Moneygram Tracking Tips for Tracking your Transfer Transactions Online

Moneygram is one of the widely acceptable money transfer methods preferred by most people. It is easy to use and transactions can be tracked online. The wide acceptance of Moneygram is not unrelated to its versatility – you can make Moneygram transactions via the mobile app, cash, in-store, or online via the company’s website.

How do you track Moneygram transactions? This article explains a handful of tips on how to track your Moneygram transfer transactions online. Basically, you need the receipt or reference number, the sender’s last name, and some other details depending on the type of transfer.

Moneygram Tracking Tips for Tracking Your Transfer Transactions Online

Moneygram Tracking Tips

It is even more interesting that you don’t have to register and have a Moneygram account before you can track its online transactions. Also, you can bring a valid ID and your payment reference number to a MoneyGram location to pick up your money order. Now, hereunder are the tips you seek.

1. Check Your Transaction History

This is for people who have an active account on Moneygram and made the “said” transaction from their account. In this case, you need to log in to your Moneygram account on the mobile app or web and check your transaction history.

Most MoneyGram orders take time to appear – up to two weeks. So if the transaction is less than two weeks and what you’re looking to see is the money order, it could be that the money order is still in the mail.

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2. Via the Tracking Page

There’s a tracking page provided by Moneygram, where you can track virtually any transaction and get complete details about the status. The Moneygram tracking page is available HERE.

This tracking page only requests the authorization or reference number of the transaction you want to track and your last name. If you are not the sender, contact the sender and ask him/her to get you the transaction’s reference number.

3. Online Transfer Tracking Page

If you’re the sender and want to check the status of a transfer you made to someone, there’s a distinctive page where you can provide certain details and track the transfer. This method is available from the self-service pager.

  • Visit the “Find a Transfer” page
  • Enter the transaction’s reference number as listed on the receipt
  • Enter your last name and date of birth
  • You’d also need to provide the receiver’s last name
  • Find the transfer.

What More?

Moneygram is fast and reliable and has over 30,000 trusted locations in the US. The fintech is also accepted by more than 400 banks worldwide and over 350k agent locations. Using Moneygram for sending and receiving money overseas is seamless and straightforward.

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