LinkedIn Now Have An App for Students

Over the years, we have all known the LinkedIn App to be for professionals and Job seekers really where they get do do all Job related stuffs and others but i think LinkedIn is creating a game changer as they now have an App for students to help them in being inducted into the system, The LinkedIn Students.
The App which will be launching in the US, will offer assistance to students in the form of career suggestions based on their field of study. Actually, not every student know the opportunities achievable in a given field but with this new app, the mindset would obviously be corrected.
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The App will also help students get advise from alumni of any institution hence creating a platform where students can get a mentor and also advise when needed. The app is currently open for just students in the United states, but the LinkedIn team have stated that plans are works to extend the app to most countries.The app will be available to students in the Android and iOS version.
Actually, i see this as a cool initiative especially the aspect where students stand a chance of getting a mentor from school of choice.
What is your take on this?

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