The Best Strategies to Consistently Build Ecommerce Backlinks

It’s no secret that backlinks are a significant ranking factor for high search engine rankings. A high number of quality backlinks will often rank your website on the first page, or in some cases, even higher. In this article, you’ll discover seven proven ways to build eCommerce backlinks consistently.

ecommerce backlinks

1)     Influencer Marketing

Using influencer marketing is an intriguing way to get quality backlinks and grow your brand simultaneously. Reach out to influencers in your industry and introduce them to your products. If they like what you offer, you may be able to form a mutually beneficial relationship with them. Influencers will periodically promote your products on social media to your audience in return for a small commission on the sale. You can help them promote their brand by giving them samples of your products or sending them affiliate links to make it easy for them.

2)    Social Media Marketing

Using social media is an easy way to promote eCommerce products. Take advantage of social communities like Facebook groups, Instagram pages, and Reddit boards, where people are actively engaged in relevant topics that fit within your niche. Other places like Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr also offer excellent opportunities to tap into real-time conversations about your business topics. When you use these channels to share valuable content or helpful product recommendations, you’ll be able to build exposure and generate sales while building solid relationships with potential future customers.

3)     Product Reviews

Product reviews are also a great way to increase sales by building backlinks. Letting your customers do the talking and publishing reviews on your website will give you organic exposure to search engines and help establish trust and credibility with potential buyers. When publishing product reviews on your site, ensure that you link back to the source of the review so visitors can easily find more information about it and purchase it if they’re interested.

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4)     Get Listed on High-Quality Directories

People actively maintain directories, so they are a perfect way to get high-quality backlinks without much effort. Some directories will require payment, while others are free, so look around to find the best fit for your website.

5)      Link Out To Industry Authorities With A Guest Post

Digital Marketing TipsGuest blogging is the most effective tactic for generating links to eCommerce websites, yet it is so frequently overlooked as an SEO strategy. The first aspect you need for a successful guest post-campaign is a blog that has been active on your website long enough that Google can see that it’s an established part of your site. Generally, it is recommended that this blog should have more than 100 posts published before you start guest posting. When you’re ready to write the guest post itself, remember to keep things relevant and valuable for the target blog’s readers. Therefore, you should not drop a link to your store at the end of the post.

Further, hundreds of blogs out there will happily accept guest posts in the form of articles or blog posts, so pick one with a popular audience in your niche and offer them something valuable. If you work with businesses in the same space as yours, offering to write a case study about how they used your product can be an ingenious way to build quality eCommerce backlinks while exposing potential customers to new products that they may never have known existed!

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6)     Build An Outgoing Link Campaign With Fetch Back Links

This is another strategy that works very well with eCommerce clients, yet few business owners have heard of it. The idea behind it is simple. By “fetching” pages from your website using a service like Fetch Back Links, you can discover other sites willing to link up to your site. Once you’ve found them, email the webmaster, asking if they’d be happy to include your store in their link portfolio.

7)      Comment On Relevant Blogs With A Link Back To Your Site

There are still places where you can comment on blogs without needing an account. These are the types of links that most people like because it is very clear from looking at them that they have been placed there by someone working for the website to which you’re linking. Again, don’t just drop a link in and wait for ensure. In other words, you need to ensure you add value. What you’re aiming for here is not increased sales but increased brand awareness, resulting in more people talking about your website.

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