iPhone 6s Vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Camera Battle

The Recent MWC, brought about the launch of so many killer devices most especially the Samsung Galaxy S7. In this post, we are going to be looking at a camera face-off between Samsung galaxy S7 and the iPhone  6s. A Youtuber by Name SuperSAFTV did a review on the two devices and from the images below, one can easily deduce that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is #BAE.  Just In case you have forgotten about the specifications for the two killer beasts, here we go:
Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Specifications:
12MP sensor and a wide aperture of f/1.7
iPhone 6s Camera Specifications:
12MP front camera with f/2.2 aperture
From the this, the two device seems to have similar camera properties but then, the images needs to assist with the talking.

CAR TEST ( Samsung Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s)

Samsung vs iphone 6s
For the Car Test, i give up to Samsung Galaxy S7 as the picture seems to look more real and good. Next we have the indoor Test.

INDOOR TEST ( Samsung Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s)

IPhone6s and Samsung s7
Samsung Galaxy S7 still has my vote, how about you?

WITH FLASHLIGHT ON ( Samsung Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s)

iphone 6s vs Samsung s7
With flashlight on,What do you think?

NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY ( Samsung Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s)

Night photographyOn the image quality when it comes to Night photography, i think Galaxy S7 has it. And then, we have the Outdoor Test.

OUTDOOR TEST ( Samsung Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s)

Outdoor Test
For the Outdoor test, the iPhone 6s got me on this. I give it to them. Finally, the selfie Test.I guess you must have being waiting for this.

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SELFIE TEST ( Samsung Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s)

Selfie Test
Based on the general review as done by SUPERSAFTV, i think Samsung has a 4 and iPhone, 0. And i the referee , declare the match closed.
What do you think about these two killer beasts, what score will you be giving them based on the image quality. Drop your contributions below.
You can watch the Video below:


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