The Samsung Galaxy S7 Can Withstand Champagne But…

Popular Music Actor, Lil Wayne in partnership with Samsung on a New Ad, tends to prove to us that the Samsung Galaxy can also stay cool even when you pour a champagne.
We have known Samsung to always come out with out of the box products but a champagne? I think this is crazy.
As of last month, Samsung announced the launch of her awesome duo, The Samsung galaxy S7 and the S7 edge in the just concluded Mobile World congress and as usual,the phone is a hit.
The Company released a new ad, showing Lil Wayne with a bottle of champagne been poured on the phone. The video which was released earlier today is already trending on social media on how that could happen.
In the video, Lil Wayne said, “I could pour this champagne on my phone and it [would] still work.” He pours champagne on the phone and goes ahead to put it in a fish tank.

As usual, Someone tried this out on a Phone that looks somewhat like the iPhone and then… The rest is history.. Why would someone do that? ..Anyway i don’t know.
Well, Samsung got something to say concerning all users who can’t wait to try this out.. The Nerds i guess :D

Do not attempt. Water resistant up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 Minutes; Rinse Residue, Dry after wet.

From this, it is obvious that the Samsung galaxy S7 is waterproof device. A great device i must confess.
What is your take on this? Is the Samsung galaxy S7 the next big thing in the mobile industry?Tell us using the comment box below.

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