Play Store Would Automatically Uninstall Apps When Your Storage is Full

There have been much changes on the Google Play store recently which really is a good thing. It all started  from the revamp of the play store icons and now this, An update that would automatically uninstall some apps on your Phone when your storage is full which we less expected.
With this new feature, which was launched of recent by the play store team, you might not have to go to your App manager to remove apps so as to get enough space for your device. This new feature would be easing us of all those stress as it would be displaying the list of already installed app on the play store so you can easily remove them directly.
Personally, i see this to be a great feature considering the time and energy wasted while removing or even searching for irrelevant apps that tends to slow down our devices and also destroy the ever cool user experience you should be expecting on your smartphone.
What is your take on this? Do you see this as a welcome development? Comment below.


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