Opera To Be Sold Out to A Chinese Consortium

Though we have had the news for some time now, it never looked serious up until now. As reported, the Popular internet browser, Opera would soon be sold out to a Chinese Consortium for $1.2 Billion.
The buyers include private-equity firm Golden Brick Capital Management Ltd., Chinese game maker Beijing Kunlun Tech Co., Internet security provider Qihoo 360 Technology Co. and Yonglian Investment Co. The sale will give Opera access to the Web-user base of Kunlun and Qihoo in China as well as additional financing.
As Resported by the Company:

“it’s an ecosystem idea,” Chairman Sverre Munck said at a news conference in Oslo. “Ecosystem is a key word because we compete with the big ones, Facebook, Google, Apple. To compete alone against an ecosystem is rather demanding. Now we become part of an ecosystem that suits us well.”

We all know that the Opera Browser have been a lit browser since day 1, helping users who want a fast and just cached web page with ease. it Data usage is one thing that keeps them in the circle. Having caught over 350 million active users, it is obvious the Opera team k
What is your say on this?

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