How to Install a Car Tracker & Monitor Vehicles Remotely with NTO-GPS Tracker

NTO GPS Car Tracking device lets you track, control and monitor all kinds of vehicles with ease. It comes with a SIM Card slot and built-in battery to serve as an extra layer for recovering your vehicles in case of theft.

how to install a gps tracker to vehicles

NTO GPS car tracker does not only come with a hardware that’s highly scalable, but its equipped with proper cabling and advanced software features.

I got and helped install one for a friend recently, and thought it wise to come up with this post on seeing how many things one can do with it.

Why a Car Tracker?

Tracking and surveillance devices have been in existence for so long and comes in various forms. There are good reasons one might want to add a tracking device to his road vehicle, fleets, truck and/or other automobiles.

NTO GPS car tracker tutorials

Chief among these reasons bothers on security and safety. Most automobile trackers lets you monitor speed, location, power failure and lots more.

With a modern car tracker, you can control lots of vehicle functions remotely. Functions such as fuel management, fleet management, distance Calculation and speed control can be done remotely.

Above all, car tracking devices helps in speedy recovery of stolen vehicles as you can easily cut the gas supply remotely, turn on emergency alarm, track the vehicle location or completely lock the car’s ignition system remotely.

It well complements the built-in security mechanism in modern vehicles.

NTO GPS Car Tracker Features

NTO GPS car tracker tutorials

This copy we bought for the installation guide is black, comes with a SIM-card slot, GPS/GSM Antenna, Wires, Relay, Microphone  and  250mAh battery.

The functions can be activated via SMS, DTMF, and/or GPRS commands. The default operation password for this copy is 8888#. It must be changed to a new one after the activation.

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The features and functions includes and not limited to:-

  • Smart phone apps control.
  • Fleet management platform.
  • GPS system and precise location tracking.
  • Vibration alarm.
  • Geo-Fences.
  • SOS.
  • LED Indicator.
  • Emergency monitor.
  • Remote fuel control.
  • Power failure alarm.
  • Over speed management.
  • Vehicle maintenance alarm.

How to Install a Vehicle Tracker

This section is created to guide you on how to install a vehicle tracker by yourself or with the help of an Auto-electrician.

how to install a car tracker

It is a straight-forward guide, and at such can be handled by anyone with a strong technical background and good technical know-how on screwing and/or UN-screwing nuts.

This tutorial can be used for NTO GPS/GPRS devices and/or any other car tracking devices that comes with a built-in battery.

N/B: You can buy NTO GPS car tracking device wholesale from Alibaba or retail from Aliexpress online shopping mall.

Step 1

UN-box and prepare the device:  This is the first step in getting your car tracking device setup correctly. Remove the device from the packaging and unseal the various wraps and connecting cables.

Step 2

Install Sim card and Battery: This part is quite easy to complete. All you need do here is

  • Open the frond cover and pull out the PCBA board.
  • Insert the SIM card to the SIM slot (all GSM network SIMs is supported).
  • Plug the battery to the socket.
  • Put the PCBA board and frond cover back.

N/B: It is advised that you leave the button to power off mode while installing and unloading the SIM card.

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Step 3: Open the vehicle’s cover plate as shown below, and follow after the detailed circuit instructions.

nto gps car tracker review and installation guide

Step 4: Turn on the device, and monitor the led indicator to make sure that everything is working as described in the user’s manual.

Step 5: Screw back the loosened points appropriately and install the mobile app on your preferred device.

 NTO GPS Application: How to track & Monitor your Car via PC or Mobile

Assuming that the gps tracker was installed correctly, this section is meant to guide you on how to track/monitor your vehicle via USSD codes (feature phones), smart phone app and/or PC browser.

NTO gps tracker installation tutorial

You are required to sign up for an account with NTO GPS monitoring server before first use. You can do this from the English version of their website ( or via the smart phone app’s interface.

Once an account is created, you can add as many vehicles as possible and track them with PC, mobile app and/or USSD codes.

Tracking via a Personal Computer (PC)

Tracking via PC is done by visiting the NTO GPS car tracker’s tracking system at Once the page is opened, fill-in the form with your email address and password.

Click the login button and select the car you’ll like to monitor from the left side-bar. You can add one from the options, if it is your first time of logging in to the web app.

Fleet management, car history and precision monitoring is best done with the PC browser app.

Tracking via the Smart Phone App

This is possible for Android, iOS and Blackberry 10 users. Simply search for “NTOGPS” in the app store to install or manually download the raw installation file (.apk) from their tracking platform.

  • Launch the app after installation.
  • Enter email address/password to login.
  • Click on the car’s icon to add a vehicle and numbers to contact for; when it gets stolen or falls to a wrong hand, emergency and alerts.
  • Save and play around the other buttons to familiarize yourself with the app’s functions.
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Tracking via USSD Code

This method of monitoring can come in handy for those in rural areas or areas with poor GPRS connectivity. All you need do is enter some set of commands + (plus) the default system password or the password you set.

Eg. Sending 8888#08# as an SMS to the phone number on the GPS car tracker is going to return the vehicle’s location (correct to 5m) to you.

Other codes and USSD instruction is contained in the device user’s manual.

In Conclusion:

Although, we’d prefer a built-in battery with higher capacity than the installed 250mAH, we must affirm that the tech heads at Nengtong did a good job here. The device worked fine with the built-in battery, and other features we tested were amazing for the price.

We strongly believe that this tutorial will help you install NTO GPS car tracker or any other vehicle tracking device with similar spec and features.

Do not fail to get in touch (via comments), if you encounter any problems or would like to know more about vehicles and tracking devices.

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  1. Hi , i lost my email account. please could you help me , appear SNNO is used, but i got serial number but does not have email accountwhen i created that. so please , there is some method to reset email account and put a new account email?


  2. Hello Jacek, I have a problem I am from Poland, I can not see the sim card, there is no thank you location

  3. Hey, i have been using the tracker for 2 months and has been working fine. but 2 days ago, when i arm the car, the open door alarm goes off even when the door is locked. What could be the problem. This is happening for the second time as my brothers car behaves the same.

  4. Hi was trying to connect white and brown wiring to central lock and unlock but couldn’t work, please assist where should I connect of if anyone had installation video would help me a lot.


  5. Hi

    Anyone has any idea why my NTOGPS goes on sleep mode after 10 to 20 minutes??

  6. I have in installed the unit. With the fuel cut out wire and it works fine.,but why is the other functions not working. How do I get it to work.

    • You did this yourself or with the help of a qualified service person?

  7. hello friend, my gps tells me: Note: incorrect password

    • You can do a quick password reset by entering your registered email address at the “forgot password” section of their official website.

  8. I have two times given at the location map …
    One can set the location zone eg +02: 00
    But the time of the map is fixed and shifted by 6h. how to set it?
    I’m from Poland

    Location Time:2018-05-14 14:58:36(+02:00)
    Speed:0KM/H Dirction:0 Stop:0.00 Hours
    Status:ACC ON
    Last online time:2018-05-14 10:00:00(+02:00)

  9. What is the SMS command to program the APN to the unit, so it can access the internet, and communicate with the server via 2G cellular?

    • By default, this unit is programmed to get access to GPS and the internet using your airtime. Are the other functions working well for the unit?

  10. hello
    at every time i have to reset my device to know the gps location and even to use the realtime tracking. what should i do so as to make it work all the time without reseting?.

    • Was it installed by you or by an auto-technician?

  11. Having trouble entering the correct timezone and viewing live with the app the location of my vehicule. I’m able to send the message and recieve the google link, but would like to view in the map of the app where my vehicule is.

    • What exact challenge are you having with the app? Have you added the exact device via the app’s interface?

    • you can use the one from our contact page

  12. do you have an email ?

    sure, im follow the manual instruction, but when im trying to locate motorbike, the location is not on my real location. how to set up the gps ?

  13. how to set up the gps?
    when i try the unit ntg02m, what it is mean “Notes: GPS not fixed.Please inspect the device”

    • Have you correctly installed the device to your vehicle?

  14. Daniel Núñez (Chile) Daniel Núñez (Chile)

    First: THANKS for answer.
    Second: I CAN to register my email address succesfully and to enter in my account. The PROBLEM is: In the moment I type the SNNO number (Or serial number of my GPS), the webpage says me “New SNNO is used” and forbed it to me :(

    I buyed this GPS in Santiago, Chile.

    Note: I see that my serial number exist whit another account, but I don´t understand why!… If my serial number is in my GPS, Why another person can register MY serial number?…

    I hope you can understand me. Thank you for help me!

    • Daniel Núñez (Chile) Daniel Núñez (Chile)

      Obasi Miracle, Have you an answer?

      …If I had known this, I would not buy the NTO GPS :( I feel cheated.

      • Hi Daniel,

        Have you been able to log in to the app? that’s the first step. You can add the GPS tracker under devices by scanning the bar code as seen in the screenshot below NTO GPS tracker review and tutorials. You can sign up or request for a forgotten password via this link.

        N/B: If seller code is the challenge you’re having, you can use the default or contact them directly to solve this challenge.

  15. Daniel Núñez (Chile) Daniel Núñez (Chile)

    Hello!… I have a NTO-GPS Tracker. I had install the APP and typed the serial number, but the APP says me “The S/N is in use”….. WHY?….. Is the first time I registered this GPS…. Can you tell me what do I need to do, PLEASE?…


    • Have you registered (or added you email address) on their website before now? Try using the password reset option instead. Once logged in to the app, everything else becomes easy.

  16. Hello
    I installed the software but I lost the name of my account and it is impossible for me to recreate another account because the number SN is already used.
    Is it possible to reinitialize the account.
    Thank you

    • Sure thing that Theirry,

      You can reset your account by entering the email address at their official website here.

      • Hello, I have two teams and they appear offline in the app and the platform. I already set the apn and nothing happens, they are out of time and year, can you help me?

      • Obasi, I need help please – I simply cant get this M602Q unit to work – first time installer and customer and regretting it already!

  17. Thanks for putting this up. Good to see this kind of tutorial on cars and automobiles.


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