Top 10 Apps Segment on AndroidVillage every Tuesdays

The sole aim of Android Village has always been to act as a middle man between Android and her users. When we talk about Android, we actually are referring to, the company owners /manufacturers, Developers,marketers and all those who make sure the resources and tools in our Android devices are set. In view of this, we are happy to introduce to Our Top 10 Apps Segment on AndroidVillage which is set to hold every tuesdays.
Actually, this isn’t an initiative where we tell you the top apps based on what we think or just because we must have used the App. This would actually be open source where you tell us Apps you think should be added to our list, we review/do some little research and share with others who must have not heard/used the app.
So, in an abridged version of everything i just said, We get our apps, You get yours, We review everything together and every tuesdays, we publish them here on AndroidVillage.
We beleive this would also help us get to know about other apps that have been on low key.

What categories are We Talking about Here?

Eligible app(s)  is/are supposed to fit into one of the categories listed below:
>Miscellanous (Apps that do not fall into any of the listed categories about would go in here!)

Ok, How Do in Send in Mine?

Having read the headline above, you can hence proceed to our mail box [reviews[at]] with the Subject, My Top 10 Apps and the content should be the list of apps you think rocks!


You can also send in the list of Apps you have on the play store, and categorise them as seen above (#1) which we will review and then publish here on AndroidVillage. This way, you would be getting your App open to potential users.


All Apps would be picked based on the time of Entry and relevancy to the society. 


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