Top 10 SEO Tools for Bloggers and Internet Marketers

Investing in traffic and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one must-do ritual you can not afford to exempt yourself from as a serious blogger or online marketer.

Every professional blogger must as a matter of necessity use the best digital marketing tools at every point and switch to better alternatives when a particular one does not produce the desired result.

There are many tools available in the market that not only save your time but also increase your productivity. So today we have made a list of the best SEO tools available for bloggers which you can use and become the best you can as a blogger and/or internet marketer.

the Top 10 SEO Tools for Bloggers & Internet Marketers

Here are the best digital marketing tools you can’t afford to ignore as a blogger or internet marketer. We’ll try to keep them simple and would advice you recommend others via the comment section.

10. SEO Site Tools

SEO site tool is an awesome chrome extension that allows you to quickly see the main SEO tags of any website such as title tag, meta description, meta keywords, and image ALT tags, etc

So if you are doing competition analysis, then this tool can help you to get the basic information on your competitor’s website in minutes. You can also view details of a particular page of any website.

The SEO Site Tools add-on is also available for Mozilla Firefox which makes it a reliable cross-platform SEO and website analysis tool for bloggers and internet marketers.


SEO tools for bloggersThere is no blogging without keywords. And once you have your main keywords, you need related keywords so you can build your articles around them and is one of the best SEO tools to do that.

All you have to do is enter your main keyword, and the site will show you more than 700 keyword ideas based on just that one keyword. Amazing isn’t it?

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This is one of our preferred SEO tool for doing keyword research.

8. WebMeUp

WebMeUp shows you a detailed matrix of both yours and your competitor’s blog. You can see many details such as competitor’s social popularity, keyword ranking history, and more at one place.

It also offers simple yet effective organization of yours and your competitor’s. You can see the backlinks organized by organized by domain, Google’s authority metric PageRank, and by Alexa Rank.

7. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google always says that page speed is a big factor when it comes to ranking your pages. And what’s better to check your page speed other than Google’s own tool?

It checks your page speed for both Computer and mobile browsers and gives your site marks according to your performance. Not only that, but it also gives you possible suggestions to increase your speed.

There are free Google Speed Insight plugins and services for all popular blogging and digital marketing platforms around, and you can also use the tool by visiting the official web page here.

6. Copyscape

Google does not like duplicate content. And while writing content you have to take care that you do not copy any content from any site (even by mistake) otherwise, you can find yourself at the 2nd spot in SERPs against your competitor even if you have worked harder.

That’s why Copyscape is an awesome tool you should definitely be using. Just enter the URL of a certain page, and it will find any duplicate content matching that page from around the web.

You can also post a whole page content or full post submitted by contributors to see if they were lifted from another website. We use this tool a lot to prevent duplicate content of any from making it to any of our websites.

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5. QuickSprout Website Analyzer

If you are looking for a complete analysis of your website at one place, then QuickSprout Website Analyzer is the only SEO tool you need.

It shows almost all the data you want to know about your website including SEO optimization, speed, tags, keywords, social, links, and even competitor comparisons.

With this tool in hand, you can do lots of modern SEO and social media optimization for all your websites and rank well for the pages of your blog.

4. CognitiveSEO

CognutiveSEO is a paid tool with the price starting from $19 per month. It has lots of great features you can use to save your time while doing competition analysis.

A great feature offered by them is Visual Link Explorer; it helps you to see the link profile of not only your blog but also of your top four competitors.

Color coding is also a great feature which lets you see the competitors’ link building strategy with details of each link.

3. Multibank Checker

I’ll say there are only a few Rank Checker tools that can stand out with this rank checker created by Most of the bloggers have lots of blogs and checking all of their ranks one by one can become a headache if you have to do it often.

But this tool makes it very easy. You can put all your website’s URLs at once and hit enter, and it will give you ranking details of each one of your websites at once. This tool alone can save you more than half an hour of work if used correctly.

2. Google Analytics

It’s very hard to create a brand name in the online world, and it’s very easy to lose it. And a big reason for building an online brand is how your website performs with different devices and different locations

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And Google’s free Analytics tool allows you to gather all the data you need to know about your visitors in one place. So you can know your audience better and manage your site according to it.

This is a very important SEO and digital marketing tool as you can improve the pages of your website judging from the landing pages, bounce rate, and other relevant website metrics.

1. Google Adwords

This complete tool known as Google Adwords has many SEO tools you can use for the betterment of your website. One of the best and easily the most used SEO tool that comes with an Adwords account is their Keyword Planner.

You can get the most accurate data of any Keyword’s search history, and you can find more than 300 related keywords at one place. Also, you can see the average bid for a keyword so you can choose the highest paying keywords for your blog and make the most money with it.

Google Adwords can also be used for various marketing campaigns such as paid search improvement and targeted post promotions.

Wrap up.

This is the much we can talk about for today as long as best SEO tools for bloggers and internet marketers is concerned; there are other good tools such as, semrush, ahref, bing webmaster’s dashboard and several others that didn’t make the cut today.

One important to note here is that every blogger has his own set of tools which they use to save their time and increase their website’s capacity.

So which SEO tools have you used in the past? Share the results and review with us using the comment section.

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