its own download manager and crash recovery. The price? Well, it’s for free!

3. Opera mini Browser

You can now actually discard your Safari browser, after learning about this great web browser application. It is terrifically faster than and easier to use, the interface is friendly and also has the features of a solid built browser has. Its unique feature called data compressing enables you to browse faster than usual. And it is for free!

4. Atomic Browser

This web application sure is not yet to labelled as the ultimate replacement for safari browser, but will give you faster browsing experience, bookmarks importing, tabbed browsing, and full screen browsing. This web application is best for web development testing and application customization because of its wide numbers of options and settings. For only $0.99.

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5. Mercury Browser

This solid built browser is packed with numbers of features like tabbed browsing, full screen mode, bookmarking, and gesture controls, and not just that, behind those features this browser is quite fast also. The price? It’s $0.99.

6. Photon Browser

While the other browsers mask themselves as another Firefox or internet explorer browser just to play flash contents on the web, this web browser has the ability to support flash contents and plays faster than the other browsers. You can have it for $3.99.

7. Switch Browser

A browser faster than the usual safari browser and also have the features same with the Webout browser with the Airplay feature, and the price is $4.99.

8. Webout

Using this web browser will be great if you had an Apple TV. This browser has the feature called Airplay, wherein you can browse and stream videos and audios out directly with your Apple TV. The price? It’s $0.99.

9. CloudBrowse

This browser can use a desktop mode wherein the browser hides itself as a Firefox browser, so that you are enabled to play flash contents in the internet. You can have it at $2.99.

10. Knowtilus Pro

While many browsers are pumping up their features to be better than the other, they often forgot about the basics. This browser will give you not the beautiful interface you want, but faster browsing experience and the price is $5.99.

Having the entire internet in your pocket is almost certainly one of the top reasons people buy the iPhone. Considering this list of the best iPhone browser is the best apps you can get.

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