10 of My Favorite Digital Banking Apps

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our lives without digital banking. Apart from being useful, having a banking app is often really necessary. Here are the ten best digital banking apps of 2020, which will make your life much easier.

  • Bank of America

Bank Of America LogoTaking into consideration the fact that this is one of the largest banks in the United States of America, it is not surprising why the app developed by the Bank of America is mentioned first. Even if you have no idea what accounting and finance is all about or have never dealt with the task of writing an essay on banking services, you definitely know the name of this organization. If you are considering opening an account at this bank, here are some of the features their mobile app offers its clients:

  • The option to get a notification when a bank notices a suspicious transaction
  • The opportunity to link your Merrill Lynch brokerage account directly to the mobile app
  • Tons of useful services within the app
  • Cool cash-back options
  • Wells Fargo

The app developed by this financial institution allows you to easily pay your bills within the app. What is more, you can use either Touch ID or Face ID to access the app which is really useful.

Most of the transactions can be completed within the app which means that you can get back to work or to writing that digital banking essay quickly. This app is very easy to use which is why you will no longer have to spend lots of time trying to get the bank to process your transactions.

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If you are currently dealing with the task of writing a banking essay and are supposed to conduct a research study on the most useful apps, this one should definitely be mentioned in your essay on banking services.

When working on that essay bank writing task, keep in mind that the most significant aspect in regards to banking essay writing is to provide advantages and disadvantages of a certain product or service to give your target audience an opportunity to make a choice based on a properly researched piece of writing.

  • Starling Bank

The app developed by this bank is packed with tons of cool features which you can use on the go. Don’t waste time standing in long lines in the bank when you can complete almost any transaction with the app.

This is what real-life accounting and banking look like: you are merely required to make a few taps on your smartphone screen. In case you are currently trying to figure out which topics to dwell upon in your essay bank, consider writing about the future of this field. Perhaps, you can provide a profound research study on how the apps of the future will look like in your banking essay.

  • Monzo

Monzo has managed to develop one of the coolest digital banking apps on the planet. It’s useful, colorful and bug-free. With their mobile banking app, banking seams easier, stress-free, and more comfortable.

  • Ally Bank

If you are currently dealing with an essay bank writing assignment, mentioning a bank that only exists online is a superb idea. Ally Bank is one of such banks, so it is not surprising why they have a really practical mobile app: it is the main tool their customers use to complete transactions and to get access to tons of different banking services.

  • Barclays

Barclays is often viewed as one of the most traditional banks. Yet, their app is rather modern. For instance, you can see the accounts you have in other banks. In addition, you can also categorize your spending, as well as view all the transaction history or account’s statement.

  • Halifax

Halifax Banking AppThis financial institution has managed to build a solid and bug-free banking app which makes using it really effortless. Among the coolest features are the option to log in using Touch ID or Face ID, and the opportunity to transfer money abroad, as well as to see your overdrafts.

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Lloyds Bank

The app developed by this bank has all the basic banking features you’d ever need, such as finding the nearest ATM or checking your transactions. What is more, the app supports push notifications which is not common for the majority of digital banking apps.


Even though this bank is not considered to be the most successful or popular one on the market, its baking app is rather decent. What is more, the app offers its clients the option to withdraw cash even if they forget their card by using a unique code on their phone.

  • Dozens

The final app to mention is called Dozens and the features of this financial institution plans to implement in the near future are very ambitious. In the meantime, clients can freeze their cards within the app, as well as visualize their spending in a variety of ways.

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