Instagram Explore Gets New Updates: Explore Contents From Other Instagrammers

I think Facebook is beginning to take over the video sharing space as they seem to be enabling the Video Sharing Features on almost all of its platforms. We experienced it on the Facebook website which lets us share videos and also use videos for our profile that they tagged “Profile Video” and now an update that lets you explore contents from other instagrammers is here.
This feature would be laying much emphasis on video channels that would let you search for, sort and also filter videos on specific topics.
Also new to the Explore grid are “Featured” channels. Each of these channels features a number of videos on specific topics, similar to YouTube’s channel feature.
With the updated algorithm feature, you will get to see contents  based on what you like. That is,it searches for stuffs that interest you most and displays related contents to you.If you see something you’re not a fan of, tap “See Fewer Posts Like This” in the ‘…’ menu and you’ll cast a vote against seeing that type of content in the future.
Actually, this change would not be affecting other features of the Instagram app but i think Facebook creating this platform shows they are in for a competition with popular Video sites like Periscope and YouTube.
This feature is restricted to just users that reside at the United states though Facebook promises to push it out to other countries soon.
What do you think?

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