Deals: Get Up to 60% Off on FEZiBO Standing Desks In Their Black Friday Extravaganza

This Black Friday, FEZiBO is set to revolutionize offices/workspaces across the globe with the many unmissable Black Friday activities at FEZiBO. You can dive into their biggest sale of the year, featuring a staggering up to 60% off on their acclaimed standing desks. But there’s more – FEZiBO’s Black Friday goes beyond just discounts, bringing a whirlwind of exciting activities and exclusive offers to the table.

FEZiBO Black Friday 2023 Extravaganza Sales

As you dive into the world of unbeatable Black Friday deals, there’s an added bonus waiting for you. Here’s an array of exclusive discount codes designed to maximize your savings.

Coupon Codes

  • NOV 1-30th: Extra 5% off on all products with coupon: Welcome
  • NOV 24-27th: Extra 8% off on all products with coupon: Welcome
  • Extra 100$ off on special products with coupon: BF100
  • Extra 10% off 999$ with coupon BF999
  • Extra 12% off 1999$ with coupon BF199

Get ready for a shopping spree like no other, as FEZiBO rolls out its red carpet:

  • 80 Free Desk Orders: Be amongst the lucky ones to snag a free standing desk.
  • Flash Sale Extravaganza: Enjoy flash sale prices plus an additional $100 off with exclusive codes.
  • Combos and More: Score up to 20% off on desk and ergonomic chair/cabinet combos.
  • Subscription Discounts: A special 5-8% off on FEZiBO subscriptions.

The ‘Basic’ Standing Desk

Leading FEZiBO’s top products this season is the ‘Basic’ electric height-adjustable standing desk. Now offered at a highly economical sale price of just final price now  $94.99 with coupon code: welcome, significantly reduced from its regular price of $259.99, this desk is an unbeatable deal.

Known for its versatile multi-color options and the iterated frame option, the ‘Basic’ desk is an ideal starting point for anyone aiming to enhance their workspace ergonomics. Its affordability and functionality make it a top choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking quality.

The ‘Brasa’ Standing Desk

Following closely is the ‘Brasa’ ergonomic standing desk, currently the most budget-friendly desk in the market. Priced at just $170.99 with coupon code: welcome, this desk offers exceptional value.

It features a spacious surface of up to 48” ✕ 24” and is supported by a robust 330lbs lift system, making it both functional and sturdy. This desk is designed for those who require more space and a versatile working area, combining style and practicality in a sleek design.

The ‘Worland’ Standing Desk

Completing FEZiBO’s top selections is the ‘Worland’ triple motor L-shaped corner desk, a premium choice now available at an attractive sale price of $379.99 with the coupon code: welcome, reduced from its original $499.99 pricing. This desk stands out with its upper storage drawers, offering ample space for organization.

Additionally, the desk features a switchable return and a stable triple motor frame, ensuring both flexibility and stability. The ‘Worland’ desk is perfect for those seeking a comprehensive workspace solution that combines storage, style, and advanced ergonomic design.

FEZiBO Black Friday 2023 Extravaganza Sales

As the Black Friday clock ticks, contemplate whether it’s time for a workspace revamp. This is the golden hour to treat yourself or find the perfect gift for a loved one. You can visit the official website for more details.

A standing desk is an essential part of a healthier and happier workplace, as it counters the long-term effects of sitting and plays a positive role in user’s well-being, energy, and productivity.

FEZiBO believes work should be a source of inspiration and fulfillment, not stress and fatigue. That’s why they made it our mission to help people “live more, stress less”.

For years, All products have undergone at least 10,000 up-down tests to ensure durability. In addition, FEZiBO tests parts in salt spray environments to check for corrosion resistance.

FEZiBO is dedicated to designing and creating ergonomic office furniture that not only enhances physical health but also inspires creativity, productivity, and happiness. We know that when you feel good, you do good.

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