Google Play Music Just got Updated to Version 6.4

What is it?

Google has pushed an update to its official Google Play Music app on Android to bring it to version 6.4 and ever closer to Podcast support within the app. On top of the few fixes and features introduced in this version, Google is also prepping an exclusive partnership deal with the BRIT awards.

What it brings?

This particular update to Google Play Music doesn’t necessarily unlock any new features, but instead sets the path for future code to be activated. These include:

  • Podcast Playback Order
  • BRIT Awards Exclusive

The BRIT Awards partnership is an interesting one and most certainly will see the recorded live performances of the artists at the BRIT Awards being made exclusively available to Google Play Music.

How to get it?

For those new at installing apps and updates manually via APK files, it is very simple process. The benefits of installing manually include not having to wait for the automatic update to hit your phone via the Google Play Store. First, you’ll download the APK file by hitting the button below, and this will download the file to your phone. Once downloaded, tap the file to bring up the installation prompt. You can read the app permissions if applicable and then tap ‘Install’. The app is now ready to use!
>> Get Google Play Music Version 6.4

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