Creative EP-420.MV Multimedia Headset Review – A user’s Opinion

Creative EP-420.MV Multimedia Headset $16.00


Creative EP-420.MV Multimedia Headset is a wired Multimedia headset from Creative Inc.

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It was on Monday I decided to go get a new wired headset in place of the Bluetooth headset I’ve used for like ages.

I headed to Ogbunabali Road, Port Harcourt; where I usually buy electronic gadgets, computer accessories, phone accessories, office accessories, hardware and mobile devices each time I’m in Rivers State.

I regretted not going to callus miller communications; where I normally buy smart phones and high-end gadgets with at least 1.6 years warranty – this would have saved me money and stress.

When I got into the shop, Creative EP-420.MV Multimedia Headset was the first to get my attention, I glanced through the features and didn’t see any reason to think twice before giving them NGN3,000 ($16), which was actually our bargained price.

Creative EP-420.MV Multimedia Headset Review

The Review

Let me advice you find time to test electronic devices bought from random shops before walking out of the shop.

I would have taken another wired headset if I had ignored the features written on the body and take my time to test and see if it was going to serve for the reason I’m in the market for it.

I needed a headset with good mic and deep bass to help in my video tutorials series I intend embarking on by this month end.

  • Design: The Creative EP-420.MV Multimedia Headset looks pretty good design-wise and has long cable and good microphone positioning. If this was all I needed for a great headset I’d have scored it a 100%
  • Audio Quality: The audio quality was so bad that I was willing to exchange it for just anything; both the bass, treble and just anything audio from this headset sounds bad in my opinion
  • Miscellaneous: There’s a good volume control and above average frequency response rate. I was disappointed with the microphone and headset adjustability; couldn’t really fit my ear or go close to my lips – no matter how much I tried to adjust it
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The Features and Spces

The Creative EP-420.MV Multimedia Headset has some good features that should have outclassed its competitors if not for the low quality and bad audio production.

  • Speaker diameter – φ40mm
  • Speaker impedance – 33oΩ
  • Frequency response range – 2oHZ 20000hz
  • Headphone sensitivity – 105dB at 1KHz
  • Rated power – 30mw
  • Wire – 2.0 ± 0.10m
  • Pin size – 3.5mm
  • Microphone directivity – omnidirectional
  • Headphones sensitivity – 58dB ± 3db
  • Microphone impedance – 2.2KΩ
  • Microphone frequency response range – 30HZ 16000HZ
  • Microphone operating voltage – 3v

Other features that comes with the Creative EP-420.MV Multimedia Headset is the bass beat vents, dynamic bass with noise reduction, advanced loop support, superior ear piece design and good volume control.

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