1 Deadly Mistake That Could Kill Your Blogging Career

There are only a few of reasons that could bring about the death of a blog. And most people consider this as not too important. While some are of the opinion that no definite reason can bring about the end of a blog but a number of reasons, a few still think that there is one deadly mistake which when made could bring about an abrupt end to your blogging career. Now this topic is highly controversial, different people are of different opinion of what could end a bloggers career. On this topic I am no expert but I would like to quote one of my favourite blogger. He is a prolific tech blogger who has been blogging for 8 years: Nosa E Nosa the founder and Senior editor at thatnaijablog. Earlier today, he posted on his Facebook profile about the mistake that could kill a bloggers carreer

The Problem is not the Competition.

One of the greatest mistake you will ever make is to compete with other bloggers. I made this deadly mistake for a many years, and that was the recipe for frustration, failure, mockery and humiliation. Somehow, I was able to get extra-energy to press the re-start button.

Do you know what happens when you start comparing yourself with the competition? You redirect some attention from your own accomplishment. Those who aspire for success measure themselves against their accomplishment. When attention is reduced, your focus reduces as well.

What you need is a strong desire to succeed, a strong desire can provoke a catalyst for a change. With it, everything is possible.

Successful bloggers were not born the way they are. The became successful because they developed a habit of doing things unsuccessful bloggers don’t like doing. Never ever be satisfied with mediocrity, the pathway to excellence is never crowded. Shalom and see you in 2014

 My Opinion
In my opinion, he has made a clear point which when followed, bloggers can avoid the “Stress ” during blogging. To me, the stress we get from blogging is not because of the time spent on SEO, article writing and promotion, but the time, energy and mindset we have when we see other bloggers blossom. The first time I tried blogging in 2012 october, I failed horribly because I kept looking at other people’s blog, the money they were making and traffic they got.

Now Your Turn

I would like to know what you think can cause the failure of any blogger. Also, use the comment box to share your take on this.

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