Keyword Search Optimization Advice For Bloggers

If you’re blogging then you will almost certainly have heard about keyword search optimization. There are many ways to get traffic to your blog, but the best free method is to appear in the search engines for relevant keywords. Searchers will then click through to your blog to find what you’re looking for.

Although the search engines may include your site in results when you take advantage of keyword search optimization or not, you can give them a helping hand. By doing keyword research, finding highly searched keywords, and then using them appropriately in your content, you can make sure that the search engines rank you higher for these terms.

Keyword Density

 When writing using keywords, the number of times you include a given keyword throughout the content is known as “keyword density”. For example, if your blog post is 400 words long and contains 4 instances of the keyword, this means that you’ve got a 1% keyword density (one instance of the keyword per 100 words). There is debate about how much you should use the keywords, but it’s often recommended you use them at least once per 100 words.

Where you use the keywords is also important. You should include them:

* At the beginning of the title,

* Within the first sentence,

* Within the last sentence,

* And spread through the article body.

 Keep It Natural

 Although keyword search optimization is an important strategy for many bloggers, it’s also important to sound natural. After all, it’s not just the search engines looking at your content – there are real human readers too! And they’re likely to be turned off if it sounds like you’ve just stuffed in your keyword as many times as possible.

This is why it’s important to work on writing a good blog post first, and worry about the keywords you’re including second. No matter how well you’ve incorporated keyword search optimization into your article, your site isn’t going to do well unless you can keep readers interested with well crafted, interesting content that’s written with their needs in mind.

Too Many Keywords Can Have The Opposite Effect

 Although we all know that it’s useful to include keywords in your blog posts, including too many can even turn the search engines off. The giants like Google are well aware that bloggers and internet marketers are trying to improve their rankings with methods like this, so they won’t reward you for taking shortcuts and stuffing your content with too many keywords. If they did, it would be too easy for low quality rankings to get to the top of the rankings.

Keywords Aren’t Everything

 Following on from the point above, it’s important to realize that Google is looking at a lot more than just keywords to rank your site. It takes into account who links back to your site, how you link to your own pages, how well your site is laid out and, importantly, whether your website actually delivers the information your visitors are searching for.

Keyword search optimization is definitely something you should be incorporating into your blog posts if you want to take advantage of free search engine traffic. However, it’s also important to work on the quality of your blog. The visitors will follow.

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Obasi Miracle is one of the brains behind 3rd Planet Techies. A webdesign afficionado and IT Support brain-box, he flourishes and revel in helping many-a-techies in their aspiration to become the best they can.


  1. Hey Obasi

    How are you today ? Well SEO is really important factor in Blogging. You can not simply neglect the power of SEO. There are thousands of bloggers which is using SEO and making tons of money. I pay special attention to the SEO. Good keyword density, good keyword selection , alt tags in images, tags, title tags and meta tags.
    You have to take care of everything :)
    Thanks for awesome update. Keep up the good work. I would return to learn more about related stuff.
    Have a great weekend ahead
    Regards :)

  2. thanks for this amazing post. It’s a great help for me as a newbie blogger.

  3. Using keyword search optimization is VERY IMPORTANT … and you can rank for just about anything … that’s why there are so many niches out there

  4. I think keyword research is one of the hardest parts to doing SEO the right way. It’s imperative to get the right words, with the right supply and demand to make a keyword rank at the search engines. Good post…

    • Thanks for dropping by Steve, You have added very valid points too

  5. SEO is a must to increase your rankings in google search. Keywords is just one of them. You need to become an expert or hire one to really get the results that you want. SEO is one of those things, it may take three months before you see if its working.

    • Most experts techniques are even very much outdated which makes it harder to figuring out the fresh and most updated ones

  6. I think the hardest part of including keywords is that it makes the sentences look weird sometimes. I mean Having to put them into the paragraph and make it sound like its supposed to be there is difficult. This is great info, i passed it on!

    • Yeah that is very true Rob, we just keep trying to get it right always, many have even resorted to search engine marketing in recent years

  7. Nice post bud – did one related to this very thing myself today! SEO is pretty key!

  8. SEO is bit of a funny thing and it seems there is so much involved with ranking.
    I like the key word density part

  9. How hard is it to get ranked on the first page of a google search? There are so many others trying to do the same thing.

    • That’s why we usually advice young bloggers to take search engine optimization very seriously as this will help bring their blog to limelight quickly

  10. Thanks for the awesome tips!


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