What Happens When You Freeze The Samsung S7 and iPhone 8 Plus in Coke

When it comes to testing Mobile devices, Customers would always want to get the best reviews before getting the phones and some individuals have dedicated themselves to this task, testing Devices with different weird experiment just to proove a point and This is What a YouTube user is trying to prove. “What Happens When You Freeze The Samsung S7 and iPhone 8 Plus in Coke
A Youtuber by Name Adrianisen have actually been on the business of putting phones to torture just to prove a point and this video isn’t an exception. In this video, he kept both the iPhone 6s Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S7 in a freezer with temperature -24C and left them there for 10 hours approximately and the result is a wow.
S7 and iPhone Cocacola test
The image above shows everything setup and ready
S7 and iPhone 6s Plus
Below is the full video. Watch and Share!

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