How To Find DoFollow CommentLuv Blogs in Your Niche

How to find Dofollow Commentluv blogs

Commenting on other blogs is one of the effective methods to get backlinks and getting links from a do follow blog automatically increases your site visibility in search engines and also your page rank. You can comment on hundreds of blogs on the internet, but only a few of them are really dofollow.

How do you find do follow blogs or sites that are related to your niche? Read on for this:

To check whether links from a blog is dofollow or not there are two tools you can add to your browser to do so.

NoDoFollow Add-on For Firefox (Mozilla)

After adding this to your browser, you can see if a link from a website or blog is Do Follow or No follow. NoDoFollow Add-ons for firefox will highlight links in a document and present them using color codes as No Follow or Do Follow

The Blue color indicates dofollow while the red indicates NoFollow. You can turn it on or off, all you should do is right click and check “NoDoFollow”

Click Here To Download NoDo Follow Add-on for Firefox


SEO for Chrome provides SEO Statistics and tools that make SEO task extremely easy. It is also one of the most popular SEO plugins for Google Chrome on the internet

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How SEO for Chrome Plugin Works

After installation of this plugin, you can quickly get access to full details of any website or blog that you open in your Google Chrome Browser.

On the top right corner of your chrome browser, there is an SEO Button. Click on that button to get access to your SEO for Chrome Plugin. Some information you would get about the site that is opened includes Google page rank, Alexa, backlinks, indexed pages in Google, indexed pages in bing, search status, social sharing, cached pages, domain details, etc. You know all these just from a click. Check the box at the lower part of the plugin details to see if the links are Do/No follow

Download SEO for Chrome Plugin

How To Use Google To Find DoFollow blogs Related To Your Niche

You can find any type of site using this method either .edu, .gov, site that uses commentLuv Premium, sites with top commentators plugin, etc. In my next post, I would tell you why you need to find other things apart from Dofollow or Nofollow Sites. So here’s how you should go about it

How To find Do follow Blogs

Search for the following using Google
Your Keywords ” Notify me of follow up comments? “Submit the word you see below” or simply copy and paste it from here. Please make sure you leave the quotes, they are important.

Blogging tips  ” Notify me of follow up comments? “Submit the word you see below”

How To Find KeywordLuv Blogs

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Your keyword ” Enter Your name@Your Keywords”

How To Find CommentLuv Premium blogs

Your Keyword “This blog uses Premium commentLuv” ” The version of commentLuv on this site is no longer supported”

How To find .gov and .edu blogs related to your Niche

Your keyword site:gov inurl:blog “post a comment” “you must be logged in”

change the site:gov to site:edu to find .edu sites.

Remember, when searching make sure the quotation marks(” “) are not removed.

I sometimes ignore the  “no follow” and “do follow” thing while commenting on other blogs because a Nofollow link from a good domain will get you good traffic and also improve your page rank.

What are commentluv blogs?

Commentluv blogs are personal, business or professional blogs that have the commentluv plugin installed and active on their website.

Commentluv plugin on its own is a tool that encourages readers to leave a comment on your blog by offering them two links to their website and another link to their Twitter profile.  While the first link goes to their blog’s homepage, the second one is for any of their ten latest blog posts.

The plugin is popular among influencers, freelancers, and digital marketers.

How to find commentluv sites

This is the easiest part as it’s something you can do in a few seconds: Simply do a search engine query with this keyword; “This blog uses commentLuv.” Wait for the result to show and then pick the blogs that are related to your niche for commenting.

I want to know what you think. Use the comment box below to share your views and opinions

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