Fly Balloon, Fly Android Game Review: an Addictive Game to kill Boredom

Fly Balloon, Fly! Android game is a new arcade game in my list, definitely a good game to add to your android phone or pad.It is quite easy to learn but difficult to master. It can be as addictive...

Temple Run 2 for Android Review: A Game to Kill Boredom

The recent update by Imangi Studios; the guys behind temple run 2 actually prompted me to write this short review. Temple run 2 is hands down the best free endless runner game now at the Google play store.The improved...

Top 10 Android Racing Games

Are you an avid android racing game enthusiast? Here are top racing Android games that you can download and start playing already. 1. CSR Racing Games This is an intense game that is all about drag racing. To win...

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