The Choice of Ecommerce Platform: Magento Takes on WordPress

If you have had a hard time trying to make the choice between Magento Vs WordPress for developing an online store, you have come to the right place. Below, we have enlisted various opinions of the experts which would help you make the right choice between the two mind blowing eCommerce publishing platforms. Read ahead to know more:

Reasons in the favor of Magento:

Magento is a top notch eCommerce development platform which should be your choice if you are in no mood for settling down as far as the functionality and scalability of your website is concerned. There are various features and attributes of this particular platform which makes it a fine choice for developing eCommerce platform. Firstly, it is dedicated towards the development and soundness of eCommerce websites only, and thus, none of the eCommerce feature gets compromised in the bargain. And then, you get a wide range of features to include in your eCommerce website, such as search engine optimization, XML site maps, product management, multiple images per project, shipping and payment integration, flexible marketing and coupons features and a lot more.

Magento Vs WordPress: the expert review

We have summed the various fundamental reasons working in the favor of Magento development below:

  •  If you are a potentially strong eCommerce player with a wide range of product list.
  • You have to have a great deal of control over each and every aspect of the inventory and other aspects of your online business.
  • You may want to add various other branches to the already existing architecture.
  • You want to synchronize various account systems and bring it all under a single place where you can manage it all.
  • You would like integration with eBay and other online stores.
  • The prices that you charge actually depend on the number of quantity that they have ordered for.
  • You would like a secure login in order to place the order.
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Reasons in the favor of WordPress:

It may appear that Magento has already taken the cake from right under the nose of WordPress but we would not be that quick in our judgment. After all there is a reason why WordPress still is the Numero Uno website development platform. What works in the favor of WordPress is the mere fact that WordPress is highly, absolutely, completely easy to use. With its ‘What You See Is What You Get’ editor, any novice user can simple make the updates in the website. Also, for any online portal, search engine optimization is quite crucial, since one can never really have enough of the online organic traffic and for that there is no better platform than WordPress. The search engines adore this customized CMS for developing websites.

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Wordpress Vs Magento: the expert review

Now we shall discuss various points in the favor of WordPress below:


  • This platform comes for a lot less price as compared to Magento. Thus, if you have a budget constraint, this is the platform of choice for you.
  • Your product is quite limited for now, and maybe you may enhance it in a few years, but as of now, you are not planning any expansion, so better go for it.
  • If you already have used WordPress before and only just need an extension to the given structure.
  • You basically need to manage a website and selling online is just a small part of it.
  • You would like a blog with the eCommerce site, where you may interact with the audiences to your store.
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The Ultimate Choice:

Well, at the risk of sounding cliched, we would just like to say that the choice remains with you. We have enlisted all the features and benefits and hence decide the scope of your project, what you may require your eCommerce website to be like and then choose wisely.

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  1. WordPress is doing well but with the steep competition from others i am not sure they will survive it 5years from now. WordPress seem comfortable now and they are not really doing serious innovations to stay ahead and keep dominating.


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