Google To Remove Chrome Launcher From Major Browsers

if you are a google chrome user, you probably must have come across the App launcher located either on the top right or bottom of your chrome browser but just in case my guess isn’t correct, the App is something like the image below that let’s you have access to major services from google and now the bad news is, Google would be Removing Chrome Launcher From Major Browsers.
Chrome Launcher
On regards their reason for this action, Google made us to understand that the launcher has been a complete flop show. Though it will continue to exist on the chrome OS , all major browsers would be seeing the end to it any time soon.
The Complete removal of the chrome might take several months as stated by the Mountain view california based company. As stated through a detailed blog post,

Beginning in a few weeks, Chrome will no longer enable the launcher when users first install a Chrome app. Anyone who currently has the launcher will receive a notice informing them that the launcher will be going away. In July, existing instances of the launcher will be removed,” the company detailed in a blog post

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