How Artificial Intelligence Is In Your Everyday Life Through Mobiles

One of the most essential items we carry around is our mobile phones. It has gradually become inseparable from our routine. If I want to sell my mobile, I look up online through my mobile. If I want to listen to music, I tune in to any playlist through mobile. Hence, we do everything from trivial to significant using our mobile devices.

Over the years, the mobile phone has evolved into more than just a handheld phone. It incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to adapt to our everyday needs. So, in this blog, we are going to list the various ways in which AI helps you through mobile phones. Furthermore, if you have a mobile that doesn’t have AI, trust me you can easily sell old mobile phones in the UK without having to physically take them to the store.

How AI In Mobile Phones Affect Our Daily Activities

Artificial Intelligence in phonesNo doubt, AI has deeply affected the way modern businesses, large firms, and organizations operate. It has also forayed into our personal daily routine via deep mobile integration. Here are the many ways it affects our day-to-day activities.

1. Smart Assistants:

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about AI, is the smart assistants in our mobile phones. AI powers Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and a lot more. They help us navigate easily and respond to our queries in different ways.

The tricky part in this is that a machine should understand the flow of your natural language. The better job it does, the more reliable the voice assistants become. AI programs are responsible for understanding your commands and doing the appropriate action.

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2. Search engines:

Something as simple as searching for a recipe online involves aid from AI algorithms. Google does a great job in leveraging your data for personalized suggestions. The internet is a vast pool of information.

If you want to find what you want without the help of AI, it is practically impossible. The AI algorithms match certain keywords and rank them according to your locations and other such data. They also play an important role in displaying relevant ads.

3. Photography:

A perfect trip isn’t complete without a selfie. Mobile phones have made clicking pictures the best way to capture a moment. But, do you know that even camera apps use AI. How? The pictures you click need AI processing to produce a viable image.

It helps your camera differentiate different objects in the scene. Especially in portrait modes, AI helps create the bokeh effect and blurs the background effectively. Every other mode you use also takes advantage of AI algorithms in one way or the other.

4. Image categorization:

Face grouping is an option now seen in almost every android mobile. Using this option lets you categorize images in your gallery based on the faces of people. This option heavily uses AI and ML algorithms.

By carefully assessing the first few suggestions you name, the AI categorizes each image accurately in most cases. Since it is constantly learning, it asks for your opinion when confused. It is an essential part of the machine learning process.

5. Augmented Reality:

Artificial Intelligence tipsMany still do not realize that they use augmented reality on their mobile phones. For iPhone users, whenever you create an Animoji, you are seeking the help of AI to animate your face. For instance, you can place virtual elements in real-life environments using certain apps. Another use of Augmented Reality is AR browsers.

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Applications like Google Lens can detect and identify the object in the perspective. And we all know how Pokémon Go was popular.

6. Maps:

In today’s world, we rely heavily on navigation apps to move around the city. Using the information collected from all the mobile users, maps become smarter. For example, you can flag an accident or roadblock in Google Maps. If enough people report the same, Google suggests you take another route to reach your destination.

The AI receives data from GPS and other mobile devices in your route. Using such data determines the best route for you to follow. If you make a wrong turn, AI-powered maps automatically reroute. In the absence of AI, you would have to manually find a way to your destination.

7. Security:

If you don’t own a mobile with a fingerprint sensor, it is time to sell your mobile phone and buy something new. Because together with AI, fingerprint sensors are becoming more accurate and reliable.

Another impressive application of AI to improve security is the Facial Recognition feature. Using your face to unlock smartphones is easy and quick. It makes your mobile experience better. However, without AI, it is impossible to accurately perform facial recognition.

8. Email:

If you are a person who accesses email from your mobile phone, you would have encountered AI in action. Have you ever wondered how some emails go to spam and some don’t? They use AI algorithms to figure out which emails contain potentially dangerous content. This algorithm can effectively identify the words used inside the mail to mark it as spam.

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Moreover, it identifies the source of the mail to further access its authenticity. However, it also depends on your preference. Some people are happy to accept promotional emails from brands. Whereas people like me mark them as spam. So your inbox adapts to your preference, making it a customized AI-powered experience for you.

9. Suggestive texts and replies:

Using Google Keyboards is a clean and simple experience. However, AI helps you here as well. Predictive texts and suggestions are a part of the AI’s service. It can predict the next word or even emojis based on your past activities.

Many users reported the smart use of AI made their texting experience better. Even in emails, you get whole sentences or predictive replies. It works by identifying certain words in the mail and offers you a list of possible replies.

10. Social Media:

Most of us use Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat without realizing that there are AI algorithms running in the background. Facebook uses facial recognition to identify people in the picture. Whereas Snapchat uses the same technology to apply digital filters.


When you can sell broken mobile phones, why would you still use them? Switch to newer devices to enjoy all these AI benefits.

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