is Google Developing For Apple ? iOS Secret Exposed

Google and Apple are two rival companies working really hard in creating the next big thing. The later owns the iPhone brand and the former, the Android Os. As surprising as you might think about the question, is Google is actually developing for Apple?
According to a latest report from The Verge, search giant Google is developing a third-party keyboard for rival Apple’s iOS platform. The project has been going on for months now, the report notes, however adding that there’s currently no clarity on if and when Google plans to launch the product.
On regards its features, the keyboard is said to incorporate gesture-based typing as well as pictures and also GIF searches through its dedicated buttons. In addition, there would also be a Google button which on tap, let’s you have a tradition search on the search engine portal, Google.
The Keyboard which is reported to be virtually different from that of Google is said to being tested by the California based company’s employee.
Now this is confusing…Google + Apple =?? I don’t know…May be you should complete it :)

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  1. I Also believe in that but then, is it really possible?

  2. I know this might be crazy but I believe an Apple vs Google partnership will be the bomb..

    • I guess so too… with their out of the box inventions , that’s going to be crazy but then… can this ever happen? let’s watch…


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