US9514961195221 Your Package Cannot Be Delivered Text Message: All You Need to Know

Online scams are never going to end, you just need to know how to identify them and stay off. One of the most common online scams is “fake shipping” emails and SMS. If you’re a frequent online shopper, chances are that your email and phone number may have gotten exposed to phishers at some point, who then try to scam you by sending fake messages.

“US9514961195221 Your Package Cannot Be Delivered” is a scam text message you care less about. This SMS tries to convince you that you have a pending delivery from USPS – providing a fake tracking code that leads anyone who falls for this scam to a fake USPS website where their personal details are requested.

This article explains how you can avoid this cheap scam and not get your personal information leaked to the internet’s prying eyes. First things first, USPS typically communicates to its customers via email or traditional mail, and not SMS.

package cannot be delivered scam

Is The “US9514961195221 Your Package Cannot Be Delivered” Text Message Fake?

Apparently, it is a fake message and it’s definitely not from USPS. The whole essence of this SMS is to get you to click on the package tracking link included in the message, and doing this could get your personal information leaked. This SMS comes with a seemingly USPS order number to make it look unsuspecting to the recipients.

But then, the order number is hoarse, if you copy and paste it on the official USPS website, you will discover that there is no such package(s) with the order number. Even so, these scammers use the same order numbers for everyone – US9514961195221 – quite a cheap scam!

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Common Examples of “Your Package Cannot Be Delivered” Scam Messages

Hereunder are some of the common scam text messages you receive in the guise of having a pending package delivery from USPS:

  • USPS: Tracking Number: US9514961195221 We’re sorry to let you know that your package could not be delivered. To reschedule a delivery please visit [scam link]
  • USPS: Packages cannot verify addresses when they are received or scanned. The carrier cannot deliver to your door. Details [scam link].
  • [US-PS] We cannot deliver your package to you due to incorrect house number, please revise the address online.
  • USPS – Your package could not be delivered to an address that is missing a house number, please provide the correct address.
  • USPS – Your package was delivered to the wrong address, please provide the correct address.
  • [Package-reminder]: Your package is on hold due to the wrong recipient address, please update your address in time.

How To Avoid Fake USPS Delivery Scams

It’s quite simple, do not click on any of the links. If you actually do have an order to receive from USPS, be sure to visit their official website [] and enter your order number, which should be provided via email when your order was received by the USPS for delivery.

The official USPS offers a 35-digit tracking code separated using commas or a barcode. Never click on a link sent to you via SMS, the USPS does not send notifications via SMS; therefore, any of such messages is most definitely a scam. You should as well blacklist (or block) the SMS sender, so you would stop receiving such messages.

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What More?

The “US9514961195221 Your Package Cannot Be Delivered” message is a scam and you should never play by any instructions in the SMS. More so, generally, it is not advisable to click on links sent via SMS. Even the links sent via your emails, you should verify the authenticity of the sender before clicking on them. Not clicking on such suspicious links is the only way to stay safe from such scams.

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