Easiest Way To Blog From Smartphones: Use Blackberry WordPress App

Blogging should be fun and interesting. But most times, as your blog grows older and gets more recognized the need to spend more time in front of a computer automatically increases. You would need to start moderating more comments, reading and accepting guest posts and even writing articles yourself. Its quite hard especially if you don’t want to become a slave to your blog having to spend every minute trying to improve it.I am guessing you already schedule your post to be published on different dates to reduce the time you spend maintaining it.

Blogging From Your Smartphone Using Blackberry WordPress App

Well WordPress App for blackberry makes managing and adding content to your blog very easy. Using this app, you can add post, schedule post to be published later, easily add Media files to post and many other post options. If you run an entertainment or news website, this would make it extremely easy for you to update your readers as the news is happening. You can take a picture and upload it straight to your blog, same thing applies to videos.

You can also moderate comments. You can Approve, disapprove, mark as spam, delete comment etc without even accessing your dashboard. This feature is very important especially for bloggers who have to manage up 200 comments or even more daily. With this, you don’t need to look for PC to approve comment as this app notifies you immediately there is a comment.

You can also use WordPress for Blackberry App to edit existing pages, add new pages, and manage categories. Best part is when working on all these, you don’t need to leave the app and goto the website. You do all these right there within the app.
You are given the ability to add as much blog as you like. You can either add a wordpress hosted blog or a self hosted blog. You can also create a new blog too. This app is taking blogging to another, gone are the days when you have to be on PC to manage your blog. Using this app on your blackberry phone would just make thing easier.

Click Here to Download WordPress App for blackberry.

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After downloading follow the instruction to add your blogs. Once you have added a blog, you can easily goto option and choose add another blog and keep adding as much blogs as you like. All you would be asked for when adding your blog is the URL, username and password.
This app is highly recommended to all bloggers out there who wants to make their blogging experience better and reduce the amount of time they spend online daily. By the way, I wrote this article using WordPress App on my blackberry and it was simple. I didn’t even notice am not on PC.

Now let me know what you think, leave a comment below

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