Rask AI Multi-Speaker Lip-Sync Review: Power Up Your Localization and Dubbing Efforts

Considering the competition in almost any industry, companies strive to localize their services and products. While website localization is a huge part of success, marketing materials should also be adapted to new locales. Video content has been growing in popularity over the last few years and has long been considered challenging for localization.

The main reason for that was the lack of synchronization between lip movements and voices in dubbed videos. Synchronizing lip movements with the new audio is a game changer for content localization since it makes videos more realistic and, therefore, more appealing to new target audiences.

That’s why Rask AI stepped into the domain with its new feature, spending up and easing the lip sync process so videos look more authentic and natural when localized. Rask AI uses Artificial Intelligence that automatically restructures the lower face according to the references.

It is, indeed, an AI-powered video and audio localisation tool allowing creators of all sorts and companies to edit and post videos on any chosen platform. Streamlining localization and dubbing processes with the help of ML and AI, Rask AI video editor recently announced the launch of its new Multi-Speaker Lip-Sync feature.

Using this feature allows for higher personalization and quality of the dubbed video, ensuring new audiences won’t even notice that the video has been translated. With over 130 languages to choose from, the dubbed version of the video sounds as fluent as a native speaker.

Rask AI Review

What does Lip Sync Mean?

Lip sync is a process where the lip movements of a character in the video are synchronized with the recorded audio. The lip sync feature uses Artificial Intelligence technology that can automatically identify speakers in the video, match the timing, and ensure the lip movements perfectly fit the words being spoken. The key goal of lip syncing is to allow for a truly authentic and life-like visual representation of recorded speech in another language.

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Even though voiceover is often used for content localization and translation, it still exemplifies foreignization, allowing viewers to experience some foreign elements. Dubbing, in contrast, aims to hide the fact that the video was translated.

Lip sync is the last touch, powering up the dubbing process, ensuring the new audio perfectly matches the onscreen character’s lip movements as closely as possible so viewers get an authentic and highly realistic experience.

Rask AI Multi-Speaker Lip-Sync | Details

Maria Chmir, founder and CEO of Rask AI:

“The new feature will help content creators expand their audience. The AI visually adjusts lip movements to make a character appear to speak the language as fluently as a native speaker”.

Rask AI works based on generative adversarial network (GAN) learning technology, which is made up of a generator and a discriminator.

Both the generator and the discriminator compete with each other to stay one step ahead of the other. The generator is responsible for generating content (lip movements), while the discriminator monitors the quality of the end result.

In addition, the AI automatically restructures the lower face based on references, considering how the speaker looks and what the audio is about to deliver top-notch and highly realistic results.

How to Use Rask AI Lip Sync Feature

Rask Ai Features

  1. Visit the Rask Ai website and sign up for a free account (you can choose to upgrade it later).
  2. Upload a video you want to translate; there could be one or more people in the frame, and the video could be up to 2 hours in length;
  3. Translate the video into any chosen language (Rask AI offers over 130 languages for translation).
  4. Click the ‘Lip Sync Check’ button, and the technology will evaluate the video for lip sync compatibility.
  5. If the video passes the check, click ‘Lip Sync’ and wait for the result.
  6. Download the lip synced video and share it on any chosen social media platform directly through the platform.
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Rask AI Video Editor Overview

Rask AI is a perfect solution for any creator looking to edit and localize video content for a wider reach. Aside from its newly launched Lip sync feature, this tool can also take your video (both short and long-form ones) and automatically generate synthesized voices in more than 29 languages, ensuring a human-like voice every time.

This platform allows for video content translation to over 130 languages and effortless video sharing via options and integrations offered by Rask AI. Being able to edit even long videos without sacrificing the quality, Rask AI can take your podcast, educational video, or any other type of long-form content and generate numerous Shorts.

The algorithm automatically identifies the most engaging parts of the video and creates short videos for you to reuse existing content and grow brand awareness within platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. In addition, Rask AI can easily transcribe any kind of video to text, so you can create blog posts, social media posts, or a landing page.

Rask AI Lip Sync Feature As a Game Changer for Localization

Rask AI Overview

Rask AI is a leading video editing and localization tool that perfectly suits modern creators’ needs. Being used for video translation and dubbing, the tool allows creators and companies to effortlessly reach a global audience. Being already implemented by large EdTech corporations and creators of all sorts, Rask AI is an excellent choice when it comes to video marketing and content localization.

The tool is powered by technologies like Artificial Intelligence (ML), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP), meaning there is no human work involved in the process. Rask AI simplifies and automates localization, allowing creators only to upload the desired video and let the algorithm do the rest. Whether you need to localize your educational videos, music videos, podcasts, or Shorts – Rask AI can cover all your needs.

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Its new Lip sync feature will revolutionize the way localization works. Users just need to choose one or a few videos, allowing technologies within the platform to generate audio in any chosen language and then perfectly match the lip movements. Providing human-like and authentic results allows creatorts to reap all the benefits from localization without breaking the bank.

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