10 Proven Tips For Selling And Making Money On Ebay

Practically  you can  start making money on the internet, by selling stuff on Ebay. In 2013 Now, many people earn  decent income and a living  working from home / selling products on www.ebay.co.uk

If greatly succeeding  in your business of selling merchandise on Ebay is your goal, it is important that you understand some of the important tips that you should keep in mind.

  1. Always Describe the products that you are selling as much as possible. Use the relevant keywords and make sure that the description is accurate. Potential buyers rely on your description to provide them with a good impression of the product you sell. It is therefore important that you make the item description accurate and detailed.
  2. Include an image of the item that you are selling. Buying online means that people can’t touch the products and have a feel of what you sell. Proving an image of the item will therefore help potential buyers to decide if they want to buy the product or not.
  3. Use PayPal so that your customers can immediately pay for the products they want.
  4. Communicate with your customers. The success of your Ebay business depends on good customer relationship skills. Answer any questions your customers have and be as helpful as you can.
  5. If you are offering a refund policy for any of the products, it is important that you make that policy very precise; otherwise your customers may abuse that policy and return the goods they bought from you even if they are in good condition.
  6. Encourage your customers to leave feedback on the service you provide as an Ebay seller. If you have a good feedback record on Ebay, many people will be confident to buy from you.
  7. Be patient in developing your Ebay business.
  8. Sell products that can be bought by anyone from any part of the word. If you target a global market, you increase your chances of making a sale.
  9. Have a professional eBay auction site.  If you project the impression that you are a serious and professional Ebay seller, buyers will be keen to buy from you.
  10. Think outside the square and differentiate yourself from other Ebay sellers. Be creative, use catchy phrases to describe your products, and think about any other ways that you can differentiate yourself from the rest of other Ebay sellers.
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These tips will be very handy for your work online goal selling on ebay . ebay is not only the site you can sale stuff on . There are other local sites like olx.co.za , google trader , and many a more complete list of e-commerce shops in Nigeria . The comments here will also help us discover more alternatives to the ebay .


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  1. You always provide great info … will be using these 10 tips for selling on ebay very soon … have to do some getting rid of stuff

    • Thanks for dropping by Cheryl, now it’s lovely founding this little tips very useful

  2. Very good information. Thank you!

  3. Dr. Steve Smiley Dr. Steve Smiley

    Nice tips Obasi! I will be sure to spread to my ebay affiliates right away.

  4. You can make big money on ebay if you are consistend

  5. Ebay is a great platform for business sales and also to pick up a shopping bargain. Love it.

  6. Great tips here. I think the feedback 1 is important

  7. have a professional looking ebay site, have patience, and use paypal to process orders fast and communicate with…

    I think communication is crucial. Selling ‘stuff’ on ebay is easy if you are smart about what you’re doing and provide plenty of back up support and a professional website.

    Great post Obasi!

    • Thanks for dropping by Nick, great contribution too

  8. Thanks for the advice! Handy Tips !!

  9. Its true people make a nice income with eBay, and its a very good system.. We stepped up the eBay platform on our system.. We are as global as eBay with more feature sets and no costs! email me if you want to website…

    • Thanks for dropping by Rob, you are free to drop the url of the website here, I think our readers will be very happy view it

      • Thanks Obasi! I appreciate it…

  10. Good advise for anyone wanting to sell on eBay! :)


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