Google's Art Machine Just Composed a Beat and it is Awesome!

AI, AI and AI. What more can we expect? it started from the point where Google Robots could read Romance novels, i dropped a Rant on that and you can check it out if you haven’t and now we have this, A beat created by the Google’s Art Machine and after listening, i was just speechless.
Now just in case you are hearing about the Google’s Art Machine for the very first time,
The Google’s Art machine is a project of the Google Magenta which makes use of Artificial intelligence to compose awesome sound and music. As seen from the official site of Magenta,
Magenta has two goals. First, it’s a research project to advance the state of the art in machine intelligence for music and art generation. Machine learning has already been used extensively to understand content, as in speech recognition or translation. With Magenta, we want to explore the other side—developing algorithms that can learn how to generate art and music, potentially creating compelling and artistic content on their own.
Second, Magenta is an attempt to build a community of artists, coders and machine learning researchers. The core Magenta team will build open-source infrastructure around TensorFlow for making art and music. We’ll start with audio and video support, tools for working with formats like MIDI, and platforms that help artists connect to machine learning models. For example, we want to make it super simple to play music along with a Magenta performance model.
The project which is under the Google’s Tensor flow program, would make use of machine learning to create music.
You can listen to the audio below.

What is your take on this?

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