Top 5 Google Play (App) Store Alternatives for Blackberry 10 Devices

It is no longer news that most android apps can conveniently work on the blackberry 10 devices.

knowing that most apk downloaded from random websites can be infected with a virus, I bring to you the top 5 Official sources similar to the Blackberry App World and Google play store for downloading of games, tools and apps to your android phone and blackberry 10 devices.

How to install android apps on blackberry 10

Installing games (APK) and compatible android application on a blackberry 10 smart phone and/or devices is as easy as completing the following steps below –

  • Download the apk file (on PC or mobile phone) from the right sources
  • Send the downloaded apk to your blackberry 10 device (if not downloaded directly with the phone or device)
  • Enable installation of “apps from other sources” by ==> going to settings ==> App Manager ==> Installing Apps and turn it on
  • Click on the APK file to install

The List

Here comes the list of top 5 Google play store alternatives for blackberry 10 devices, believe me, using the apps in this list is far better than sourcing for APK files from random sources.

The only recommended sources for raw apk files when using a blackberry 10 smart phone is from trusted friends and colleagues.

1. Amazon App store

Amazon App store is the best alternative to the Google play store. The apps are of high quality and there is a free gift of a “premium app for free” on a daily basis.

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Amazon app store is now pushed to blackberry 10 devices in the latest blackberry 10 operating system updates – this means that blackberry 10 users can now download games, apps and utilities from two trusted stores viz; Blackberry World and Google play store.

Download Link

2. Get Jar

Getjar has been a very famous website for downloading java apps and games during the prime time of Nokia s40 devices but now turned to a great repository for Apps and games.

You get lots of apps and can discover new games from this store, in my opinion, it is a good alternative for downloading android apps for blackberry 10 devices.

Downloading games and apps from getjar and amazon app store is far better than sourcing for random apk for your blackberry 10 phone and/or devices.

Access Link:

3. MoboGenie

Mobogenie is another splendid android app repository to get trusted apps for your android phone and blackberry 10 devices.

It was great on the Nokia X droid devices and still a better alternative for blackberry 10 devices.

Download link:

4. 1 Mobile

1mobile is a trusted app store that’s far better than downloading random apk files for BlackBerry 10 devices. There are lots of free apps, games, tools and utilities on the 1mobile app store.

I have used this app store in the past and can say that its great and best used with an active anti-virus program.

Download Link:

5. Mobo Market

Mobo Market is one of my favorite apps repository as it can manage android apps from the computer and has lots of games and apps.

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Mobomarket is available for download from the official Blackberry app world and from their official website at

Other Trusted sources

There are other trusted sources for downloading apk files directly to your blackberry 10 devices, I strongly advice you avoid these sources and use only when the apps aren’t available in the stores listed above.

Below is other sources you can use for downloading android apps to your blackberry 10 devices

  • Apk Mania
  • Mobile9
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