SmartPhone Madness: Kid Cuts His Finger Because of Smartphone

People being addicted to their smartphone  isn’t actually a new thing but then, A Teen boy having to cut hist own finger?  That’s Smartphone Madness.
As Reported by Sina News,
A little teenage boy who is always glued to his smartphone, had an argument with Mother, after she tried correcting him on his being to addicted to his phone.The little boy became pissed after his mom corrected him and became even more engrossed to his device.
The report got to his dad which led to another argument.
As condition might have it, Things got out of hands as the boy hurriedly went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and cut his own finger.
The boy, referred to as Xiaopeng by Chinese media, was rushed to the hospital where a surgery was performed and the finger re-attached. However, it’s not known at the time of this report whether the surgery worked or not.
Considering this, do you think there are ways to limit the use of smartphones especially within teens as this could cause more harm than good to them. Drop your contributions below.

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