Okay Google is Getting a New Voice

Recall the voice we hear after searching for a Post via the No. 1 Search engine website?… Ok, Remember that cool voice that gives you search results? The bad news is, You would no longer get to hear that janky robotic voice. Google is rolling out a new, smoother and less disjointed voice for spoken search results, as you can hear in the video below.
By the way, Google seems to be making background overhaul on most of their platforms starting from Google Chrome launcher, down to selling Bloomberg and then, a new report has it that google is secretly developing an iOS keyboard for Apple.. What is on our way? Don’t know…
Anyways, sorry for taking you back to some posts you eventually missed. Below is video showing a different between the new google Robotic voice and the old voice… Okkkayyy Gooo oo Gle…

The new voice seems to have a natural intonation and fluid delivery with a life-like feature. Google seems to be using their Text-to-Speech server-side engine change as Play store is yet to show any available updates nor the latest APKs of google TTS and the google App.

How to Try The New Google Voice Search

Users can access this via the default Google search app or website except for those who do not have English as their default language, you can follow the steps below..
Go to Settings > Language and input > Text-to-Speech output > Settings > Language to choose your system language. If necessary, go to Install voice data and choose a language pack to download.

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