15 of the Best Fashion Apps for Female Students

Pursuing an education degree and your interests simultaneously can be a little demanding. Fashionistas who are in school don’t have the experience any different. It is always challenging to balance the demands of each engagement on your time.

Fashion apps make it easy to keep your passion for fashion burning steady. Some apps are designed to provide fashion news while others give you styling tips or allow you to create designs yourself. If shopping fashion items is what you love doing, there are apps to satisfy that craving. With that in mind, let’s look at the top 15 fashion apps for female students.

The 15 Best Fashion Apps for Guys and Ladies in School

Straightaway, I’ll take you through the list of the 15 best fashion apps for guys and ladies. They can be used by guys in colleges, girls in universities, normal fashion person, and by women of all classes. Also, you can add these apps to your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones or tablet devices.


Ipsy fashion app

Ipsy is one of the most interesting fashion apps out there. It is a market place for beauty products. Through the store app, you can browse different categories of beauty products. You can browse makeup, nail polish, skin care products, and more.

The store offers a subscription service to users. For a monthly charge of $10, you can get a beauty kit containing a mix of skin care, nail care, and makeup products.

[Download for Android] || [Download for iOS]


pinterest mobile app
For fashion trend watchers, Pinterest is a great resource. You can find the latest fashion pinned or curated by other users. A simple search using preferred fashion keywords will get you the most recent or most popular pins on the search term.

On Pinterest, you can create your fashion board and pin items you find on the internet to the board. If you learn how to make use of the platform – use keywords for ranking, you can make your board a style pointer for other fashionistas.

[Download for Android] ||  [Download for iOS].


Easily a favorite fashion app. Fashionista’s swear by it. Poshmark functions as an online market place where users sell their clothes and fashion accessories.

Users can manage their wardrobe with the app. You can remove the clothes that don’t fit your fashion anymore and put it on sale. Other users searching for that cloth or fashion item will find it on sale.

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top female fashion apps

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The Hunt

top best fashion apps for female students

The hunt has an active community of fashion enthusiasts who keep each other updated on the latest fashion trends. It is a must-have app for discovering the latest fashion trends, designs, and trendy styles.

The Hunt does more than keep users updated. You can leverage the power of the community to find fashion items you saw but don’t know where to purchase it. You can also buy fashion items through the app.


Etsy is the home of one-of-a-kind fashion items. This marketplace is for fashion designers, craftsmen, and craftswomen who create their unique designs.

Etsy mobile app

On Esty, you will find millions of products made and marketed by skilled fashion designers and craftsmen. The downside to Etsy is that the fashion products on the app may not follow the fashion trend. However, you are guaranteed of finding one-of-a-kind items everywhere you look.

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Fashmates (an Excellent Polyvore Alternative)

Fashmates social fashion app
Polyvore was one of the most interesting female fashion apps ever created. It allows you to combine styles to create unique fashion looks. It is a “dress yourself” or “creates your style” type of app. You can share your designs with your friends and colleagues easily. For inspiration, there are plenty of collages and styles created by other users. You can browse through these designs at your leisure.

While Polyvore was gone and gone forever, I found Fashmates, which is an excellent alternative to Polyvore. With Fashmates social fashion app, you can create unique and amazingly inspirational designs, arts, fashion, and decorations that suit your taste.

You can also connect with other “like-minded” Fashmaters for more inspirations and premium looking designs. The app is available for Android and iOS.

[Download for Android] ||  [Download for iOS].


Stylebook fashion app

Stylebook is your closet organizer. Users can take a picture of their closet and upload to Stylebook. On the app, you can organize these clothes into outfits for whatever events you want to attend. Stylebook has notepad features that help you jot down your packing lists, plan outfits, and keep a record of the outfits you’ve put on.

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Another exciting feature of the Stylebook® fashion app is the over 90 pre-designed features that help you curate your closet and get more out of your fashion items. You can Import your real clothes, plan what to wear, create magazine-style outfits, create packing lists, and learn more about your wardrobe with built-in statistics like cost per wear, etc.


Hush app

Hush is an online marketplace that sells only beauty products. You can browse collections of makeup, skin care products, nail care products, and more. When you find products that you need, you can simply click purchase or add to wish list.

Hush offers discounts during sales and special promos. Be sure to set the app to notify you about special promotions, sales, and discounts.

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YouTube mobile app

YouTube is a video sharing platform that hosts billions of videos in different categories. The app is a great resource for fashionistas. Thanks to the many fashion channels on YouTube sharing fashion news, tips, or history.

YouTube can be a learning or an entertainment tool. It all depends on the content you consume. On YouTube, you can find beauty tips, hair styling tutorial, occasional live streams of fashion shows, fashion tips, and more.

A good number of YouTube content creators focus on Fashion. So you are guaranteed quality content on female fashions and all.

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Shoes are special wears in a ladies outfit and fashion design collections. If you are a sucker for shoes or love to get the best options out there, then Stylect is a lovely app to download.

Stylect fashion app

The app has been downloaded over a million times and gives you access to over 50,000 shoe styles. From designers to sports sneakers, you are spoilt with choice. On Stylect, you can narrow your search based on the shoe size, color, price or style.


Tumblr is a social media platform where you can find fashion ideas, fashion tips, unique fashion items, and news on fashion. Fashion enthusiasts, fashion designers, as well as people with different interests, regularly use Tumblr.

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Tumblr. mobile app

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Your Closet

As the name suggests, Your closet is all about your closet. The app is a pint-sized closet organizer. Users can take pictures of their closet and upload it to “Your Closet.” On the app, you can organize these clothes into outfits for whatever events you want to attend.

Your closet fashion app

Your closet has notepad features that help you jot down your packing lists, plan outfits, and keep a record of the outfits you’ve put on.

Sadly, the app is only available to Android users. Hopefully, it should move to iOS platform when there is a huge demand for it.

[Download Link]

FAD – the comprehensive fashion dictionary

FAD - the ultimate Fashion Dictionary app

Do you want to brush up your knowledge of fashion lingo? Or learn the correct spelling of fashion words or items? FAD is your go-to resource for this type of learning. The application has a library of fashion words, fashion history, designer bios, as well as material names that you can learn on the go.

[Download Link]


Twitter is one of the big five social media platforms. It serves people with different interests, including fashion enthusiasts. On Twitter, you will find accounts that share fashion nuggets, the latest news on fashion events, styling tips, and more.

Utilizing Twitter to improve your craft and satisfy your craving for fashion means following users who are experts in the field. Users who get the best out of Twitter (Fashion-wise) are the ones that follow “fashion-crazy” influencers.

Twitter mobile app

[Download for Android] || [Download for iOS].


Sephora is also a beauty store but with an edge. The app allows users to test makeup virtually. Users can take a photo and upload it to the app. Then the app simulates the picture, creating a face beaten version of your face using a selected makeup.

Sephora Fashion App

With Sephora, you have access to collections of skin care products, nail care products, makeup products, and more. The company has a gift card program. These cards can be used to shop on Sephora.

[Download for Android] || [Download for iOS].

Your Turn

What are your favorite female fashion apps as a student in a college or university? Share your views and experiences with us below.

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