Prevent Google Adsense Ban with Anti-Click Fraud Plugin

I just keep wondering why people keep loosing their  Google  Adsense account over invalid clicking activities and most of them don’t even know what it means or are very innocent.

Well, it means  Google  bots has detected a particular pattern of clicking on your site. Lets say a visitor enters your site, doesn’t spend even a minute then clicks an ad and just leaves.

Google logs it. When this processis repeated 7 – 8 times daily for 2 – 3 days, saybye bye to your account. Most times it’s not your fault because someone may just want to punish you buy coming to your site and clickingads or even  spammers, after spamming your comment box they click your ads and leave.

Its just sad. And you wonder, what can you do about this. Well its EasyFirstly, report any unusually increase in the CTR(Click Through Rates) on your blog to   Google   immediately you notice it.

That way even if they ban your account, you can refer to the mail where you laid complain about this increase earlier

Secondly, You should download and install the Adsense Click Fraud Monitor. This unique plugin helps you monitor where the clicks are coming from  and gives you the ability to ban specific IP addresses from clicking the ads.

If you see one IP clicking ads up to 3 times, it would be wise to immediately ban that IP from seeing ads. The user would see access your website, but ads would no longer display.

Awesome right? It doesn’t  end there. You can go further to set how many times an IP would click adverts in a day before it gets automatically ban.(Most people set 2 a day and 14 a week from an IP address).

This also means that you don’t have to monitor it by yourself round the clock. You can specify all these in the settings of the plugin.

Lastly and more importantly in a case where you get a ban, you can easily open this plugin and get the IP of visitors who clicked ad to  Google  to prove the invalid clicking was done by visitors and not you.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE  AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring

So here you have it. With this you do not have to worry so much about getting a ban from Adsense

Flash Tip:

  •  Putting your earnings on hold if you haven’t downloaded this plugin yet wouldn’t be wise because what would you do when google Strikes the blow and you can’t retrieve your account? Obviously even if you have $13000 there its all gone. 


  • Removing ads from places like on top and under  post area would help reduce the changes of getting invalid clicking


Have any questions, or need to retrieve your Adsense account? leave a comment and we would respond immediately

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