How to Install a Satellite Dish for DSTV, MyTV, Etc. Yourself

We decided to come up with a complete DIY guide for installing or setting up a satellite dish & decoder for DSTV, MyTV, Multi TV & etcetera by following after a simple tut.

This idea was birthed after we recently installed one for a student who complained of having not even half our installation fees. We concluded that a guide like this can help a lot of persons install their satellite dishes without a bug of any kind.

Following this guide step by step will help you install and set up your satellite Tv dishes without the usual missing channels, poor signal, and related issues that happen as a result of low technical know-how for installing satellite dishes.

We strongly advise you to ignore this if you have a phobia of learning new stuff or not a big fan of do-it-yourself (DIY) guides. It can come in handy for new installations, adjusting dish positions, or when relocating to a remote area.

Tools Needed

  •  The Satellite dish and components (ie. Reflector, Lnbf, and Decoder. They are usually sold together).
  • A good hammer.
  • 4 Pieces of 3-inches nail
  • I packet of cable clips (the one with nails)
  • 10/13, and 14/15 combination, flat or ring spanner(s)
  • A cutter (or electric pliers)
  • A Black Solution Tape (sellotape).
  • A Screwdriver
  • F connectors (a minimum of 2) and Coaxial cables (1 full roll of Coaxial cable is about NGN1,000, $9)
  • A 4663x or 4669x Strong decoder (special digital satellite signal meters for installation can come in handy for this, but we used a strong decoder and so will be using it for references throughout this tutorial). You can buy cheap digital satellite signal finding meters online. Either from here, here, or any of the top online shopping malls with reputable sellers.

Extra Tools

This part is necessary if you are going to use a pipe and not the house roof, wall, or wooden fetcher board before the roof.

The pipe must be fixed on an open space without trees and/or other hindrances. Below is the tools necessary for mounting your satellite dish in an open space outside the building or with a longer pipe.

  • A cup of Cement mixed with stones
  • a trowel
  • Cutlass or shovel (for digging of the hole)
  • A paint of sand and a bucket of water

How to Setup the Satellite Dish

The satellite dish components will usually come in separate parts and must be arranged in such a way that makes it easy to receive signals and withstand strong wind.

The arrangement of the dish components depends on where you intend to mount it. If you are going to mount it on a root, wall, or wooden fetcher board of the building, look at the image below for how it should be coupled.

If you intend to mount it on a pipe outside the building, look at the image below and use the tools listed in the extra tools section above to make it solid and well-grounded.

The last thing needed to complete this section is to fit in the screws and nuts in the reflector’s (dish) rear and connect the LNBF accordingly. See the images below for the tips.

After mounting your satellite dish correctly, you can safely move ahead to the next and final steps covered below.

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How to Configure the Decoder, Activate smart card and free-to-air channels for first viewing

This is the part where your digital satellite signal meter will come into play. Plug the Coaxial cable into the Lnbf base of the main dish assembly and then plug the other end of the cable into the LNB in (Antenna) port in the back of a digital satellite signal meter or a strong decoder.

Complete the second part also known as dish alignment by locating east, west, points, and degrees depending on the satellite tv provider you intend doing the setup for.

Do note that for this tutorial, we used a strong decoder (as a digital satellite signal meter) to install a DSTV satellite dish and then connected the lnbf cable to the DSTV decoder to watch all the channels available for our selected plan.

The angular position, polarity, and transponder frequency values for the popular satellite TV providers are listed below for your learning.

Orbital Position & Frequencies of Popular Digital Satellite TV Providers

For Multi TV (Joy TV): Use –

  • Orbital Position – EAST
  • Transponder Frequency: 12553, 12525, or 12522
  • Symbol rate: 19531, 27500, or 27000
  • Polarity: Vertical


  • Astra2F
  • Orbital Position: 28.2°, 28.5°, or 26° East
  • Transponder Frequency: 11595
  • Symbol Rate: 30000
  • Polarity: Horizontal
  • Dish Size: 1m or 100cm dish

For DSTV: Hereunder is what to use for DSTV transponder frequency and symbol rate. Simply Use

  • EUTEL SAT W4 or Eutelsat W7
  • Orbital Position – EAST (@ 36 degrees)
  • Transponder Frequency: 11842, or 12245, 11728, 12284, 11900, or 11747
  • Symbol rate: 27500
  • Polarity: Horizontal

Note that this particular setting works for High TV, Train TV & most other sports channels satellite providers.

For My TV: Use –

  • INTEL SAT, 7.10/K
  • Orbital Position – West
  • Transponder Frequency: 10986
  • Symbol rate: 26657
  • Polarity: Vertical

For CanalSat Afrique: Use –

  • Orbital Position – EAST
  • Transponder Frequency: 12722
  • Symbol rate: 30000
  • Polarity: Vertical

For HotBird: Use –

  • Orbital Position – EAST
  • Transponder Frequency: 11881
  • Symbol rate: 27500
  • Polarity: Vertical

For Nile SAT: Use –

  • Orbital Position – West
  • Transponder Frequency: 10.990 or 10.993 or 12.130
  • Symbol rate: 27500
  • Polarity: Vertical

Scanning for Satellite TV Channels & Completing the Setup

This is the last step for installing a satellite dish yourself: Once the polarity, orbital position, and transponder values for your chosen satellite provider is noted, move on to this step to complete the channels scan and full activation.

From your strong decoder remote control, find Menu and then select installation. Enter 0000 as the password and Select manual scanning and then enter your satellite provider’s values as listed above Eg. Eutelsat w4/7,  transponder frequency, symbol rate, and the rest.

GoTV Nigeria Plans: Channels, Decoder Prices & all you need to know

For Dstv we did the setup as follows:

  • We selected Eutelsat w4/7
  • Under frequency, we put 12245
  • Under symbol rate, we put 27500
  • Under polarisation, we put H

At this point, the signal power and the quality meter will start reading, start rotating your reflector (dish) up/down and sideways around 36 degrees east (see your neighbors own for tips or read directly from your digital satellite signal meter).

Watch the signal power and quality and tight the dish strongly once you are able to get values higher than 60% (We got 89% for ours). Once a good signal quality is ascertained, your satellite dish is all setup.

Disconnect the LNB-in from your strong decoder (or digital satellite meter) and connect it to the DSTV decoder. Select English from the language options, E36A-B from the next window, and Universal for LNB type. Hit scan to install and complete the channel setup.

Note: If you are using a digital signal meter, the scan option won’t be necessary. All you need to do is: Connect the LNB-in to the meter and enter the frequency, polarization, and symbol rate values while aligning the dish for the best signal quality.

DSTV Free-to-air Channels

Once your DSTV satellite dish is installed correctly, the following channels will show in clear qualities as they are free-to-air channels for all DSTV satellite dish owners.

  1. Channel 100
  2. Channel 198
  3. Channel 409
  4. Channel 447
  5. Channel 449

How to activate a DSTV Smart Card for First Use

If you are activating your DSTV smart card for the first time, you will need to buy a subscription plan. All DSTV bouquets are listed here.

Insert your smart card and take note of the smart card number. Call 012703232 or 08039003788 to set up your account or dial *288# to follow the USSD prompt.

What if there’s the E16 Error Code?

This is a very common error with activating new accounts, you can correct this error if, after 30 minutes of activation, your subscribed (premium) channels are yet to show up.

You can correct the E16 error by sending reset plus your smartcard number (eg. reset 1234567890) as an SMS to 30333 or by using the clear error code – E16 option on the self-service section of the DSTV website.

DSTV Satellite Dish Signal Troubleshooting Tips

DSTV Signal setup and troubleshooting guide

This is an important update for those asking for help on how to properly position their satellite dishes after relocating from their old residence and/or when the dish position gets tampered with by kids playing within the surroundings.

This section would also come in handy for those experiencing very poor reception, distorted audio, and poor visual rendition.

Here, you won’t be needing a digital meter or strong decoder as the built-in signal tuner function that comes with DSTV satellite dish decoders will suffice.

Top 7 Ways to Choose the Right TV Lift

What you need to do is this-

  1. Position your TV in such a way that- it can be viewed clearly while turning the satellite dish. You’ll need to take it outside in most cases or ask someone else to look at the TV and give you updates while you play around with the satellite dish positioning to various angles.
  2. Turn on the entire system and press the Help button on your remote control.
  3. Scroll down to general information and then Tunar Status to your right.
  4. Click the Tuner status and use that to set up your satellite dish for the best delivery. Anything between 60 and 98 is perfect and would be hardly disturbed by rain and/or poor weather.

Here’s a short video to help you locate this menu option with ease.

Bonus Tip

How to Record TV Shows, FM Radio and Satellite Programs

DSTV Explora hardware and some other premium satellite TV decoders let you record events and programs for future viewing, but if you are using the HD version that doesn’t give such privileges, you can use this section for tips on how to record TV programs for future viewing.

  • Select the device to use (for this guide, I’ll be using a PC. Note that there are such enhancement for smartphone and tablet devices)
  • Get a USB TV tuner box/stick (assuming you don’t have one already). You can buy it from Amazon INC. by following this link or from their listing page here. There are cheaper models of USB TV tuner stick on Aliexpress too, you can buy one of those from this page. (Note that older desktop computers use the PCI component for TV tuning, there’s likely the chance that yours has one already for second-hand buys).
  • Connect the USB TV stick to your PC and then, connect the RCA from the decoder to it or use the RF-out to sync between your regular TV and USB TV card.
  • Install the USB TV box software and support drivers.
  • Select any channel of your choice and hit record to save for future viewing. You can record FM stations and similar programs as long as they work on your PC.

Note: You can record both satellite TV programs and regular TV shows with this guide. You can also use your regular TV cards (for desktop computers) to record live TV shows by upgrading the support software to their latest version.

Your Turn

Looking for a DSTV installation guide PDF? You can get a PDF version of this Satellite TV installation tutorial by clicking here. This will make it super easy for you to look through it when offline.

We ask that you share this page with your Nigerian, Ghanaian, South African, or Kenyan friends that are big fans of DIY Sat TV tutorials. We are opened to technical questions on satellite TV installation, suggestions, or more tips on troubleshooting satellite TV networks.

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  111. A technician install startime dish for me using strong modem to get his signal. after obtaining 82 % on the average, he connected it back to the startime decoder but kept showing EO1 no signal. Kindly assist please

  112. pls What are the codes that i can use to track MBC or NBC station channels to watch…?lik
    Frequency ….
    Symbol rate…..
    Hotbird or Intel or Astra?
    Tank u

  113. Hello,i have a decoder from Nigeria and am in Sierra Leone ,how do i make my monthly payment from Sierra Leone to Nigeria? Please i want to know.Thanks

    • You can make use of the official quickteller app from Google play store to make payments.

  114. Xup bro. Am having issue on my dstv, just mounted it, and I track the signal and my meter read of 10, on getting to check my decoder I found that no signal. I notice it has not receive signal on the decode, pls how do I fix it? Thanks in advance

  115. Thanks for the write up, can i have a pdf version of this tutorial. thanks


    • I will forward the PDF to your email address in the next 72 hrs Femi. Thanks for dropping by.

  116. sup1 pls am having a challenge on the new dstv i just bought, they have already activate it and have mounted it, but d issue now is that it showing E-48 no or bad signal and i have my trackers with me, do i need additional setting for it to work? because am not getting it right, thanks

    • Have you tried resetting the decoder without success? Your best bet is to put a call to their customer care Azeez.

  117. Please all mytv Strongs channels are all showing…
    No or Bad Signal….. Please what can I do… Thanks for your assistance.

  118. akpozah saviour akpozah saviour

    l am with myafricatv card, please someone help to set my dish, frequency and symbol

  119. plz obasi i hv been trying to get d quality of alphabox x4 for bet9ja but dat could nt go wat will i do

  120. please help me with this smaller explr decoder if i want to installing prophetice channel please

  121. pls can a gotv area work for my strong decoder.
    or can any area work without using the dish?

    • I don’t understand your question Faith. You intend using “MyTV” services without installing their satellite Dish?

  122. please how can I reset a smart lnb for three explorer, using 1dish?

  123. plss bro help me install my strong srt4955g ….Bcos it’s menu is different form other strong decoders . jxt need some channels bi it multi tv or any plss

  124. when you shift the dish already configured from one place to another,will we need to configure it again?thanks.

    • Hi Theo,

      I have answered your question in the updated section of this tutorial. Do take a look at it if you are experiencing distorted audio or similar ills.

  125. Please I need your assistance, ,in configuring ma dstv

  126. Hello Obasi! Many thanks for the knowledge you have been passing across.
    I have been trying my GOtv cable on my DStv decoder but it ain’t working/scanning.Is that possible please?

  127. I mean de green signal or frequency wot will enter from the remote

  128. pls bros am try to install dish strong everything is connecteded the lnb and de coder but now for me to get DAT greet from the de coder is my problem pls wot will I enter from the demote DAT the gree signal will sure

  129. nice man i impress with your work!

    • I’m glad you found this interesting Emmanuel. Do have a productive week ahead.

  130. Pls bro can I get ur number pls,
    all so can one use 2 LNB in 1dish?

  131. My dstv cant go to the next level on set up wizard level 3signal strength

  132. Heloooo Bro, pls can we chat on my WhatsApp account, 08162884939. Thank u sir

  133. pls which of the strong decoder can be used by me for merry bet virtual

  134. Hi Obasi, you are doing a great job. Pls I have Strong SRT 4922A. The dish has been mounted. Pls I need the settings to track MyTv free to air channels.

  135. Wisdon Emmanuel Wisdon Emmanuel

    Hi Obasi,

    Thank you for this information, may the Lord continue to increase you in Wisdom.
    Please my DSTV keep searching for signal during the day but toward evening and night the sign will be okay, thought it keep breaking at some point. Please what should I do to resolve the signal problem.
    Thank you for your supports.

    • Seems like a poor signal problem wisdom. You might needs re-adjust your dish to a more clearer angle or track with a digital meter for better signal quality.

  136. nice one Bro. God blx u indeed, pls we need to talk ooo, can chat me up on 08162884939

  137. Obasi pls how can I get DSTV channels with my strong decoder?? I need your help

  138. God bless you for your wonderful work , pls can we track the dstv satellite channels for instance EUTEL SAT W4 or Eutelsat W7 on
    stong decoder

    • You can do that with ease Odopatken

  139. Thnx a lot..sir obasi, I really appreciate DAT cuz I tried it and it works…

    • You are welcome and always Jake. I’m glad we were able to help!

  140. Hi Obasi,
    my dstv Have signal problem,when there is wind -it become worse,it shows the message of lost signal on all channels,now only showing channel 0 and also have lots of scratches,other channels can’t show at all.i tried to reboot but still the same.what should I do,any help pls?

  141. Can startime satalite dish work on dstv decoder?

    • Would need a special tampering with the LNB and configurations

  142. please help with right frequency of dstv HD model 4U and its index number

  143. pls, can startimes lnb work on mytv?

    • I haven’t tried this before, but can give you a contact to get in touch with though

  144. Good day, bro please am trying to track Madagascar tv am using Eutelsat 16A 11.512 (V) 30.000 and it’s not coming through please can you help me… can email me [email protected]

  145. Hi I’m using Strong 4950H, my satellite dish is already mounted, I’ve tried searching but not receiving any channels. Need your help. I’m in Bamenda, Cameroon

  146. Pls am using strongbox 6342. Combo T2 how will I set it the frg. Transponder and all Wt I need to know about it thank u

  147. hi after finishing installing your decoder, to get a good signal what is the steps.

    a signal need a satellite signal meter, where do I get this meter ?
    because without this meter you cannot find signal.


  148. Plse give me the steps involved in installing an antenna to decoder. And Hw to install one decoder to double TV. My whatsapp line is 0541812727 and email address is [email protected]

  149. plz help
    my dstv it scan but after it scan ,it says ” weather its not good it cant install network”always when i do scan.

    whats wrong?

  150. Pls after following ur step I have all my dstv channels but it’s scrambled and I have subscription on it,how should I fix it

  151. God bless you abassi,more grace. Pls my strong Decoder is voicing out but nt showing, and most of my stations have disapeared, pls what can i do?

  152. Hello Mr Obasi.
    I am in Uganda. I am trying to hook up my dish to Nile sat. Count I please have the correct elevation angle? Because for the moment I have 44 degrees but I’m getting nothing. But at 90 degrees in the same position I get 100% quality but when I scan I don’t get Nile sat channels.
    Thanks in advance.
    Could you also advise if it’s possible to get Astra 19 E here.

  153. Love your chearful life style
    God bless u

  154. Dear mr Obasi.
    Am in South Africa I tried to search my dstv using a digital signal finder, but I couldnt see Eutesat on the list of satellite. Please help me here what must i do now

  155. pls help me, i reset my 4669 decoder, pls help me the recent freq nd symbol cobfigure i back. thanks

  156. I have a big net dish with jack and I found it difficult to install it and what frequency to track from. Nigeria pls..

  157. pls am having serious problem with mounting of dstv dish

  158. You have done a great job mr obasi, pls can you give me a tutorial on how to install c-band in nigeria….. thanks.

  159. Thanks for your lessons, please i can get dstv channels on strong decoder, or use it to get dstv

  160. hi obasi.i av strong decoder 4922/q stat/dstv dish/ lnb. i wanna ask ifi can watch epl/laliga/cani cup/ fa cup and qualifier on it wthout paying subcription- sir list me some channel dat i can able 2 watch dose league matches kindly inbox me on fb/tubabaade thanks aloat God bless’

  161. I need a practical class to perfect my skills,kindly advice way foward

  162. Dear all
    We need help on how to connect to Arabsat and Nilesat in Uganda
    Anyone who can help ?

  163. Kudos to u Mr Obasi, more power to ur elbow, i’ll be so grateful if u can connect me on whatsapp 08060024029.

  164. Hi bro how can I set up my dish for signal .I no of elevation, azimuth and askew but I don’t which is which .bro help my.

  165. This is wonderfully unbelievable.
    The whole process looked magical after I successfully installed my own dish without an installer.
    I can’t thank you enough for this shared knowledge. May the Almighty God bless you richly and enrich you with more wisdom.

    • I’m glad you found this helpful Amure, your feedback is such a great deal to us. do have a lovely week ahead

  166. I moved to a new area, put my dish on the roof, pointed it in the general direction the other dishes were pointing and bingo, all good. What do installers charge for? No gadgets, no special meters …What a croc of shit.

    • That’s awesome Donn, I’m glad you fixed that without challenges of any sort

  167. Pls Sir,what are the decoders that can be used as signal meter for dstv installation? Can Strong decoder still be used and are they any other ones I can use? Thanks in anticipation.

    • Strong decoders work as well as digital meters

  168. Hi Mr obasi Ineed yo help can I turn the dish of a dstv to make a star sat. With a same LNB

  169. Please advise
    Use your method on DSTV but receive error code 10.09

  170. great well done job from u people..

  171. please how do I upgrade srt4329 it’s mpeg 4, bcoz all signal is disappear

  172. hey there, someone tampered with my dish (mytv-strong decoder) and ever since some channels went haywire and in a bid to pacify the issue I further tilted the dish to various angles and guess what, THIS IS NOT HELPING either instead my whole channels went “no signal” report. please what do I do to reverse cos out of much anger and frustration I deleted all channels after much fruitless trials.

    thanks in advance!

  173. So we still got someone of ur kind tnx anyway,pls how do I fix the cable at the rear of my decoder it removed

    • That is very easy to do bro, make sure the tips of the inner is sharp & straight, then fix it in to the line-in input channel and fasten with the screw nut

  174. Oyekunle Oluwatobi Oyekunle Oluwatobi

    This is very insightful, how can one hookup with Mr. Obasi aside this platform?

  175. I need Canal+Frequency,I’am from liberia,I want to install my dish

  176. It is possible to cut coaxial cable when doing extension

    • 3ptechies Default 3ptechies Default

      Yes it is. You can also make use of coaxial splitter to connect to multiple rooms

  177. pls educate us on The skewing of lnbs to two,three.five o’clock and so on. how do we go abt that.

  178. My guys, una problems too much. Haba…

  179. Hi Obasi, how can I watch super sports on my strong decoder without monthly subscription

    • You can watch it without a subscription but call my number first 09/034/386725

  180. Hello mr obasi please your help on the new frequency and symbol rate of my muilt TV please help on that with your reply here thank you.

  181. smart move b t way what is the cost of satellite finder I am in Nakuru molo

  182. that was helpful
    is it possible to use Humax receiver to get the signal for Eutalsat w4/w7?

  183. Kitonga Michael Kitonga Michael

    Thanks bro for your useful ideas in this field.


    i appreciate this work. Thanks.

  185. Hello, you did not mention the satellite for Canalsat Afrique. Why so?
    2) If I want to watch european channels such as Sky UK, do you know if we can point to the satellite from Africa? Astra 28.2E

  186. gdevnin Mr really educating myself with ur rich ideas in dis field.
    i recently formatted my dstv to factory setting. how do i add new channels.even d free to air channels r not showing.tnks 08100415379

  187. Hi guys I have a problem here was installing Dstv but now it stuck on scanning -whatsapp or call me 0717842414 Thank you

    • remove the power cord and connect it again

  188. Thank you very much for this useful information. I am indeed grateful. Where can I get a digital satellite meter?

    • It is sold in major electronic shops around, you can also buy from Aliexpress or any other e-mall.

  189. Hi. Pls, there’s this decoder called Metro digital tv. do have an idea on how to install the stuff, and if so how do I go about it?

  190. Tankz alot bt how do i kno if the LNB faculty?

    • What I asked you to check is the LNB-in, that is – where the cable coming from the dish is connected to (in the decoder’s rear). You can do so by unscrewing the F-connector and checking to see if the tips of the cable isn’t broken and then connect it back and properly screw the nut.

      • Please Mr Miracle please flash this number or message on WhatsApp me with this number please I need ur assistance please 0/703328/3379

  191. My decoder lost signal and I pay money to restore it. Pls can I get a clue on how to do it myself

    • It depends on what caused the signal lost, it could be as a result of the coaxial cable LNB-in broken, the dish changing from its original position, messing with the decoder settings and sundry reasons. So it is best to troubleshoot along these lines whenever there’s a signal lost.

  192. Tanz for ur effort in helping us save some money. Pls i just want to ask if it,s possible for a cable to cause a low quality signal in multi tv . Are my suppose to start turning d dish when it is on manual scanning or dish setting ? Pls help i have been on since yesterday . Thanks

    • Once the cable is properly connected from the rear panel and confirmed okay from the indicators, it is save to start tuning the dish randomly in the right directions while watching the signal/quality movement. The position with better quality would be the standpoint to hook on to.

  193. Nice works here, i’ve been trying to install a strong ‘srt 4653’ decoder bt the frequency power isnt turning green. The quality is also not increasing. Pls help!! My mail is [email protected]

    • You will need to set the right frequency and polarization and then tune the dish accordingly until you start noticing some movement in the bars. You can use the details here as a template

  194. Pls help sir. My distv hd does not have signal and the dish is well installed.

    • Is this a recent development? Have you check if the LNB input is still properly fixed from the back of the decoder?

  195. Nice one. But what about the big dish, the 2 meters and above. I also want to know about the costs involved. Thank you.

    • We’ll update this post with more tips for it once we have time in our hands.

  196. hi miracle,
    want to install arab sat,
    im in n.west uganda(westnile),
    what technical parameters to consder

    • I’ll check if I could hook that up and get back to you. But then, you can snoop around the net and see if such details exist on their support forums.

  197. thanks a lot obasi plz I need ur phone number my fb username is xmark Uc Uchenna add me up.

  198. pls sir miracle can i hav ur phone number i want to communicate to u as i install mine God bless.

  199. Pls help me I want to be an accredited installer what must I do 0814240856 or 0763502020

    • All you need do is visit a major Multi-TV/DSTV outlet in your location and discuss with their technical team.

  200. Hi from Niger. It’s been an eternity that i’been searching for help about decoders. Thank you very much for your inestimable help. You are the best bro. May God help you!

    • I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for the compliments too

    • Amen and thanks for the kind wishes.

  201. Hi guys, I have a Hero H2020 Satellite receiver. I am trying to connect a dish to it. what angle of elevation do i have to set it and its Azimuth? I am trying to use Eutelsat 3B

    • around 30-65 degree east and Horizontal polarity should be a template for this Sammy

      • Thanks bro. I will give it a try and get back to you.

      • Obasi, I have done all I could but seems not to be responding at all.

        • at this point Sammy, you might need make do with a tech pal that’s close to you and knowledgeable on satellite communications, that you learn more, even beyond what’s discussed in this article.

          Wishing you a splendid week ahead

  202. Hi Tony,

    That is referenced in the MyTV section of the article above

  203. Hello Obasi
    Good PM, Pls what is the new frequency for tracking my tv and elevation angle.

  204. What about starsat? How does it work, what satellite? What frequencies can be used where a FTA decoder is being used as a meter.

    • You can easily make due with this- transponder: 11940V/27500, then position your satellite dish to about 5 degree east

      • Thanks Obasi. Will try it out in the course of next week

      • Obasi, tried this and worked very well. Now keenly peeping into ses 5 to see what there is on offer

        • That’s good a thing to know Sammy.
          All the best to you already

      • How do you the angle of turn. How do you you know that ypur havr turn it at 40 degrees or that

        • Pls am Elijah from Ghana. Pls have tried tracking- Winners chapel international TV and JW broadcasting on Nilesat 7E, Eutelsat 7A on 10885 H 30000 and 12603 H 30000 to no avail the small size strong disc. What could be the problem? Help how can I work it out?

          • Hi Elijah,

            What dish size are you using?

          • Miracle 30cm.

      • what is the frequency and symbol rateI for STAR TIME

    • Hi which dish can I use to get yahsat 1a, I’m in Lekki Lagos.

  205. oretuyi emmanuel oretuyi emmanuel

    God bless you I really enjoyed it pleased me up for more benefit from you 08135541717 Facebook Oretuyi Emmanuel heritage

    • thanks for dropping by bro, you hook up with us via

      • starsat 38 to 60 west. freq 12380, horintal

        • Great brain. Pls, what of unique sat?

      • Hello,I Need help,Can someone help me out?

      • pls boss i was trying to tract mytv today but all to no avail, i used 12525/27000 and 12525 and 30000 but couldnt get it still


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