Airtel Nigeria’s Android Data Bundle Plans: Subscription Codes and Prices

A lot has changed from the last time we updated this post. Hence, the need for a thorough revision to make sure you’re receiving the right details to subscribe to your favorite Airtel Android data subscription plan.

2017 Update on Airtel Android Internet Data Bundle Plans

The current Android data bundle subscription plans for Airtel Nigeria looks like what we have in the small table below.

 Airtel Android Plans
Price Data Cap Validity Activation Code Name Recommended for?
1 ₦ 1,000 1.5GB 30 days *496# Android 1.0 SmartPhones
 2 ₦ 2,000 3.5GB 30 days *437# Android 2.0 Tablet Devices
 3 N2,500 5GB 30 days *437*1# Android 2.5 PC/Big Screens
N3,500  7GB 30 days *438# Android 3.5 PC/Mi-Fi
 5 N4,000 9GB 30 days *438*1# Android 4.0 Mi-Fi/HotSpot

We’ll keep you posted on this by updating this figures with new activation codes as soon as they are introduced. You can use *140# to check your balance for any of the data bundle plans.

The Archive

Airtel The Airtel Nigeria Android Data Bundle Plans seems to be the very cheapest android internet subscription plan around. It starts with the 2GB plan that goes for N2,000 and extends to the 4.5GB that goes for N3,500.

Recently, they have introduced a 1+1 offer for most of their eligible customers that allows you to get double the data value for same amount, this means that for:

  • N2,000 eligible customers gets 4GB
  • N2,500 (Android Night Bundle) eligible Sims gets 6GB
  • N3,500 Eligible Sims gets 9GB
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This is a very big step up from the last time we discussed about the Internet Data Bundle Plans and Activation Codes for Networks in Nigeria. At least, android users in Nigeria have got something to smile about while still waiting for other competitive data bundle rate from the other telecommunication giants in the country.

The Activation Codes

There are currently 3 android plans offered by Airtel Nigeria, Each is stated below followed by their subscription and/or activation codes.  

Main Android Data Bundle Plans

  • 2GB plan – goes for N2,000 : Dial *437# to activate
  • 3GB night plan – goes for N2,500 : Dial *141*1# for prompt to select this plan
  • 4.5GB Plan – goes for N3,500 : Dial *438# to activate

1+1 Android Data Bundle Plans

This works for only eligible Sims that must have received a message from Airtel informing them of their eligibility. The message will look similar to what you have in the image below as I received that from Airtel few days back.

airtel 1+1 data bundle offer

You can also dial the codes in your phone without actually having money to confirm if your line is eligible; if eligible, you’ll be greeted with the “Dear customer, you do not have sufficient balance for this plan” message and “Dear customer, you do not qualify for this plan” message when not eligible.


  • *437*1# for the 4GB bundle @ N2,ooo and
  • *438*1# for the 9GB bundle @ N3,500

Checking the Data Balance

It is normal to wanna see how much data is left on your device from time to time. To check your Airtel android data bundle subscription balance, dial *223#.

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Other Things to Know About the Airtel Android Data Bundle Plans

  • It works on all devices including your computer, iPad, iPhone, Tabs and smartphones
  • At “peak time” (6AM to 10PM) you’re charged at 1.5Kobo/Kb data rate
  • At “Off-Peak time” (10PM to 6AM) you’re charged at 1Kobo/Kb date rate
  • The 1+1 data bundles will last for 2 months
  • It doesn’t roll back unused data after the 30 or 60 days expiration period
  • Your airtime is charged at  5kobo/kb once your allocated data  is exhausted

Update! May 2016.

Airtel Android Data Bundle Plan Reviewed

Airtel Nigeria has just reviewed their Android data bundle plans downward to meet up with the aggressive competition from other mobile telecommunication service providers.

Their newly introduced data bundle plan is cheaper when compared with the data cap saddled with it. It just rhymes perfectly with the recent data market trend.

Here’s the reviewed data bundle subscription plans and the USSD code to subscribe  to it.

  • Android 1.0 data bundle plan with a data cap of 1.5GB and validity period of 30 days now goes for NGN1,000. The code to subscribe is *496#.
  • Android 2.0 data bundle plan with a data cap of 3.5GB and validity period of 30 days now goes for NGN2,000. The code to subscribe remains *437#.
  • Daily data bundle subscription plan of NGN100 and validity period of a day now comes with a data cap of 30MB instead of the previous 10MB. The code to subscribe is *410#
  • Easy bundle data bundle subscription plan with a data cap of 500MB and validity period of 14 days now goes for NGN500. The code to subscribe is *418#.
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The code to check your data bundle balance remains *223#.

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  2. Whats d current status of all these stuffs? I mean, d current airtel data plan.

  3. Nice writeup bro..pls i heard that glo nigeria now has another cheap plans, can you pls update us with the subscription code…thanks fpr sharing this though.

    • You are right about that Vivian,

      You can dial *777# USSD code from your glo sim to see the newer data plans or take a look at this post for more options.


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