10 Practical Tips for using Instagram for Business Promotion


Instagram is no mean tool when it comes to promoting your business on the social media. Keeping and maintaining a highly engaging Instagram page could easily give your business the boost it needs to thrive.

This post is created to enlighten you on some practical ideas to help you build an interesting Instagram page that your audience would always love to visit.

Tips for Promoting your Business on Instagram

instagram business promotion guideIf you sell services, such as life insurance, online trading or laptop repair, look for clients on Facebook and other traditional social networks.

Visual social platforms, including the Instagram, are more suitable for the sale of goods. Clothing, cosmetics, goods category DIY and handmade, pictures, decorative items — these are some categories of products that can be promoted on Instagram.

The following practical tips will help you attract more customers:

  1. Follow the business blog on Instagram

On the business blog on Instagram, you will find recommendations on the use of this network for the promotion of projects.

Also, you can receive notifications about new features and examples of successful use of Instagram reputable brands.

  1. Optimize your company’s profile in Instagram

Optimization will make the profile of your company visible to the search engine users. In addition, the optimized profile will not let them get lost after landing. To optimize the profile, do the following:

  • Set your company’s logo as your profile photo. If you do not have a logo, use an image of one of your products.
  • As a nickname, use the name of your company and / or words that express the essence of the business.
  • Briefly describe the essence of your proposal. People want to know what you are selling.
  • Include a description of your contact details, including the URL of the site.
  • Pay attention to privacy settings. Your photo should be available to all users.
  • Share photos of your products
  • Add hashtags.Hashtags help the target audience to find your products.
  • Publish entertaining photos from time to time. Humor helps to sell!
  1. Employ the use of recommended tools: If you have no time to promote your account, you can do that with the help of some tools. Of course, you will need to pay some amount for these tools but it will be not a big sum! Some programs allow you to test them before using.
  2. Do not pot too many photos in succession: Most of the users get distracted with great amount of photos from the one profile and then delete you from their subscriptions in 90 % of the cases. Post the maximum of 3 photos each day but not more! If you want to download more good photos use apps to make collages with them.
  3. Do not make your advertising number one priority: The customers should not feel like they are forced to buy something. Try to accentuate your humor, personal info. In such a way, your customers will feel more respect and trust in what you do. You need to employ a friendly approach when reaching out to your subscribers but not overwhelm them with ads and some offers to buy your products or services. We can cite to custom essay writing service as a good example of a page that uses everything in moderation. Their Instagram profile is full of funny vines and pictures that entertain customers without imposing services on them.
  4. Each photo should be followed with the appropriate text that fits it. It may be a touching citation or a humorous message that makes everybody laugh!
  5. Respond to every comment or advice by your subscribers. This way, you will be respected and people will trust you and be sure that you value each of them. Another good reason to respond to comments is that; it makes your fans feel carried-along and helps you learn more things about their likes.
  6. Pay attention to statistics! Women are the main Instagram users! That is why direct most of your messages and posts to the women’s auditory.
  1. Create special offers for your followers. For example, make a discount of 5%. It is also advisable to create some contests for the best feedback about the delivery and services your company fulfills, for example. It would be a great chance to promote your business by suggesting to make re-posts of some offer or sales your company currently has.
  2. Try to keep up the same subject of your page. Statistics shows that only conceptual profiles tend to last long (the ones that have the same colors, style, mood).
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Good luck with your Instagram promotion and remember to: be the one that makes changes!

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  1. an interesting piece on instagram promotion. Thanks for sharing

  2. This is a good tip, especially for those who are fresh in the blogosphere and in using instagram as a means of blog promotion. Short but very precise info. I really appreciate the time you put into creating this awesomeness.

  3. I read a lot of posts about promotion and how to get more followers. My experience says that now everything of that works. And with temporary success. I found out that the most workable way is apps. Really. It’s sad to say but true. At least now it’s like that. Personally, I use Instanobel to find followers and great to see how my audience grows.

  4. Yes, Instagram is very useful for your business. Your followers are your potential customers. So you have to get them. You can also use zen-promo to get them faster. It is not any kind of cheating, you won’t get banned.


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