Online Shopping: My Experience With Aliexpress, Free Shipping

Summary is a mega-store for varieties of products ranging from electronics, home appliances, company equipments, clothing, jewelries and sundry.

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Amazon, Ebay and NewEgg isn’t the only quality e-web-store for buying electronics and /or other e-shopping activities.

In fact, I have adopted as my favorite destination for purchasing jewelries and engineering appliances.

I have had successes with aliexpress Internet shop for such items as –

  • Solar Powered electronic appliances
  • Generator parts and vehicles equipment
  • Spark Plug and electronic tools
  • Female Jewelries and watches
  • Shoes and clothing
  • Computer accessories and Networking tools

So, I didn’t have any doubt using the virtual store. What I had a big doubt for was buying products that comes with free shipping.

I was made to believe that suppliers that promises free shipping to Nigeria and worldwide customers are only there to waste your time or deliver your purchases after two months or even more.

But my recent online shopping spree with the e-store has proven this idea as baseless and one that lacks substance.

Almost all the products I went for during the November black Friday sales was sold for cheap and goes with free shipping too.

In fact, I had to buy other items with free shipping after the black Friday sales just to confirm the speed at which the products came was real and not just because of the holiday rush.

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My experience with free shipping products on e-shop was very positive as the products came in time and in good condition too.

The Products

aliexpress shopping review is a mega-store for varieties of products ranging from electronics, home appliances, company equipment, clothing, jewelries and sundry.

Some of the products I recently purchased for beta testing the free shipping viability includes a cheap customized Real Madrid sport watch, a 2 in 1 Nano Micro Dual SIM Card Cutter, a USB Power Bank with External Backup Battery, a Female Pendant (Alloy) Necklace and few other items.

Why Should be Trusted?

Trusting sellers on shouldn’t be a big issue as there are security measures in place to prevent fraudulent sellers.

Aliexpress also uses the escrow payment system that makes it almost impossible for one to lose a penny to fraudulent dealers.

The sellers are only paid when you must have received your products and confirm they’re in a very good condition and works as advertised.

Aliexpress Promotions?

Just like every other mega-eStore out there, offers product discounts from time to time. Products group with high percentage discounts are listed below for your perusal.

The discounted amount from the categories below ranges from 10% to 70% Off.

How to Purchase from

Buying from isn’t any different from what you do with other internet stores, all you need for a successful shopping experience is a working credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD etc.) and an internet connection.

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There’s also a free mobile app for both android and iOS, this makes it very easy to shop from mobile phone and devices at a discounted rate.


I have shared my positive experience with shopping for products with free shipping on as well as give you a straightforward guide on how you can do same from your computer and internet enabled devices.

Have you ever shopped on aliexpress before?

Do you have a positive experience with them?

Kindly share with us below. Also, ask me questions about online shopping and particularly that of

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  1. How can i get an infinix joypad 7 tablet calliberator
    i live in jos

    • Hi Samuel,

      You can use calcare services for this. It’s faster and more convenient.

  2. Aliexpress is actually a really good website that has a lot of entry level products from China and Asia where is a lot cheap and useful then what we can have via Western websites.

    • That’s very correct Chris. Thanks for dropping by

  3. First I find best Aliexpress coupon and use that particular coupon during shopping

    In second step I search for 5 star rating seller who can deliver product in a good way.
    If you use these steps to do online shopping then definitely you will get discount as well as good product

    Thank you


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