3 Reasons To Make Your Code Open Source

open source coding
The drive towards open-source software has been going on for decades now. In the past, most lovers of tech wanted their software to be open source, giving them the option to participate in its development. It seemed like the tech world would develop at a faster pace with everyone involved.

However, the rise of powerhouses like Apple and Google changed things significantly. Apple in particular put extreme limits on access to any of its software. But even Google, who claimed to be on the side of open-source software, gradually grew into a capitalist behemoth. You have more leeway with their products, but they have the majority of control.

So is it really worth participating in an open-source community? Here are 3 reasons we think it can be a great advancement in your professional development.

1. A strong tech community builds useful tools

The everyone-for-themselves approach to software in the twenty-first century has made many people rich. This can make it easy to disregard the potential of open-source coding. However, while some people have gotten rich, the world has gotten poorer for it.

The reality is that the monoliths making the most money are no longer focused on creating the tech that we actually need. Rather, they are sticking to what makes the most money. As such, we no longer see them innovating like they once did. They simply continue making iterative improvements to sell more devices.

A strong tech community that actually collaborates to develop the best end product is necessary for the kind of advancements that will improve the world. There are so many more potential tech advancements that are far more needed than an iPhone 14.

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2. Easier to find creative partners

It is extremely rare to find a creative ‘soulmate’ but every developer hopes to do so. Most of the time, we have to compromise or work alone. But when you use an open-source approach to coding, you open yourself up to meeting and collaborating with people who vibrate on the same frequency.

This is because your code will draw exactly the sort of people who appreciate your creativity. They will have ideas to share on how to improve your code. Some of these ideas will resonate strongly, and you’ll know you’ve found the perfect people to work with.

3. Create the best end product

Open Source software

Ultimately, you want the software you are coding to be the best it can be. There is no better way of working towards perfection than by having an unlimited number of testers and contributors. Any bugs will be found and squashed.

Any security issues will be identified. You’ll be bombarded by new ideas as to how to improve your code. We can see how much attention some popular open source products are getting, for example how Tiny Technologies leverages community feedback to build an advanced rich text editor or how it helps MongoDB to build an effective document database program.

Wrapping it Up:

Open-sourcing your code is a great idea in 2022, even as much of the tech world goes in the opposite direction. It is a way to bring our world forward, creating community, and improving our own skills.

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