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The Full List Of Channels on Nigcomsat and How To Get Them

The Nigeria Communication Satellite (Nigcomsat) is Nigeria’s provision for digital satellite television. It is based on a DTH (Direct o Home) Platform.  This means Nigcomsat is able to transmit television programs in KU Band using satellite. This way they are able to provide TV signals directly to the homes of subscribers. Nigcomsat is highly recommended for enthusiasts in need of a package with a lot of free to air channels.   As at the time of writing this very post, Nigcomst is available in most African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Benin Republic, Togo, Niger, Zimbabwe, Zambia and lots more.

The fact that Nigcomsat has been in operations for a couple of years doesn’t totally deter its ability to offers good services that encompass being host to many interesting channels. It has over its few years of operations gathered a fair amount of channels that encompasses entertainment, news, religion, and lots more.

How to track NIGCOMSAT

In order to gain access to Nigcomsat and watch your favorite FTA channels, you need the right knowledge on how to get them. This article encompasses the full list of Nigcomsat channels and a tutorial on how to track it from any location with the full coverage.

The Full List Of Channels on Nigcomsat

Before diving into the tutorial on how to track Nigcomsat conveniently, I’ll like to show you the full list of FTA channels that are readily available on it.

  1. BCS Starcross
  2. NTA Entertainment
  3. Rahma TV
  4. TVN
  5. Live TV Africa
  6. Alminhaj
  7. Kid Zone
  8. TVC News
  9. Harpazo TV
  10. Beat Plus
  11. NTAi
  12. TVC Entertainment
  13. GVTV
  14. Emmanuel TV
  15. MBC3
  16. MBC 2
  17. MBC Max
  18. MBC Action
  19. OurrootTV
  20. Nigerian Immigration Service TV
  21. Peace TV
  22. JW Broadcasting
  23. Trybe TV
  24. Televista
  25. Baby TV
  26. MBC Bollywood
  27. Silverbird
  28. Wazobia Max
  29. Quest TV
  30. Core TV
  31. Galaxy TV
  32. St Sport Focus
  33. JBM Benue
  34. OPM
  35. Dunamis TV
  36. ACBN
  37. MFM
  38. Nta news 24
  39. People tv
  40. TV Taraba

How To Track Nigcomsat and Get the Full FTA Channels

The procedure to get Nigcomsat channels is far from being cumbersome. The whole procedure requires some basic knowledge of how decoders/satellite receivers operate. However, there are some requirements you must meet to get these channels running. These requirements are outlined below:

  • A Universal HD decoder e.g strong, Digisat, etc.
  • A 60 CM dish, 90 CM satellite dish, or larger
  • Nigcomsat parameters

Enthusiasts can get Nigcomsat channels on decoders like Universal HD decoder like Strong using specific Nigcomsat Parameters (frequency and symbol rate) which are outlined below:

  • Frequency: 12518 MHz
  • Symbol Rate: 29500 MHz
  • Polarization: Horizontal

After you must have met these requirements, the next step is to proceed to scan to get Nigcomsat channels. The procedure will be explained using the Strong decoder navigation system. Follow the steps outlined below to get Nigcomsat channels on your decoder.

  1. Navigate to the Menu on your decoder
  2. Next, go to installations
  3. Enter password: 0000
  4. Navigate to Manual Scan
  5. Set Polarization to Horizontal
  6. Set frequency to 12518
  7. Set Symbol rate to 29500
  8. Adjust your satellite dish to get full signal by pointing it to 42.5°E. Note: 42.5°E is a little below the DSTV position.
  9. Scan for the channels and start enjoying your favorite TV shows.

Wrapping up:

Nigcomsat may not have attained the status of being a big player in the ever-competitive market, but its sure a welcome development with prospects of being a lot better. However, if you are interested in getting the Nigcomsat channels, you are advised to follow the steps listed above. If You have any questions, kindly drop them in the comment section below.


  1. Nigcomsat is lacking more than ten of the channels you’ve listed above and the number of arabic channels is increasing considerably.

  2. Thanks for your post on NigComSat, but a lot of the channels you listed are down, and that’s the problem with Nigeria ????????. A handful of local TV stations are not NigComSat, I have complaints severally and it all got to the usual Nigerian red tape procedure.
    But NigComSat is more stable now than it was in the past

  3. Pleas, how stable is it now? I mean Nigcomsat. I once enjoyed it some years back but I changed from it because it was not stable at all. Also, what time of the day can I be sure of tracking it? Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Hi Babs,

      Nigcomsat is more stable now than a few years ago although Trybe and TVC Entertainment have been down for 3 weeks now. Anything morning till before 6 PM has always worked for me. Just ensure that it isn’t raining or about to.


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