MultiChoice DSTV Plans, Channels and Decoder Prices in Nigeria

In our earlier post about GoTV Nigeria subscription plans and channels, we made it clear to you that GoTV Nigeria is a digital terrestrial TV service that works via TV masts and accessible only in locations with GOTV transmitter coverage.  This is the reason it is priced lower than the DSTV Nigeria plans.

DSTV Nigeria is the popular choice for Premier League, Spanish league, WWE championship, various sports, news, and entertainment channels.

new DSTV plans

There are 6 unique DStv bouquet plans and two types of decoders to give every subscriber a choice. Today, we’ll be discussing about these DSTV Nigeria bouquets, channels, decoder type, and prices.

The Plans

The DSTV Nigeria bouquets were recently reviewed up, causing a whopping 40% increase from their earlier charges, this is mostly connected to the exchange rate fluctuations with Naira.

DSTV Padi – ₦1,850 per month

The DStv Padi bouquet plan is the cheapest plan that’s available to subscribers of DStv services. Only the French Touch add-on plan of ₦1,510 is cheaper than this plan. It is suitable for students or the elderly who are only interested in listening to local news on Channels television or seeing the latest music videos on sound city.

This plan is an entry-level plan and as such missing many premium DStv channels. Its selling point is local news, Nat Geo Wild, minor entertainment, religion, and music videos.

DSTV Yanga – ₦2,565 per month

DSTV Yanga (formerly DSTV Access) is another introductory package to the DStv family, designed to offer choice and value for money.

DSTV Access introduces an exciting viewing experience with a variety of channels ranging from: Movies & Entertainment, News & Commerce to Culture, Religion, and Lifestyle.

DSTV Access will give you access to more than 52 channels including free to air channels. Here are most of the channels included with this bouquet.

  • Telemundo
  • E! Entertainment
  • Blackbelt TV
  • CBS Reality
  • BET
  • M-Net Movies
  • MGM
  • AfricaMagic World
  • Africa Magic Hausa
  • Africa Magic Yoruba
  • Maisha Magic Swahili
  • Style
  • Fashion TV
  • Nat Geo wild
  • Channel ED
  • Vox Africa
  • Spice TV
  • SuperSport blitz
  • Super SportSelect 1
  • SuperSport Select 2
  • e.TV Africa
  • NTA+
  • Silverbird
  • AIT
  • Channels TV
  • MiTV
  • Lagos TV
  • K24
  • Cartoon Network
  • Nickelodeon
  • Disney Junior
  • JimJam
  • Mindset
  • HIP TV
  • TRACE Urban
  • Soundcity Musics TV
  • One Gospel
  • PRTV Test Channel
  • Rhema TV
  • Kingdom Africa
  • Islāmic Channel
  • al Jazeera
  • CCTV News
  • CNBC Africa
  • Bloomberg
  • ND TV247
  • CNC World
  • RAI Italia
  • TV5 Monde Afrique
  • CCTV 4
  • CCTV 9
  • CCTV F
  • CCTV Entertainment
  • China Movies Channel
  • Shanghai Dragon TV
  • Hunan TV
  • Jiangsu TV
  • Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment
  • RTP International
  • Euro News Portugues
  • TV Mundial
  • TV Brasil
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DSTV Confam – 4,615 Naira per month

DStv Confam (formerly DStv Family) offers a range of entertainment at an affordable monthly subscription. It is designed with the family in mind and offers a selection of channels including Universal channel, Sony Max, Africa Magic Movies, and many more.

The DSTV Confam bouquet plan has the earlier channels, more channels, and all the 24 DSTV audio channels. Here are some of the extra channels for the DSTV Nigeria’s Confam bouquet.

  • CBS Drama
  • Africa Magic Family
  • Supersport 9
  • Cartoon Network
  • Boomerang
  • Nick TOONS
  • Mindset
  • Channel O
  • B4U Music
  • CNN International
  • CNBC Africa

DSTV Compact – 6,975 Naira per month

DStv Compact gives you access to a variety of programs and hours of entertainment in the comfort of your home.

For entertainment fans, the DStv Compact package includes premium channels M-Net Action and M-Net Series, while animal and nature lovers can enjoy Animal Planet and National Geographic channel.

The DStv Nigeria Compact bouquet also includes lifestyle, news, music, series, kids’, religion and interactive channels

This bouquet has well-over 135 channels. The channels include all the Yanga and Confam channels plus many premium ones. It also has all the DSTV audio channels. Here are some more channels that are bundled with it.

  • M-Net Movies Action Africa
  • Studio Universal
  • Universal Channel
  • BBC Entertainment
  • SONY
  • True Movie
  • AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  • Maisha Magic
  • Ebony Life
  • Discovery ID
  • TLC Entertainment
  • Food Network
  • National Geographic
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney XD
  • Afro Music Pop
  • BBC World News
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DStv Compact Plus – ₦10,925 per month

DStv Compact Plus perfectly combines great entertainment and great value with a variety of entertainment channels and value-added services on offer.

With DStv Compact Plus you can enjoy a lot of family entertainment channels and great sport on SuperSport channels including all the European soccer.
The added sports channels with the DSTV Nigeria Compact Plus bouquet is –

  • SuperSport 7
  • SuperSport 3
  • SuperSport 10

DSTV Premium – ₦16,200 per month

DStv Premium combines the best entertainment from around the globe with groundbreaking technology to offer a truly premium viewing experience.

DStv Premium prides itself on offering the widest variety of on-screen entertainment in Africa. With more than 175 world-class television channels and 30 CD-quality audio channels on the menu, you’ll have all the live sport coverage, latest news, top documentaries, non-stop movies, series, kids’ programming and much more right at your fingertips.

The DSTV Nigeria Premium bouquets has all the channels in the Padi, Yanga, Confam, Compact, Compact Plus and more. Some of the more channels are –

  • M-Net West
  • M-Net Movies Premiere Africa
  • M-Net Movies Comedy Africa
  • M-Net Movies family Africa
  • M-Net Movies+ Africa
  • M-Net Movies romance Africa
  • M-Net Movies Showcase Africa
  • M-Net Movies Action Africa
  • M-Net Movies Stars
  • M-Net Edge Africa
  • Vuzu Amp Africa
  • Comedy Central
  • FOX, MTV
  • Lifetime
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • BBC Lifestyle
  • Travel Channel
  • Animal Planet
  • BBC Knowledge
  • History
  • TRACE Sport Stars
  • SuperSport HD3 Nigeria
  • Supersport 4
  • SuperSport HD 6A
  • Supersport 6
  • Supersport 5 Nigeria
  • Cbeebies
  • Nick Jr
  • Sky News
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MultiChoice DSTV Decoders

Below are the DStv Nigeria decoder types and their prices as listed by Multichoice Nigeria.

DSTV HD Decoder

This decoder (the DSTV HD Decoder) is the most robust and recent one from Multichoice Nigeria, it was launched in late 2014 and was meant to replace the existing Standard DSTV Decoder.

The DSTV HD Decoder (dish and remote control inclusive) is sold for NGN13,500.

DStv Explora Decoder

The DStv Explora decoder comes with unique features such as high-definition (HD), instant replay, ultra slo-mo & rewind, up to 220 hours of recording space, and pause live TV of up to 2 hours.

The DStv Explora Decoder (dish and remote control inclusive) is sold for NGN65,000.

What More?

DSTV Nigeria plans Are you wondering if this – MultiChoice Nigeria DSTV plans, channels, and decoder prices are the official, most recent, or their latest pricing? You can confirm this from before going on with the DSTV Nigeria bouquet subscription of your choice.

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  1. Pls I want to buy the Dstv HD decoder without the dish can u assist me pls, I’m in Ghana

  2. I want to move to Nigeria from Zimbabwe, can I use my Zimbabwean registered decoder when I get to Nigeria or do I have to reregister it there. If so can I do this online or should I visit the Nigeria DSTV office.

    • Hello,

      You can move to Nigeria with it and then contact the customer care (Here in Nigeria) if you ever run into any issues after setting it up.

  3. How much is the subscription for compact plus please

    • Hi Abigail,

      The price of DSTV compact plus plan as August 2019 is N10,650.

  4. Please I’m using a Nigeria decorder,but im in Ghana,how do i

    • You can pay with your mobile banking app or contact us via the contact page for us to make the payment for you.

  5. For more than 1 week now, my DSTV decoder is not receiving signal from the remote control any longer.

    I changed the remote battery, the same problem. I took my remote to a friend’s house to try it with his decoder, It works. It means my decoder is faulty. Pls , what can I do?

    • Hi Francis,

      This is no big issue. Simply put a call to the nearest service unit to get this fixed. Could be an issue with the “IR receiver” unit of the decoder. Would hardly cost more than 1k to fix.

  6. We bought our dstv explora in Ghana there office close 2 abelemkpe.whilst relocating 2nigeria we brut it with us can it be installed and used here in Nigeria.

    • Sure thing that Ekuba,
      You’d only need an installer to get the system up again here.

  7. How can pay my bills i am in ghana right now am going back to nigeria

    • Do you have a means to send money to a Nigerian account? You can always make use of your mobile banking apps to make payments from abroad

  8. Conveniently subscribe, make easy payment and renew the bills on your DStv account. Simply check vtpass to get started.

  9. Tina Khan Turay Tina Khan Turay

    Hello,i already have a decoder which was bought for me in Nigeria am in Sierra Leone and want to make a payment please how do i go about it.

  10. Hello, please I want to know how much it cost to acquire a channel on DSTV. Example Ebonyi life acquired her channel , if i want to also acquire a channel how much will it cost me. Thank you

  11. hello obasi, would like to know the subscription fee for compact plus in Nigeria now, and please by what means can I communicate with u frequently?

    • New DSTV compact plus bouquet plan goes for ₦9,420 monthly and comes with super sport 3 and super sport 7 channels. You can reach us faster via any of our social media channels

  12. Please help me out. I mistakenly entered 1500 instead of 1800 for subscription. What do I do???

    • You can top it up with another 300 before the expiring date, even if it does expire at all, Multi-choice customer support will resolve it from their end.

  13. My old decoder is always having power problem and I want to buy only decoder without dish. How much will I pay for HD decoder

    • Hi Ajayi,

      I’d like to know what location you intend shopping from.

  14. I have a DSTV decoder for sale. Contact 07084646282

  15. i thought the DSTV compact plus package also has MBC2

  16. hi obasi plz can i have ur contact so dat we can discuss 1or 2tinx plz

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  19. Bright hw u doing, I can assist you to make ur payments, my office is located at Accra Tudu. U can also find me on for more details or what’s up me +233249412620… Will be looking forward to here from any other person that needs assistant to pay their Dstv bills…. Get connect and enjoy ur views….

  20. Bright From Ghana Bright From Ghana

    Hi I want to know how to make direct monthly payment from Ghana. I’m using DSTV nigeria premium.

    • You can make use of quickteller

  21. Happy sunday to everybody, those who want to recharge their subscription I can assist u with that.. kindly contact me on what’s up @ +233249412620

  22. Plse hu can recharge my dstv 9ja for me,my watsup line is( 0207388601)

    • Contact us via the form at our ‘contact page’

  23. Obasi but what’s so difficult in giving me ur contact or contacting me on the digits i gave u? Is for a reason plss. Tnx

  24. Sorry Obasi the number is +233209029352

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    • use guru{at} or the contact page of our website Edmond

  26. Edmond I can subscribe it as soon I I confirmed ur payment, it should take less than 30min.. please call me for details my phone number is +233249412620. Or u check out my website site at

  27. What i mean is… How to quick can i subscrip bcos the other time i gave the money to a driver going to Nigeria nd it took like forever so just asking how quick can i subscribe to continue enjoying my bouquet?

    • I can subscribe it for you in hours, just mail me the bouquet amount and details via guru{at}

  28. I have dstv Nigeria nd the subscription is becoming a headache for me… I leave in Ghana nd i need help plss. Tnx

  29. How much is the dstv decoder with the dish in nigeria

    • NGN18,000 would get you the Dish, decoder plus installation in most locations in Nigeria

  30. Ismail Musashi, u please call me if will help u with the error code +233249412620..

  31. I am having dstv nigeria and it always gives me E16-4 message on the screen

    • You can always clear the error codes by dialing *228#

  32. you can use 11900/27500h eutesalt 36b or36

  33. Pls what is the frequency to track my DSTV here in Kaduna Nigeria

    • You can safely used the ones outlined in this tutorial sir

  34. How long will it take my dstv to start showing after subscription, I live in Togo but I bought it in Lagos and subscription will be done in Lagos. I just want to know how many hours it takes for me to view my movies and am a first time subscriber thanks and regards.

    • Doesn’t take more than an hour, but then you can easily call their customer support to activate your subscription immediately

  35. can compact work whit extra view ?

  36. Please help me to get SS1 & SS2 Maximo back on my decoder

  37. I have bought a DSTV premium bouquet in Nigeria and all the sport channels are working except the SS1& SS2 Maximo which is not appearing on my decoder and I don’t know why so please I need some help from you and how the SS1 & SS2 Maximo will appear on my decoder.

    • Have you called the DSTV customer support line yet?

  38. I live in Sierra Leone I want to buy DSTV explorer & HD decoder from Nigeria but my problem is how to pay my subscription from Sierra Leone

  39. Yes Abdul I can help u with ur question my number is 0249412620 what’s up only

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  41. Abdulia, yes u can use it contact me if will give u more details….. 0249412620

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      I’ll advice any person that have used this service to drop a review so other persons could easily learn from it

  43. Abdul Waris Zakaria Abdul Waris Zakaria

    I am in Ghana and want to purchase a decoder fully connected and use it in Ghana can i?

  44. i live in ghana, but i would love to purchase dstv decoder and dish from nigeria and also doing my payment from nigeria. My question is, can i use it here in ghana?

    • You can use it in Ghana, but how do you intend making the payment from Nigeria, via a friend’s credit card?

      • Abdul Waris Zakaria Abdul Waris Zakaria

        Please if i buy it on line will they send it to me direct to me in Northern Ghana Tamale.

    • I can help u with making payment My office is located at Accra TUDU. I do my on line money transfer. and bill payment to any network in nigeria

  45. Hi,I’ve subscribed to Dstv compact around the 5th June I use to have few French add ons channels they’re all gone now.Can someone please explain how should I get them back.Thx

    • Where are you writing from Kwame?

  46. What is the price to purchase DSTV, with 2 in 1, decorder in Abuja, Nigeria.

    • The price for DSTV explorer and extra-view used to be around 70K and 32k respectively but goes for less in their recent promotions. You can visit their official retail store here to pick one and get it delivered to your preferred location.

    • where are u located, I can help u with that.. My Number is 00233249412620

  47. Adeniyi adewale Adeniyi adewale

    Hi my name is adeniyi adewale I mistakenly subscribed 2 another person smart card no instead of mine 2ic online pls help me oooooo

    • Call DSTV help line on 08039003788 or 12703232 to correct that at once


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