HTC Myst Review: a Mystical SmartPhone for better Android Experience

The HTC Myst smart phone is one of the best known and popular mid range of smart phones introduced in the Indian market. The HTC Myst comes to the Indian buyer with some of the latest specifications and attributes normally found in high end contemporary smart phones around the country.

The HTC Myst is an elegant and exquisite smart phone  with a steep price tag and has found favor amongst the younger generation who have a developed a fantasy for using FaceBook frequently, since the smart phone comes with a Facebook button that immediately moves the user to the FaceBook, one of the most trendy Social Network Sites.

Powerful Performance Features

The power of the HTC Myst revolves around the Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor that delivers a speed of l.5 Giga Hertz along with a MSM8960 processor that improves the performance of the smart phone substantially. The HTC Myst comes with a pre installed internal memory of 1024 MB RAM which helps in providing the user with a faster and smoother performance.

Storage Capacity

The smart phone also has a considerable storage capacity of 16 GB memory that allows the user to store his important and relevant information and personal data on to the device. This data can easily be retrieved conveniently by the user whenever he requires the same during using the smart phone. One of the major problems is that there is no Micro SD card available along with the device for expansion of the memory capacity which limits the storage capacity.

Operating System

The Operating System being used by the HTC Myst is the Android v4.1.2 Jelly Bean Operating System which improves the performance of the smart phone when compared to its earlier models of smart phones. The Operating System Jelly Bean is on board the device which enables the user to operate the device immediately.

Display Features

The HTC Myst comes along with a 4.3 inches display screen that has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and the display is powered by the capacitive touch screen that enhances the picture quality viewed on the screen by the user. The higher resolution also impacts the larger view of the images and text content visible on the screen.

Input Devices

One of the input devices that have been installed on the HTC Myst is a QWERTY keypad  with touch screen capability that enables the user to enter his data and information in to the device conveniently. The gadget comes with a 5.0 Mega Pixel rear camera integrated in the handset which comes in use when the user wants to click photographs and store them in the memory of the smart phone. The camera also supports zoom and video capture in a large variety of formats. A music player incorporated in the device also comprises of audio speakers that improves the quality of sound.

Networking and Connectivity

The HTC Myst supports the present 3G networking and it could easily be passed off as a 3 G smart phone. Although HTC Myst offers Blue Tooth v.4.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity apart from internet connectivity, the device however lacks Infrared and A2DP connectivity which is a major drawback. Yet the Wi-Fi connectivity on the smart phone assists users in speedier downloading and buffering of videos conveniently. Blue Tooth ensures that sharing of files and transferring them to other devices easily. However, the smart phone comes loaded with A-GPS facility. Further, the HTC Myst smart phone does not support dual SIM technology and is available with a single SIM.
Being one of the most stylish and elegant handsets, the HTC Myst comes to the user pre loaded with a large variety of features. While the pricing has not been pegged as yet, it is expected to be around Rs. 11000 which is very low as compared to other contemporary models of smart phones available around the country.
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