TSTV Satellite TV Intro: Channels, Pricing, Features and Everything Else

Of recent, the social media space have been awash with the news of TSTV Satellite TV network. This post is not a continuation of our Satellite TV installation tutorial, but aimed at introducing TSTV, along with the channels, features, Pricing & everything else you need to know about TSTV Cable TV network and data services.

Telecom Satellite A.K.A TSTV will be the first Nigerian indigenous satellite provider and will be handled by ABS and TelecomSat. It claims to offer a Pay-As-You-Consume service and would be a direct alternative to the leading South-African satellite TV network (DSTV).

Pay-As-You-Consume service implies that one can pause his/her subscription at any time, (probably while on a distance journey) and continue with it at a later time.

TSTV Satellite TV Network Overview

TSTV Box overview

TStv is a DTH – Direct-To-Home pay satellite TV with a lot of local and international channels. It has packages for Sports, Entertainment, Kids, News, Lifestyles, Health and etc. The signal will be distributed from the ABS 3A Africa beam which is located at 3 degrees west.

Pricing and Availability

The decoder together with the dish will be retailed at ₦5,000 and is expected to be launched on October 1st 2017. TSTV Subscription plans are flexible and goes in the following prices: ₦200, ₦500, ₦1,000, ₦1,500 and ₦3,000. The 20GB extra data bonus is only available on the premium plan (that is the ₦3,000 Plan).

TSTV Decoder Features

  • HBB Tv Tech
  • 50GB HDD space
  • Hotspot
  • Camera
  • Play/pause function key

It will be using a technology known as Hybrid Broadcast Broadband (HBB TV Tech) – a combination of satellite, telecom, and internet for TV services.

It is rumored that TSTV will come with 4.5G LTE network, a HD camera and a hotspot for data sharing. Every TSTV subscriber is qualified to get a whooping 20GB of data for a token of NGN3,000 monthly.

The data bonus can be used for Wi-Fi services and also for video calls. TSTV users will enjoy a non-stop recording of TV programs with the 50GB Hard Disk Storage packed into the decoder. Users that owns an external hard disk drive (HDD) can connect same to their satellite decoder and record programs non-stop for as long as they wish.

Where to Buy TSTV Satellite Dish/Decoders

TSTV tutorials

Depending on your location, there’s a wide choice of Licensed dealers of the Telcomsat satellite television network. To get easy access to these agents, simply follow these few steps:-

  1. Visit tstvafrica.com/wheretobuy.php and select your country. Nigeria is selected by default and seems to be the only country supported at this time.
  2. Pick your state or the state nearest to your place from the menu provided.
  3. Copy the address provided or ring the phone number of any of the registered agents.
  4. Make arrangements to order for your Satellite TV  box or paid TSTV installation services.
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 is TSTV worth the HYPE?

TSTV logoRecently, TSTV has been trending on the Nigerian cyberspace and social media profiles. It does seems like some persons  are over-hyping the satellite TV network. Before switching from your current satellite provider to TSTV, note that TV Boxes gives the flexibility to access jailbreak channels when you pay the one-off fee and have an active internet access.

One can get access to channels like; Bein sports, BT sports, Fox sports and the rest once the one-off fee is paid and pending on your provider.

Coming back to TSTV and judging from its proposed features, I think it is just a well-packaged TV Box designed into a satellite decoder + dish by an indigenous OEM.

The sports channels which would be available on this Satellite would not include Super-sports, likewise some other premium channels offered by Multi-Choice DSTV.

The good news however is that Bein sports do cover live English premier league matches, Germany bundesliga, Spanish primera división, champions league, France Ligue 1 and other sporting events.

Although the channels on TSTV seems to be the ones their providers could jailbreak, We do somehow think they are going to rival DSTV and other Nigerian satellite TV services easily. This is because their pricing model is flexible and favors the youths and students that makes up the larger group of satellite TV lovers.

Here are some pre-launch reactions from eager waiters of this newer data and satellite television services provider across social media platforms.

Utibe Etim, via Facebook on October 1st 2017.

TSTV is launching today and I am going to get it for sure. Its just N5,000 for the dish plus a month premium subscription, minus installation.

I’m getting it because:

1) I love sports so much especially football. I prefer to watch sports than movies. TSTV not yet launch, haven’t tasted the service but with their sports channels, I can watch Laliga live, EPL live matches, champion league live matches, serie A, German league, cups, international matches among others with just N500 sub or 3k per month premium sub.

I pay DSTV N6,300 every month for compact package but can’t still watch champion league. Is only EPL and Laliga I can watch. If I want to watch champion league I need to upgrade to premium package of N14,000.

2) TSTV is more affordable and cheaper and even loaded with value added services like 20gb data for browsing the internet. Check their features below;
#Pause subscription, #PVR function, #Video call, #free data, #500GB storage space, #wifi / hotspots function, # over 70 channels, #free one month subscription and lots more.
Better than DSTV by far.

3) the industry is monopolized by a player and with the support of bad leaders and decision makers, others players are pushed out… We need viable competition so that DSTV can buckle up.

TSTV is an indigenous company, they need our support to stay in business and I pray they don’t fuck up and get out of business like HiTV did few years ago.

I don’t know how long they will last, but am going to get it immediately and support them to be able to stay in business.

Naszee, via Nairaland on September 19th, 2017.

Wow!!! I am gonna like this. Out DSTV, in TSTV.
But my worries are about the Internet. We really have bad internet service in Nigeria. Many places have only 2g service with bad network, let alone 4.5g. Again, since it’s Pay-As-You-Go, I hope they would not be charging us more than 20k in a month given our exorbitant data charges.

Olokede Olawale, via Facebook on September 24th, 2017.

TSTv Monthly Bouquet costs N3,000 with 20GB of data
TSTv 2 Weeks Bouquet costs N1,500 with 5GB of data
TSTv 10 Days Bouquet costs N1,000 with 3GB of data
TSTv Weekly Bouquet costs N750 with 2GB data
TSTv 3 Days Bouquet costs N500 with 1GB data
TSTv Daily Bouquet costs N200 with 500MB

NOTE: don’t border, I can guess what’s going on in your mind.
Lolz it’s not what you think okay. According to Telcom Satelite
Tv, the data plans allocated to the various bouquets is not
necessarily what you’d use to watch the channels. So no cause
for alarm.

In fact, it’s an added advantage and an incentive to entice you.
With that data, you can connect your PC and smartphones to
the decoder via WiFi hotspot and enjoy free browsing and
downloading with it.

INFOTECHDAYS (@infotechdays), via Twitter on September 21st, 2017. 

If you think I will dump DSTV that I have used for years for TSTV because of PPV and 20GB data then … YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT

How to Track TSTV Dishes

For those eager to know how to track TSTV satellite dishes for better signal. The details below is what you’re going to need for tracking TSTV satellite services.  Once properly tracked and subscription fully paid, the channels listed below comes with their 3k monthly plan.

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TSTV tracking details is as follows:-

  • Position: ABS 3A @ 3° West
  • Frequency: 11052
  • Symbol Rate: 30000
  • Polarity: Horizontal (H)
  • LNB Position: 4 ‘O’ Clock
  • Dish Size: 60cm (offset) or above
  • TRACKING TP 11167 H 30000.

Full List of Channels Available on TSTV

TSTV will be launched with well over 200 entertaining channels. Under-listed is the full list of Telecom Satellite television channels and their respective numbers.

Free channels

  • Dish TV

Language/ Culture/ Pan Africa Channels

  • Mama Africa Movies (125)
  • Mama Africa Movies Yoruba (126)
  • Mama Africa Movies Hausa (127)
  • Riwendu TV (128)
  • Nollywood TV (130)

General Entertainment Channels

  • Grande Comedy (150)
  • NCTV (151)
  • Fox Entertainment (152)
  • Ben TV (155)
  • AIT (156)
  • NTA (257)

Movie Channels

  • Grande Movies (175)
  • Movie Box (176)
  • NBC 2 (177)
  • NBC Action (178)
  • NBC Max (179)
  • Telenovela (181)
  • Televista (183)
  • Bollywood TV (184)

Kiddies Channels

  • A1 Kids (200)
  • Panda Biggs (201)
  • Nickelodeon (202)
  • JimJam (203)

Health and Lifestyle Channels

  • AHTV (215)
  • Fine Living Network (216)
  • Fashion One (217)

Documentary Channels

  • National Geographic (222)
  • Nat Geo Wild (223)
  • Viasat Nature (224)
  • Discovery Science (225)
  • IDX (226)

Music Channels

  • Hits (240)
  • Trace (241)
  • MTV base (242)

News Channels

  • CNN (250)
  • Aljazeera (251)
  • BBC (252)
  • Channels (253)
  • TVC News (254)
  • Bloomberg (255)
  • CGTV (256)

Sports Channels

  • Bein Sports NBA (276)
  • Bein Sports HD2 (277)
  • Bein Sports HD3 (278)
  • Bein Sports Max 4 HD (279)
  • Bein Sports HD 5 (280)
  • Bein Sports 6 HD (281)
  • Bein Sports HD 7 (282)
  • Bein Sports HD 8 (283)
  • Bein Sports 9 HD (284)
  • Bein sports 10 HD (285)
  • Eurosport (286)
  • FOX Sports 1 (287)
  • FOX Sports 2 HD (288)
  • Kombat Sports (289)
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Religious Channels

  • Grande Gospel (300)
  • Emmanuel TV (301)
  • TBN Networks (302)
  • Qraa (303)
  • Sunna Makaranta (304)
  • EWTV (305)

How to Become a TSTV Dealer, Distributor and/or Retailer

Every major satellite TV network usually create the room for companies to sign up as super-distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. And TSTV Africa isn’t left out in this kind of solid business practice. They have created a good platform for interested persons to sign up as partners in TSTV dealership offers.

In TSTV partnership deals, there are three levels of dealership offers. To wit; The Super Dealers, the Sub-Dealers, and the Retailers: All of these dealership levels have their own very specific requirement and attainable benefits.

We have detailed these and many more tips about joining TSTV dealership program in this page. You can read all about it from there and do let us know if there’s anything you aren’t sure about.

Wrap Up

As already stated above, the sole aim of this publication is to educate you on TSTV, the newest satellite television network in town. It is not a kind of endorsement, recommendation and/or promotion of TSTV satellite services. While the ‘where to buy TSTV‘ section shows you where to get the dish/decoder, the tutorial section shows you how to track TSTV satellite dishes.

In all, TSTV seems practical and their free data bundle cap offer would woo lots of internet lovers to their cable TV platform.

What’s your view and/or opinion on this satellite TV services provider? Please do share with us in the comments section below.

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  3. The best thing that has happened to Nigerians is d coming of TSTV. I pay as high as 6,500 n can’t watch UCL why? Can’t wait to get tstv

  4. Is gombe dealership vacancy available

    • You can apply from their website’s contact page Kamal

  5. Are you covering gombe state?

    • Sure thing that Kamal. you can get access to their services from Gombe

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    • The lists is still being populated. You can get in touch via the contact page of their website to join as a recognized distributor.

  7. Is the signal available in calabar?

    • It is a satellite network available nation-wide, you can go through the “where to buy” section for dealer’s addresses.


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