Google Chairman Caught Using iPhone Publicly

At the Mention of Apple and Google, there is something that always come to our mind, yea, not just yours as these two have always been rivals, but then…Eric Schmidt who happens to be the chairman of Google is trying to prove a point to us i guess as he was caught using an iPhone in public to capture the battle between Google AI system and the world’s top-ranked Go player.
Google Chairman vs Apple
But come to think of this, Eric Schmidt using the iPhone isn’t that amusing as we all think as he did spend a reasonable time as an Apple board member and if you can recall, he was once spotted using a Blackberry phone while serving as the CEO of apple.
And then, Eric Schmidt would not want to keep mute on this as he wrote something after the iPhone 6 was unveiled.

“I’ll tell you what I think. Samsung had these products a year ago.”

Now the statement above is looking confusing.
What do you think? Is the CEO of Apple caught using An iPhone a big deal?

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